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Its Darude Sandstorm! DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU*muted*


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Well some good news. Panasonic and Sony are teaming in the development of OLED panels. Which could cut atleast some of the R&D cost.

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Microsoft 1.1M Xbox One's+360's vs Sony 3.5M PS4's+PS3's

The king is back and the witch is dead!

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Yeah. I hope this dies a fast death.

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If you said Mass Effect 4 then i agree. But none of your progress from BF 4 will transfer over to BF5. Terrible example.

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Musical hospital scene was so good!

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Desparation/Delusion the new scent by Truefan1.

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Game of the year(s)!

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But guys Chinese people dont like Japanese products. /s

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Wow you really scraping the barell with some of those "games"

Must be tough seeing your precious Xbox getting dominated in soft and hardware sales.

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Such a strange game.

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I wish them goodluck.

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Im confused. What a strange game.

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good luck to these devs.

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Debate simulator thats new.

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Could have seen it coming

A studio that hasn't had a hit since Crysis. Goes full on F2P and has an engine that barely get licensed by other studios, because there are better engine with better development tools and accessibility.

The only people to blame in this situation are Cervat Yerli and the rest of the higher ups at Crytek who mismanaged these studio's very badly. How does a game like Cytek 3 cost 60 million to make? Were there like strippers an...

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They cant buy Homefront the revolution, cause Deep Silver has the publishing rights. So Microsoft would have to buyout Deep Silver out of the publishing agreement, same thing EA did with Mass Effect 1.

They are probably gunning for the Ryse IP if anything.

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I think selling 56K in May according to NPD, says more then enough. Vita will be remembered as the Dreamcast of handhelds.

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