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I dont mind DLC if it's done the right way or if we can get a deal.
W3 expanions are perfect example plus free DLC which it will also be getting.

If you're gonna sell characters at least sell them at a fair price.say
2X5 #4
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So you're saying these children aren't in need of some fun time that would help them take their minds off.Of what they're going through?you people freaking sicken me with your lame remarks. #8.2
Still waiting on that physical release for NA #1
Woah did they just confirm split screen??:O

@Below Really???I must have missed it. #4
No you had to earn a certain amount of points to be able to use a hero.What balanced it out.Was in order to keep using the character you had to keep killing people to keep up your health.If you werent killin anyone your health would keep dropping until you would die. #3.3
Man I'm a hardcore MK fan.Played every game to date.But I just feel this game is so much backwards.

-Short lame story MK9 was better and longer.
-4 of the new fighters are just combinations of their old parents moves.
-Less stages than MK9
-Patched so you earn less koins
-Goro pre order(Should have been free for everyone who bought the game)
-2 less characters than MK9.

-New characters... #1
I'm still on the fence about this game.BF2 Was the only game I have ever put over 2000+ hours in cuz of its MP.I'm just gonna wait till I see everything before I start cursing at EA. #6
Uhhh choose Kitana and use her jade variant. #6.1.1
HomeFront 2? #1
So...Namco theres this game caled Digimon:Cyber sleuth...yea you get my point. #1
All I know I better be able to make my own galactic conquest matches. #3
I'm down with long as it's free. #1
Wait so physical copy is $25??If so not a bad price and this will entice more people to buy it. #3
No SP??Wat kind of bs is that. #1
Wampas or GTFO #8
The best thing of MK back in the days.Was the time spent trying to figure out how to pull off the fatalitites.Now that anyone can pull them off which takes the fun factor out of them.If I do end up buy MK it will most likely be the komplete edition and used at that will.Nether realms has lost my support.With all the BS they pulled off with this title. #3
Sweet cant wait #2
I hope they show us something for E3. #3
Yup. #5.1
yes #9.1
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