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Kira Mia I choose you!

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GANESH COMMANDS YOU!!! Lol sorry I had to.

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Damn rookie lol.Just stop

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Anyone borm before PS3/360 era.When games started to get dumbed down for the casuals

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Hell yea!!!!Testing waterz for a new. MARK game?

SNK needs to make another NeoGeo Battle Colosseum!!!They've got a great list of characters

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Pack 4 has to due with Rogue one

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Are you done yet my child??😂😂€ 514;

@Ray He is one of the mods of N4G.

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Like you were planning to in the first place lol...😒😒

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Lol is this Rooki?

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MS only managed to sell that many xboxes cuz of RROD ¬_¬.

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Man I.hope Ninty gets its act together and brings somethinf good for the NX.Would love to have both Giant Japanese companies as my go to main platforms again like back in the day.Hell bought a wii just for Tatsunoko vs Capcom.
Having Sony&Ninty fighting each other can only mean good things for the Japanese market and fans alike.


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Got Zombie trilogy&Sniper 3

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You're telling me a free downloadbale game that anyone and their mother can get is more popular than something that you actually have to spend money on?Say it ain't so say it aint so...😒😒

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Damn the last of us remasterd for $8 is a steal.Or if you prefer retail Gamestop has it for $20

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Sweet keep it coming Capcom.

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Big difference.Sony has the studios and manpower.MS doesnt.Theyre still relying on the same series to get then throufh.Hell H5 sold less than H4 at launch.

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Way to go Sony .

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*And Digimon has not done anything like this*Lol obviously you arent old enougn to remember the Digivices that csme out back when Digimon was coming out.

*Digimon was a clone of Pokemon*Not in the slightest one was geared towards children the other was geared towards Teens.

Lol by your logic Pokemon is nothing more of a petz clone ;).

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