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*There’s a lot more coming in this update as well, so stay tuned for more—there will be plenty in the update to excite everyone.

Did this fly over your head??

@Jo i do recall Sony saying there would be a big update after the PS4 japanese launch so I'm guessing it is. #5.2
Finally now we can get the HDCP people to shut up.Now we just need the DNLA/MP3 and those will finally shut up.

OT:Glad to see SOny on top of things. #4
Ummm PS4 is alreadt at 6.2 million already way to undertrack Vg. #2
The thing is this was built from the ground up for the PS4 haters eating crow now ;) #1.1
So um like Sony can i use this while I drive??;D #7
So am I the only who is now thinking how the sex mini games would work in GOW with this??O_O #1
price?? #3
It's called moving on .Tell me would you like to be stuck working at Mcdonalds for the rest of your life?? #5.1
The gaming industry is a mysterious place one day you can have a job the next your gone....Oh wait that sounds like every industry out there work,movie etc.. #2.1
MK voice announcer *Round 1 Fight*.

OT: Hmmm let's see what happens #1.2
Thats not the actual VR headset.They just used the pix for the article.Jeez luis. #22.1
Can't wait to see it. #5
Are you daft??they came out last week just search for them. #3.1
Do you have a link??I wanna replace some cases my damn dogs got a hold of >_< #1.3.1
It is listed as rumor....... #3.1
Cuz anyone who knows your channel knows you're heavily biased towards Xbox duah. #5
Wow,if true I thought it would have sold at least a 1+Mil

@U got owned there i fixed it dont cry now. #1
Wtf??I was playing BF3 earlier on my PS3 and haven't ran into a hacker since day 1. #4.2
I helieve they got a shipment in.Plus Not many people were not gonna splash $500 down for a console for TF. When they could play it on 360 and PC especially cheaper.

Off topic:Have they even shown any 360 footage?? #13.1
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