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No P.T.?? #1
Nice try edonus.
So you're saying your great messiah Spencer is coddling the PS fanbase?? xD #1.4.2
Nice #3
Nice goingb titendo.Anyone have numbers for other consoles? #3
PS-Sweet Tooth

X1-Either MC or That guy from Geow forgot his name #1
Lol they never said it was gonna be 1080.They said they are "TARGETING"that framerate doesnt mean they will get it. #35.1.1
Current and past gen platforms plus PC #3.1.3
He is Santy Claus,How do you think he offers all them good steam deals??And people said I was crazy when I told them Santa clause was real.Who's laughing now? #1.1
Lol that PC pix of NFS:Rivals is from last year xD.Why would Sony be using it this year if it's already out??Keep up will ya OP #3
*I am just saying why is this game now a HUGE deal to gamers?

Its a damn HUGE deal to TR FANS on other platforms who were anticipating the game. #13.3
Your point??Most of those cars are just different versions of one car Why do we need like a hundred versions of a honda?3-5 I understand but more than that and it's just killing it. #13.1.1
Alll right this Mega evolution crap has gone on long enough.How about giving some new evolutions to pokemon from 1&2nd Gen who have been neglected? #1
Looks like they're taking a DLC approach like Poly.Not bad. #14
Well you can just download the PS+ version.And play it and if you like you csn always upgrade.Especially during the summer drought. #5.1
Splitscreen &off road racing??oh yes time to start making some noise people. #1
Considering you're a troll.I expect you to know nothing about this game.oh looks like its true.Nice try troll. #3.4
I could have sworn a while back Sony said something like this back when Facebook bought out oculus rift?This.would benefit both PC&Sony. #1.1
Wth are you talking about??When this game was annouced there was lots of people from PC&PS4 community who were happy and couldnt wait to aplay it. #4.1
Wtf are you on about??People are upset cuz TR has always been a god damn multiplat game and to.go and do that is just a backstab its fanbase.If it was new a IP then I would understand.But since TR has always beem Multiplat its stupid.

Both SE & MS deserve all the damn flak.they recieve.First of SE should be ashamed of betraying the PS&PC fans they're the ones who made tomn raider what it is.2nd MS already had enough flak with the X1 this crap just added more fuel... #6
Nope its being made for 360 also. #2.1.2
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