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Lol the only one in denial here is you.Get over it the gap will never decrease PS4 will always be ahead.Never have I seen such a group in denial while it's funny it's also sad SMH

OT:Sweet can't wait till it releases. #4.2.1
Seriously guys if you're on PS4 go into the server search area and type in Test server.And get a load of how BF4 really should play.

OT:Man I wish it would start attacking people in the map.

@Zee it tells you in the upper left corner at the beginning of the video. #1.1.1
Shhh let them dream man.;)

Show a full live game doing this. #14.1
Lol that youtube guy use to be Jek porkins from here.His channel is full of it.

OT:Until they show it's running in a non disclosed internet area this is all hot air. #8.1.1
I didnt think it was possible but you have surpassed my expectations Green

OT:How about throwing out those specs of the PC ehh??;) #2.2
Lol thats not even a game it's a tech demo.Keep dreaming kiddo ;).

Also MS said it would make the X1 3X more powerful where's that??xD #75.1
i want a code :( #4

Halo didnt help the OG X beat the PS2

Halo didn;t help the 360 beat the PS3

@neon Dont need to someone already did. #2
KOTOR 3??:D #4
Nice try troll

OT:Not every game is for everyone. #1.2.1
Sure it is and I;m going apple picking with Scooby doo.*Rolls eyes*. #1.10.1
If she's doing it for SWBF. There may be hope for it :D. #2.1
We all knew this since day one.Both systems will get better as the years progress but one of the consoles will always be ahead of the other due to the hardware. #1
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Man these shows have really gone down the gutters.The last ones i watched were Fresh Prince,Family matters and That 70'show. #42
Hate to break it to you but if you bothered to click my link in the top comment.You would see you have made an utter fool out of yourself.

Good day sir/madam #4.1

And thats not even half the stuff #2
Lol people worried about Sony not delivering games??What is the Twilight Zone? #3
I can't say for sure but I have read on Battlelog from plenty of people that is helps with the freezing.But I'm not sure about the campaign save. #9.2
Why not delete every BF4 update except update8? #9.1
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