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I know people will hate me for this.But I usually camp around a flag with a shotty once my team has it.While my team goes off and captures other objectives #6
Agree Warlock FTW! #2
Lol funny thing is we already went through is.And he was referring to the industry as a whole. #2.3.1
Ehh outside N4G I rarely hear people talkin about this game. #3.2
Gamescon reveal? #1

OT:He makes good points #27.1
Jeezus christ you might as well apply for the PR department for MS.

OT:The X1 has lost it's identity it's like it got amnesia or something. #12.3
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Give me Friend notifications and Ext HDD.Support and I'm good. #2
There was an article on here(cant seem to find it now).Stating that very reason why some of the things are taking longer to implement.Due to the different arch of PS3&PS4 #14.1
Something Ive noticed when they mention news about updates.They either start releasing news in the same week or the following week.I.hope this updates brings many goodies. #1
Did he have a hidden blade??xD #2
Seeing as me and plenty of other people laughed.I would say yes he is. #1.11.1
Layman terms people? #1
"NO UC,TLOU,GOW3,Ressitance so yea no..."

PS3 emulation on PC is here:


Lol all I saw were little cheap games running nothing of the kind of games I said.Nice try though. #3.1.4
Yes. #16.1
NO UC,TLOU,GOW3,Ressitance so yea no... #3
You know you;re more than welcome to close account and leave right??No ones telling you to stay. #1
*Even though they dont deserve it

Yea no...They almost single handedl destroyed gaming. #7.2
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