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Symbiote costume?

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Exactly.Its crazy to think those kinds of graphics are doable on so callex "outdated hardware".

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SSOD gameplay was on point.But that god damn character and potty humor killed the immersion for me.Insom needs to stick to creating wacky,colorful enjoyable charcters.Not this crappy teenage junk looking wacko characters.

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I liked Fuses original name and trailer Overstrike.I have no doubt EA made them change the tone of the game.I hope Insom can go back and revive looked like their own wacky humor we've been accustomed to.

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France is coming m8.Hold onto your jimmies.

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Why would they include them?They always surrender lol all jokes aside.French is coming as DLC.Dice already stated why they wont be in the game at launch.

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This new guy has the righr mindset so anything can happen.I wouldnt doubt if they're already in talks to make a Marvel fighting game.

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What??All tanks that are in the game were used during WW1 and all weapons were also used.Sure soem were in prototype stages and maybe saw little to knoe combat but Dice decides to include them to the game.

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Most women were medics and working factories. in the hospitals.As far as I'm aware none were on tbe front line.

Theres a whole thread on the BF1 forums.


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I dont think you understood "Exclusives" in the context I was using.Meaning games thst will only be on Scorpio&PC not X1.

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Got me 10 xD

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Marvel already specified they would like to get into the AAA quality of hero games but will only work with the best of the best.

In other words.Expext more PS4 super hero exclusives.Would love me a Weapon X one.

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They will once the main rush is over.Expect it around early 2017 until then plenty of games to bide our time with.

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To be fair.COD 4 never had that...

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Its not lame.They're trying to keep some authenticity to thw game.

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Yes it is anyone who doesnt believe is delusional.MS is making it look like its a "Current gen"console slowly but surely they will stary making exclusive only titles for scorpio thus leaving the original X1 drying up.It's just a way of MS giving up but not coming out and admitting it.Cuz then they would be a laughing stock.I dare anyone to deny this.

Fool me once shame on you.Fool me twice shame on me.

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One of them their conference was 99.9% of the same junk from last year and the other wasn't.

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Yup have it in GC.Shattered dimensions was under rated and one of the best ones.

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