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Bloody Roar IP :( #5
As a hardcore PS fan.No way I ever thought it would do this well.I thought the sales would be about even for both sides. #3
All Sony needs to do is Buy Kojima,MGS IP and Bloody Roar IP.And I'm good.

Oh and I forgot to mention.Get the SH IP and rehire del toro to finish it. #10.2.1
Well if Capcom are up to selling some IP'S.Then Sony should pursue Onimusha,Powerstone,Darkstalke rs,Resident evil, #1.9.1
I wish theyy would bring Conquest mode.Deception had the best one during the PS2 days. #1
Yea cuz Sony can't do the same right??*Rolls eyes*. #1.1.4
So you speak on behalf of the whole xbox community??Im sure plenty of xbox fans would like to see this game released on their platform. #12.1

*If I was Microsoft I would tell these devs to f*** off and take their business elsewhere.

Yea I think that's the last thing MS would wanna do... #3.1.10
It baffles me that gamers still believe Sales dont matter... #15.1
Ps4 making Xbox fanboys salty since 2013. #13.1
So yes Sony me and plenty of others would enjoy a game called Legend of Dragoon 2.... #15
I hope they can bring this to PS4. #1
Or well you could start up your own studio and make as many lead females you want in games.I'm tired of some whiners trying to tell devs what they should be putting in "Thier" games. #10
You got a link to the article? #2.1.1
Can anyone tell me why I can't chain high combos?I know I hit the damn button input correctly. #2
Yes just use the PS App. #6.1
Apparently gore is back.

Go to 47 seconds and see the guys arm fly off when he gets hit. #3
Scyther,Magmar& Electrobuzz for me allow them evolve and I'm good. #3.1
This better come to U.S. #2
I want that Mitsunari&Yukimara face plate!!!! #2
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