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Maybe cuz we already know UC4 will be a masterpiece.Glad to see people are being so supportive of this new IP.Now if they would open up pre orders so I could secure my copy we be fine and dandy. #1
I buy new consoles to play new games not old games.If I wanna play past gen games all i have to do is simply press a button and bam I'm playing last gen games.Then again I have a job and im able to keep all my consoles without selling them. #14
Either Paris Game week,TGS or at PSX #2
Might I add there's still time till it releases and anything can change from now till then like completely becoming PS4 exclusive ;). #2.1
Lol someone must not know how to use the internet. #20.1
Or bring this to the PSV and build a new open world one from the ground up for the PS4. #1
Lol there's no.mention of it coming to X1.

@Sonyslave...Link or stop spreading lies #1.1
Lol yes it may be Multi but anything can change from now till release like becoming full on PS4 exclusive. #16.2
Seems like everyone is all over this game.This game is the one I've seen getting a lot of coverage after E3 can't my hands on it. #3
Sweet can't wait for more KZ.I have a feeling GC is making the next KZ title ;). #4
So am I.Just need a collectors edition for each so I can pre order. #2
Well Wada just left SE. #1.2
Lets hope SE can redeem itself.With the lately game news coming from them.It's a start #2
They damn better still release Pokkent tournament on Wii u,Hell why not add a full fledged Golden Sun and Advanced Wars title for it. #3
This seems to be the craze at e3.Glad to see a new IP getting all this attention. #2
JUst read that the game has no loading #20
Only Halo on that list well sell well. #14.2
Uhh you missed Shenmue 3 in the Exclusive part. #1
Kid friendly??I was 13 when the original came out and now 13 years later I will get to experience again but In a whole new way.Also you played a demo which is most likely set to easy like every demo at these conventions. #1
Except for the fact that GG never implied that it was the stupid media and Halo fanboys.

To this day KZ2>Any Halo #16.1
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