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Some pretty big insiders have said Sony has the co marketing deal for Battlefront which would not be surprising when Disney is buddy buddy with Sony plus they have double the market share of the XB1. Starwars is a worldwide franchise, PS4 is the only console doing well worldwide.

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Horizon by Guerilla Games the first Sony developed WRPG.
Next game by David Cage(might save that for Gamescom)
Uncharted collection by Bluepoint games
MGSV special edition console with the game
Battlefront PS4 bundle
Media Molecule's morpheus game
God of War IV debut trailer
The Last Guardian
Bunch of other morpheus games by third party partners.
Level 5 exclusive PS4 rpg

Dragonquest XI ex...

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Its a staple of PC master race. Bitch about consoles but then beg for their games at the same time.

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Lol of course a Microsoft puppet would say that. Shouldn't you be making some more praising articles about [email protected]?

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Let me correct some things.

Justin Richmond UC3 director is now at Riot games.
Amy Hennig creative director of all 3 Uncharted games is now at Visceral games making a Star Wars game.
Nate wells who barely stayed 6 months at Naughty Dog is now at Crystal Dynamics.
Micheal Knowland now works at Avalanche.

Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann are definitely the best 2 directors Naughty Dog has ever had.

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The Multiplayer designer of TLOU is doing Uncharted 4 multiplayer so its going to be good.

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WAHAHAHA xbox fanboys tryng to serve crow and then having it eat it themselves in the same article, now thats funny.

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Except the Order runs at 1080P native which has been said a million years just like any bluray movie with bars.

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So Ori gets listed as Microsoft exclusive last i checked PC is an open platform.

If you are making a list at least do your research Axiom Verge is missing from the list and listing PC/Xbox One games as Microsoft exclusive just to pad the list is pretty sad.

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It also requires you to have Xbox Gold unlike remote play which does not require PS+. Looking less and less 100X better then the so called outdated remote play tech.

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Its only on your own network while with remote play i can play my games from miles away with very little lag.

Salty xbox fanboys cant handle the truth of Microsoft's outdated remote play tech.

Also it only works with many games not all of them

"Game Streaming. Thanks to the deep integration of Xbox on Windows 1...

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Microsoft hasn't made a big thing in ages nobody cares for surface nobody cares for windows phone or kinect.

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AR is a gimmick VR is the future.

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Dont forget that the soundtrack was amazing.

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Binding of Isaac:Rebirth(damn you RNG) is already my most played game this year together with D3:ROS and Hearthstone. Then we have that list posted above its well worth its money.

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Sony is already giving back to the FGC with a 500K prize pool for Capcomcup 2015. This year the prize pool of Capcomcup was 50K and Evo was 30K.

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Only for 360. XB1 is the same as PS+.

Its very simple one offers Binding of Isaac:Rebirth the other doesn't.

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Look at me being edgy about the Order please notice my small shitty site nobody visits. Yeah not clicking your site.

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If Sony had only sold those 20th anniversary PS4's in November. Right now they are probably still laughing and looking towards 2015 domination.

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They work for Sony so they are just as official.

Wow never knew that i thought they were part of the PS blog team/division.

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