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Thats it I'm goin on welfare and Food stamps just so I can havd enough time to play vidya games all day.......jokes aside.

I agree just got 3 new games still playing Shadowfall,BF4,SW4 and SOM.Too many games so little time. #20
If people would just stop giving them hits it would...

Judging from the reactions of the people watching it on the stream last night lol no it wont. #1.1
I think it's permanent now. #7.2
Yeah its not like the PS3&PS4 have complete different arch *Rolls eyes*. #26.2
I wanna pick it up but waiting till they do a physical release in Murica. #1
Just like last year right...oh wait lol #15
Someone was streaming it last night on PS live I managed to get a few minutes before it was banned.The player kept getting his butthanded to him by the Cleric Beast xD.

Cant wait #7
Yes yes! #5
I rather have Fujin that Kenshi he was already playable in the last Mk #2
Where my External HDD support? ?:( #8
Just give me an UC HD collection and we're even ND ;) #7
"If that wasn’t damning enough, the really exasperating parts of The Order arrive in the form of insta-fail stealth sections. In a game that explains at length why getting shot isn’t an immediate death sentence for Sir Galahad and his knights (serving as a handy plot device in a game where you will get shot often), having you instantly die the moment someone notices you in a stealth section just doesn’t make sense."

Umm the insta fail makes perfect sense your object... #4

Lol serves him right, #1.1.2
The only one who cant stop talking about The order is you.Nearly most of your comments I've seen recently have been nothing but bashing the order.Just drop it

Hopefully the sequel to The order has some sort of horde mode against lycans #6.1
Well sold out now. #9
Does the U.S version come with the arm? #7
How long have you clowns been saying that for now??Exactly... #46.1
I wasnt able to get one through Mad catz website since they would sell out quick.But I was able to snag one now. #4
When both BF games run at the same framerate something tells me it isn't optimised. #42
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