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He was in the story and challenge modes.But he was not playable.That's what they mean. #6.1.2
Lol that delusion.... #3.1
10d ago by Majin-vegeta | View comment | Trolling
Simple MS really has no games that interest them. #5
The thing was only down for like 20-30 min.OMG IT'S TEH END OF TEH WORLDS!!!!!!!!!! #4
Lol this too awesome.Wonder when we'll see a Titanfall one xD #2
So does your trolling kid,*pop goes the bubble* #5.1
Yea it's back up. #29
Just logged back on people should try it now. #10
The only person that I can see being happy is notch >_>/Since everyone is buying his game #2
I'm anxious to try out the 3 fighting system style. #1
Sweet #1
I own the original WO3 that came out in 2012.

Is it worth rebuying this version?? #2
No needs more gore and blood. #2
I would kill or a LOD2 sequel or an HD remake of the first. #4
People always say C VS SNK 3.Yet no one ever mentions Capcom vs snk: SVC 2 :(. #15.1
Same thing happened to the PS4. Dont believe me??Google it. Also depends how many units the distributors got #27.1
Elpresador will be very happy XD #9
Simple Sony's dedication and commitment to their systems. #4
Can Feb.already hurry up ?😧 #1
I'm still gutted they didn't give us Dart :(.hopefully we get him if there's a second one. #10
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