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The games actually fun I own it in Ps4🤷

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Or maybe that the kid lost his parents at a young age then lost his grandma and kids kept teasing him that he would be the one to shoot up the school had something to do with it🤷

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Honestly if you want a game and they're usually to high priced.I recommend going to Reddit after a week or so and you can find for good deals.Hell I saw people selling DBFZ and Monster Hunter after a week for $50

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In most cases court orders over rule anything.

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He'll yea pls be true!!!

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if bayonetta 1&2 were made on older hardware and didnt even run 1080.You think this one will?Yea i doubt its gonna run it at 1080.

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American voice acting is trash.Use Chinese dub much more tolerabel

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It just doesnt sound right watching them speak in Japanese.

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Been a long time coming cant wait to pick it up tomorrow.Finally they added chinese dubs the only way to really enjoy it.

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Haters gonna hate and potatoes gonna potate

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Bandai own some of the best IPs out there they just need to experiment with them.
They should really consider handing Power Rangers,One piece or Saint Seiya over to Arc systems and let them develop some fighting games with those properties.
I would like to see them let Koei tecmo do a Power Rangers Dynasty warriors type of game.

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While petty this does help cut down in trolls and crappy posts.Hell dice does it for Battlefield.

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There excuse "Not many people bought the wii u so they can now experience them"

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Just announce it for stateside already!!

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Kiwami 2 stateside now Sega!!😠

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Yes you're able to say What you want but doesn't stop consequences from happening to you.

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