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Still down for me :/. #13.1.1
Nope not true.I went through all the tweets and nothing was ever stated.That other article made that whole part up. #4.1
Lol there is no evidence of the first update.This site is making false info up. #60.1
You littl shat heads.I hope you get caught #63
Well this is gonna shut some people up.

Just member kiddies.Sooner or later someone is gonna find you ;). #2
52??Holy crap doesn't look a day older over age 20 HUE. #3
Ehhh stupid kiddies.This reminds me of the time those lulz idiots DDOS BF4 earlier in the year.And then a real hacker came out and exposed the idiot.who.was doing it. #50
Shadow of the beast is not cancelled.

Yes this made my day :D.Hopefully we see something from it soon. #16
Well he already confirmed they got it to run 1080 on PS4.So if its lower than that then we know they gimped it. #3.1.3
Must be your first console launch. #8.1
Dude seriously cut the Sony Too crap.It's getting old.I'm a PS fan but TR should never ever be a timed exclusive for any party.It has and always should be a damn 3rd party game releasing at the same time.I could understand DLC but the whole game??NO JUST NO! #8.3
I'm pointing the blame at both MS&SE.SE for being the idiots who took the deal to cut out 90% of the TR fanbase(It's gonna come back and bite them in the arse). And MS for buying a timed exclusive.When they could have used that money for beefing up their studios and making more 1st party content for X1 owners. #14.1
Hot damn cant say no to free now can we??Tanx ND #1
And more reason to be hated and not wanting to buy their console??Yea no... #2.2
Wow some good deals there. #1
I hope they add an infantry mode.This is a game that would benefit a lot due to the lack of WW2 games. #1

Since it's only gonna be playable on PS4. #7.1
I get my DS4 remotes for $45 bucks a piece.I'll see if they have the blue one in stock.

@It's at my local swap meet.I been buying all my video game things from him for years. #5
I was worried about the regenarte health but after seeing that you have to hit them within certain timefrate to regenrate. Doesnt sound so bad. #3
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