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Of course it will come to PC...just later cuz they wanna release it where there biggest fanbase are at consoles. #3
Hahhahahaha #1.1.1
Lol some people are crazy. #3
Digimon tomorrow,SF5 Feb 16th and thats it for me. #5
Seriosuly...this always happens when im at work guess it never affects me ;). #23
Maybe you should try getting some sleep if your yawning.I heard its contagious ;).

Im stuck between either Cactus or Broforce. #25.1
So what just cuz someone looks underage doesnt meant squat.Hell im 26 but I look nothing like it people always mistake me younger than my brother who happens to be younger than me its just a trait some peope are born.Its the way of life. #1.1.1
@JB who knows they may throw in the code for the TR:DE to sweeten the deal. #1.1.2
Thw thing is no one aside from Sony you what it was gonna be used for. #2.2
2 days cant wait. #1
Old... #1
Digimon,SFV,PvsZ 2 #4
Yup 2 days left.Hopefully it sells enough so we can get the next one localized. #4.1.1
Replace Far cry with Digmon and you"re good. #4
Nothing is "Deserved"you gotta earn it. #13.1
Ummm xD #2
This needs to come stateside now!!!Namco has been doing great latelt localizing games lets see if they can keep up. #1
Yes only 3 weeks to go cant wait.

Dont forget guys the final beta is going on right now. #1
I got in and didnt even pre order lel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #6
Can PS4 users already play? #2
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