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I think it will have some sort of Co op.Cuz everything Shinobu leaked last year so far from what we know has been spot on. #2.3
Words cannot describe how excited I am for this game.Its just something new and excited that we havent seen in a game .Just need to know if there is a collectors edition and when I can pre order #1
Could you imagine a Capcom vs snk 3 exclusive to PS4??:o #7.1
I thought he was pulled for KH3? #5.3
Can we also get FF7 Crisis core? #7
Wow that was it??You know what would have at least gave this dead confernce some points??Showing up with Pokken torunament and announcing a release date #3
I thin this game would do better with co op or split scrreen.Imagine teaming up with another player to take down these bad boys. #1.1.2
Cannot wait to try the beta next month #1
For something you sure find "Boring".You're in every article for it.

I wonder if the game will have co op.Seems like it would fit right in.Even if they added via update after it releases/ #9.1
Just mark him down and roll on.No other RPG game has the level or detail that Horizon is giving off most are the same about time someone broke that barrier. #8.1.1
*they hope to build it in “a fantastic franchise."

Dont hope do it!!!!!!!

Me right now #4
Weather and day/Night cycle!!!!!!! #1
Cerny you is da man!!
http://cdn.vgleaks.netdna-c... #11
If no Physical time to start

#PhysicalShenmue3 #7.2 can we get Legend Of Dragoon 2? #2
I think this is appropraite for Sony conference. #28
Best conference=Sony

Best Game=Horizon

Biggest Surprise=FF7 HD remake,TLG and Shenmue 3 all in one conference. #16.1
Sony did.We knew most of the stuff Ms was gonna show and they still kept it like the past few years Halo,Gears and Forza with a new IP here and there.Compared to Sony where they showed so.much stuff no one was expecting.

But I will give Credit to MS on the BC didn't really see that coming. #3
Open World Action RPG. #59.1
Its an Open action world RPG.Heres more info #14.1
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