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If true.Cant wait to play SWVF1&2 :D #36
No just no....Normally I don't defend COD but BO3 has mote content than SWBF. #1.2
I have boycotted it already....until they bundle it with all the DLC.I will pick it up #3
Except it's an Ex ND dev.he now works at Activision. #4.2
I haven't noticed that...then again I'm too busy trying not to die on that realistic mode lol.

*throws control out the window*. #3.2
Lol is this kid serious??Horizon was 3rd most talked about game at E3 after FF7R and Shenmue 3.

QB-Most likely wont sell that much or may barely break even.

Scalebound-Looks like a dud which most likely wont be supported by X1 owners

Halo Wars-Lol H5 managed to move less consoles than H3 and judging from MS silence on sales from it didnt do as well as they had hoped.Seems people are growing weary of the series.

C3-Not that po... #20.1

In no particular order but Horizon is my main game from 2016. #7
Guess you didnt play the original SWBF titles.Cuz this is an abomination. #10.1
Exactly.Gonna wait for the full experience next year. #1.1
@rookie my point still stands.If BC was such a big deal.Everyone would be out getting an X1.?...Oh thats right cuz most people by now dont care about BC.Had it been available at the beginning of the gen it could have been a different story. #17.2.2
@Doc Nobody betrayed Nintendo.They brought that on themselves.Sony just offered a better media option for SE and went with it. #7.3.3
yea if BC was such a big deal.Everybody and their moms would be running out and buying a Wii u. #17.2
I rather have the two original SWBF ;_;.But alas I'll be buying these games #4.1
@Val Lol sorry no but backwards Comp goes to the Wii u.As it can play every Wii game released.Where as in the xbone you're limited to whatever MS can get on it. #2
This is a game....not the indy 500 #23.2
Name changing can be so annoying.Trying to figure out who the hell they are.Just look at Battlellog forums -_-/ #11
I wonder if they will sell these on their own.I would like to play Bounty Hunter upgaded. #1
Lol no thanks EA.I rather just watch the leak gameplay of SWBF3 and get more enjoyment out of those 6 minutes compare to your dumbed/stripped out content "Battlefront". #7
Hopefully it's a pokemon themed console.Since this is the sole reason for me getting a Wii u. #1
Yup that's why I cancelled my pre order and have decided to get it when they bundle them both in a year or so for much cheaper.Until them I'll just continue to play the originals.which for some reason have more content on lesser hardware. #3.1
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