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Best Buy Gamer Club>Amazon prime

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That depends on what it will offer me if its just more stable framerate and better graphics then no ill stick with my base PS4.

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Then why didnt you say anything huh????

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Not the same scenario The new 3DS had some exclusives that would only work on it like Xenovlade cronicles.Where according to leaks Sony will not bet making any games exclusive to the Neo.Not to mention you had to buy a freaking charger for the new 3ds what kind of BS is that

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Jan would be a good month.Its usually dry.

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A new Spider-Man game like.Ultinate soider man comic grapghics would be great.

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Im going to have a breakdown is this is true and start breaking everything inmy sight!!!

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We've only seen so little cuz they don't wanna spoil much of the story.GG mentioned that.

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All we knew was 2016.But this seems off cuz GG have always been consistent with their releases.This was my most anticipated game for the PS4.I hope jot :(.

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This nrw layout is trash change it back!

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Of course you have no clue.None of us do.Cuz we dont even know if this crap even exists.

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Lol xD

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Can E3 hurry up so we can once and for all if this is true and all these dumb PS4k articles die down??oh who the hell am i kidding its only going to get worse -_-.

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This reminds me we need a new Driver!!!

Cant waif

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I know huh its kinda sad....a company thats worth more than the other is getting a beat down lol.

Lol pointless comment m8.

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Yea puzzles are annoying.But i do like the fact that they change depending on what difficulty you're playing on.

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And it plays so well too.Gotta love the Groovitron weapon xD.

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I wouldnt past it.Them gicing the UC collection i mean UC4 comes out next month.

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