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Lol I was right.Can't wait to give it a whirl. #1
Got mine :D. #2
Yea me 2.This was my only gripe with them being released.I prefer my physical thank you very much #2.1
No he was already Trumped... #2.1
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I'm getting the CE no matter what. #13
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Hopefully we get a localization confirmation for the West at TGS. #1
Sadly yes :/.We owe it to him for games like this. #7.1.1
I take it you don't understand CTE well do ya? #7.1
I say it will release sometime in spring. #2
IRNV/FLIR+LMG=Massacre ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #2
Looking forward to this. #1
Hmm that explains the SFV:Rise up.

Cant wait for the beta tomorrow :D #31
Guess I'm the one of the lucky ones who can say that both of my of my 60GB still work #2.1.1
Man loving the variety of characters. #13
Looks like it's for the new update testing that's coming out next month. #2
*Cough*CONSOLE*Cough. #3.1.1
Guess I'll wait for the physical version then #3
No it just shows Sony isn't afraid to try different genres. #2
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I gotta agree with Jalva.The original BC writer is no longer there so the story would go sour. #3.3
I can not wait for this game!!

If you havent watched this I recommend watching it. #14
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