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Can't wait to play this on my PS4 with friends gonna be so much fun :D #2
Yea if you had both you would know it lasts longer than two hours.

Lying is bad mmkayy C: #52.1
China and Berlin called they want their walls back.

OT: Lol what a load of dribble.Keep dreaming. #45.1
SO how much is this in U.S $?? #9
They have already identified the problem and will be upgrading their servers.Meanwhile if you're on PS4 just search for a test server.Note these servers are based in Europe but do they make a whole difference. #4
*If the GTR has to climb Everest and the Honda goes down the other side...yes the Honda will be faster. Please stop showing how little you know about game development and just enjoy games despite which system they are on.

Yea too bad both consoles are on the same playing field so there goes your dumb analogy. #1.2.1
I only go digital on my games when there's no option for physical.But other than that Physical is the way to go. #2
Bla bla bla M$ Put up or shut up #9
How many times do we have to go through this??No it is not the hardware is set in stone no amounts of update will change that people need to accept reality. PS4 will always be ahead of the Bone.

@Scare So you're telling me a honda=X1 can beat a GTR=PS4??Newsflash MS won't be the only one tweaking their console ;). #1
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Nope it's legit. #1.1
Yes thanks you Sony :D #1
Lol the only one in denial here is you.Get over it the gap will never decrease PS4 will always be ahead.Never have I seen such a group in denial while it's funny it's also sad SMH

OT:Sweet can't wait till it releases. #4.2.1
Seriously guys if you're on PS4 go into the server search area and type in Test server.And get a load of how BF4 really should play.

OT:Man I wish it would start attacking people in the map.

@Zee it tells you in the upper left corner at the beginning of the video. #1.1.1
Shhh let them dream man.;)

Show a full live game doing this. #14.1
Lol that youtube guy use to be Jek porkins from here.His channel is full of it.

OT:Until they show it's running in a non disclosed internet area this is all hot air. #8.1.1
I didnt think it was possible but you have surpassed my expectations Green

OT:How about throwing out those specs of the PC ehh??;) #2.2
Lol thats not even a game it's a tech demo.Keep dreaming kiddo ;).

Also MS said it would make the X1 3X more powerful where's that??xD #75.1
i want a code :( #4

Halo didnt help the OG X beat the PS2

Halo didn;t help the 360 beat the PS3

@neon Dont need to someone already did. #2
KOTOR 3??:D #4
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