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I think you can learn something from this George.

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Nah boobs are more popular then the penis.

Top 3 suspected tank emblems

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Yeah Cliffy is known for his Twitter stupidity they gotta stick together on this.

He could have just told Marcus in a calm and collected fashion why he didnt want to comment . Instead Phil goes on a twitter meltdown and tells Marcus to go die. Phil really just needs to step away from the keyboard and his twitter account for awhile.

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Was this needed? Its completely off topic and flamebait you should know better.

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Only if when you select him he says "My body is ready" or "My name is Reggie and im about kicking ass and taking names"

Reggie should replace Wiifit girl.

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Its all the Phils you all need to stay classy i dont discriminate to 1 Phil:P

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Meltdowns on twitter have become pretty daily dose at this point.

Either be like @yosp(Shuhei Yoshida) calm and collected even if you get asked the stupidest questions, or be like so many other developers/industry folk and not have twitter at all, to prevent these crazy meltdowns. I bet Adam Orth wishes he never used Twitter.

Twitter ruining carreer's since 2006.

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Blowfish has some serious diva syndrome.

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They had a guy on beyond3dforum as 1 of their sources, this same guy says that the Xbox 1 is gonna ship with 12 gigs of ram...

Sony isnt commenting on the OS size because its probably not even set in stone yet. I think the same can be said for Xbox 1, except Whitten slipped up at a interview and gave the 3gig figure but thats gonna be reduced over time aswell. As of now 5 gigs is more then enough for both consoles especially if you look at what Naughty Dog achieved with 512m...

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Oh Phil stay classy.

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Give it a rest already. Sony never lied the 7gigs was a rumor spread by a website based on slides from a Killzone presentation that put the os at 512mb when it was still supposed to launch with 4gigs.

You spend so much time whining about "Sony fanboys" do you even game or do you just cheerlead for Microsoft 24/7?

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5 is what the devs get to work with. But a lot are saying Sony is giving devs what they need right now, same for Xbox one. Then will later like 2-3 years down the line give them more to work with when they reduce OS size.

The second source from DF is a guy from the beyond3Dforums who also said the Xb1 will launch with 12 gigs of ram so take it with a mountain of salt.

Naughty dog programmer says the whole thing is overblown and i tend to believe the dev that ...

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I think if Activision really wants to show its support for the WiiU they need to port Destiny.

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China dont care!

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This looks pretty good i bet war for Tibet is next.

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ManiacMayhem calling anyone out is pretty ironic, shouldnt you be circle jerking in some cloud articles?

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Exactly im laughing my ass off here at the people who are celebrating like this is anything new. Dont you guys find it strange how in that PR part they didnt mention save games. I fell for it aswell but then i got suspicious when they didnt mention save games.

All the stuff they mentioned is already in the cloud. Unless some of you actually thought they would store everyone's 15gb games and 1080P video's on the cloud.

Goodjob by Microsoft PR trying t...

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Everybody buys a pc and PS4 cause every Xbone game is on pc?

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Yeah the new leader of Xbox did this all in a week... How stupid are you?

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