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Should have a 2 second delay after doing one.Will help keep the spam down

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My sentiments exactly lol

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I'm still amazed at how many zombies/creatures they were able to fit on screen at once.Cant wait hopefully we get some more gameplay and a release date at E3

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$200 for the CE might consider it

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No from rumors seems thry are/will be DLC.

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Lol the way he says it out of nowhere😂

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Wait people thought s console with no games(to a degree) Was gonna tumble the console releasing games pretty much nonstop??

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Wonder if it's this?

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Yea and this is the final "Seasonal update.Starting next month they're moving to Monthly updates.Which is great

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I read a rumor that there's still 2 more Guest characters to be revealed for the T7 Roster.

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Why have I never heard of this game?Big fan of Dynasty games do it's right up my there a western release date?

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Please masses?Spyro?

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Horizon still has them strong legs.GG GG.You know you've created something special when this Game brought my.older bro who hasn't touched a video game since 2006 back into playing Games.I let him try Horizon for a few minutes while I ate.Then i came back and told him hand me the controller back.He said give me a few minutes more and next thing those "few.minutes" turned into 4a.m 😂.At least I know what I can get him for when they both ship overseas later this year lo...

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I'm surprised the game will be $30 even though it's a remaster.

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Which platform isn't cancelling games left &right?

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Sony needs to release this WW!

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The Ps4 will still demolish the Scorpio.

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Not without exclusives that don't make it stand out from the competition.Not to mention it's game are on PC giving people one less reason to own an X1.

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No Sony does.

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