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Lol if you think looks anything like a PS3 game.You might wanna see an eye Doctor. #6.1
Cant wait for this.Less than 2 months away. #2
In no order (PS4)
1.Horizon Zero Dawn
3:Digimon cyber sleuth
6:Plants vs zombies 2

Cant wait. #7
ROTFLMFAO Stop stop xD. #1.2.1
Should i feel bad for Lmfao at this?xD. #1
Im collecting them but only the good ones.Such as Pokemon,Ryu etc..

That also brings something to mind.Will cloud have an amiibo? #1
Looks like someone didnt play the originals.Plus ADS is for skrubs #7.1
Well most people though the X1 was gonna be called Xbox720 so..... #25.2.2
Rigs&Tekken 7 sold me

I hope Sony puts out demo kiosks at GS,BB people can try it #42
Or perhaps you should be doing your job instead of browsing during work hours. #1.6.2
Lel. #1
No but they can get your email and other sensitive infk. #10.1.1
How the hell does this happen?? #2
Uhhh because it's still considered gaming news wether you like it or not. #1.1.2
Yes. #12.1
Xbox one
-Smaller gaming communities. #4.7
Doesnt mean itd a DDOS attack This crap was happening earlier in the day today also. #2.1.1
Kinda of a bummer.Oh well. #2
Ccomeon SOny give me something good.I got my Christmas bonus set aside for some good deals. #3
Aside from the PS4 updates.Sony had a good year with the PS4. #4
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