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The only one who cant stop talking about The order is you.Nearly most of your comments I've seen recently have been nothing but bashing the order.Just drop it

Hopefully the sequel to The order has some sort of horde mode against lycans #6.1
Well sold out now. #9
Does the U.S version come with the arm? #7
How long have you clowns been saying that for now??Exactly... #46.1
I wasnt able to get one through Mad catz website since they would sell out quick.But I was able to snag one now. #4
When both BF games run at the same framerate something tells me it isn't optimised. #42
Oh your talking sells, why would i give 2 shits about that?

Cuz then your system won't get support if it's not selling.Just look at the wii u &vita.Their game especially 3rd party support is practically non existant. #17.2
Console games are expensive as hell.

Lol no that's why I have a job ;) #14.3
Yea sometime in spring 2015 which should be any day now.

Something that's been bugging me for awhile is now.Is when that rumor of SF V being the only version they will be releasing popped up.And keeping it fresh up to date with updates. Doesnt seem so farfetched after all since they announced their would be a beta.This I would welcome.

Edit:Found it. http://ww... #7.1
Pls Pls be true.This is all I care for.Since I'm out of space on my PS4 already >_< #2
cant wait to try the beta :D. #3
I just want ability to use EXT HDD.Give me that and I'm happy. #29
Less shooter and dumb zombies.And more of everything else. #3.3
Soap really??Lol I would have replaced him with Lavitz Death scene #3
Yes yes this is what I wnated they have my money #6
Thats what she said...sorry I couldnt help myself xD.

OT:Wow I think SOny may be able to surpass the PS2 if they play their cards right. #1.14.1
1.The pot calling the kettle back??
I member you last gen when MS would announce sales you would be all up on that sales game and now that the tables have turned you run away.

2.Lol unlike MS people know Sony will deliver the games.PS1,PS2 and PS3 is all the proof you need.

3.So now celebrating sells for your system is bad??Uhh I dont know if you have noticed but the more your console sells the more devs will be inclined to make games for it.
... #21.4
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Yea the UK has physical but NA doesnt which really bugs the hell out of me #2.1.1
Man I really want Zombie army Trilogy but the lack of Physical release for PS4 in the U,S puts me off.Heres to hoping Rebellion come to their senses and do give us a Physical.Until then no purchase #2

Congrats Sony #7
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