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Wait when did they announces the beta for PS4??O_o #1
I'd buy this and it frame it along with my 20th anniversary coin.

I bet every guy is thinking in their mind with that female model :P

Just rep... #7
Is it bad that I mainly want this game just for the lulz and trolls I'll be able to do with the tazer? #4
I think Sony could give us better games for free each month considering the amount of money they make.

And I think people really need to cut this whole "We need better games crap out"it's old and gettind tiring.Having to explain the same crap over and over. #1.1
It's delayed not cancelled and where is the op source for this rumor? #2
I'll say they'll either pass 40 Mil or be just a bit shy of that number by the end of the year. #2
Seriously out of all sources it's Mr.x? The liar does nothing but try to decieve Xbox players.He's constantly harassing Sony devs.If any of this was true it would have been found after the console had come out.There is no secret GPU etc..people just need to accept that the X1 is not some magical box hidden with magic chips. #6
Uhh 3rd person??
Someone shoot me now.That wouldn't be Perfect Dark anymore.
KEEP IT FPS!!!! #2
Don't like it??Don't pay attention to it.You're not the only person in this world.

Do you know what I do If I don't like something??Nothing I just look the other way.

I hope Hatred is received well and Sony Brings it to PSN. Just to piss whiners off even more. #1
Zombies are now lame.But I do love me anything having to do with Nazis.SO I guess I'll bite. #5
Only time will tell... #2
Legend of Dragoon my dreams I cri every time ;_;. #1.2.1
Can't wait to own some noobs #1
Are these included in the 18.5 mil sold? #6
Unless the PS4 magically stops selling for some reason no. #3
Hey Dice LA just give us a Dino mode.And we'll forget that Dice Stockholm ever touched this game ;). #1
Yes.....just hit the off power button xD.

Jokes aside I don't think so. #6
*2015 Their fixed it for you :P. #6.3
Harada already said it wont be limited to just fighting types. #1.2
Pls bring to PSN Sony

Thank you. #2
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