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Just glad I'm not the only who was seeing it. #7
Ummm I keep getting security error/

The site ahead contains malware #2
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WOah woah there is a HUGE spoiler at the end of the trailer.Author might wanna make that clear in the title. #7
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Can I switch it work on both PS3&PS4??I know the USF IV TE2 edition can but they're out of those.

Edit:Just checked and they're also out on this one >_> #1
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PSN went completely offline.

You know if PSN goes completely offline everyone is kicked right??I wasnt kicked so quit spreading fud #15.1.1
Nope it's fine here in Cali. #2.1
Legend Of Dragoon!!!!!!!!!! #43
Stop dammit just stop.Just enjoy that we we're able to get this game which would be near damn impossible due to licensing fees.The last thing we need is some dumb fight over some ridiculuos crap.

Does anyone know if fighting sticks work with these games? #11.1
I may just have to get into this series.Love the Warriors series

Edit:Ending of the video after the credits has a major spoiler if you haven't kept up with One Piece. #1
Hard to believe it's been 7 years since I been excited for a DBZ game.Let's see if it can top tenkaichi 3. #2
Oh, you want new IP?

- Bayonetta 2
- The Wonderful 101
- Splatoon
- Mario Maker
- Xenoblade Chronicles X
- LEGO City: Undercover
- Hyrule Warriors

..Just to name a few.

Uhhh Mario maker and Bayonetta 2 are not new IP'S try again.... #27.2.1
Lol no just no....Nothin currently on the wii is a worthwhile purchase for me.Maybe next year when X releases or maybe when Pokken fighter comes out.I may get it,But for now.Just not worth the investment. #13
SE better release this in the west. #2
Regarding the Skyrim debacle.I member reading they never sent out PS3 review copies only 360 #1.1.1
I dont know it would seem just weird announcing it this late and releasing so early next year.

I'm thinking the christmas day Kojima station is more along the lines of a release date for MGO PS4 beta.

Or it could just be Kojima trolling us all again ;_; #5.1
So does this mean people can file a lawsuit against MS for falsely advertising the X1 power?

http://www.develop-online.n... #30
Pretty much the only series from Ninty that I can contsantly play without getting burned out on it. #1.3
Stop hitting things then you won;t end up in last place.... #26.2
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