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Damn thats some mighty fine detective work.Cant wait to blaze it lel.

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Ill wait for all the info before I decide what I think.

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"More than you can afford Pal".

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Is it bad that i want them to add the Metal Slug characters as fighters?

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I havenr watched a trailer since the last one they showed at PSX 2015.

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Get hyped m8s we goig for one last ride.With the best 3rd person action/shooter

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Fap to max.

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The fact that they dont have to rely on the 3 same old franchises says a lot ;).

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Dont you member people were whining and moaning like babies sayinf the PS4 was underpowered bla bla.So Sony said fine we hear you now well make a better PS4.

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Thats what im thinking keep tbe neo at$400and drop the base model to $300?

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Oh just STFU already.We still dont know the full details of anything.Until we do all the whining is useless.

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If it offers me somethinf more than just better graphics and higher framerate yes.If no then most likely no.

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Insomniac is known for their wacky and colorful characters.As soon as i saw the main character of SO .I said if this was on PS4 no way would.I have gone near it.The game seemed to 'AMERICANIZED'.That just didnt. Click with me.

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Bettwr to have variety of Indies than Rinse&Repeat franchises which seem to be selling less and less.Lol H5 flopped by sales judging by MS silence on sales.Forza has been losing steam.

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Lol once again Kraptaku late with this.Uts been all over the web for awhile.

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Gex,Tomba,Croc hell platformers in general is what I want

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If you dont know by now that Flash Sales are only NA.Then thats yout fault no one elses.Theyve benn doing these for awhile now.

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Just had it off to Sanzaru games.They did a great job with Sly Cooper.

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No nobody does.

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