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You really dont want to, for once in their lifes it was good to be a Gamestop manager the other 99% of the time it isnt.

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Ahh yeah lets forget all the real games and F2P games. Xbox 1 has one more exclusive then PS4 but PS4 has way more titles including F2P and indies. I know thats hard for your brain to understand but PS4 has games and lots of them be they retail indie or F2P.

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Wow a game thats on 5 platforms is gonna outsell one thats on 1 you must be a freaking Sherlock to figure that one out. Reviews we will have to see the last Killzone games got some pretty damn good reviews

BF3 89 on metacritic for the superior pc version while only a 84 on 360.
Killzone 2 a 91 on metacritic. So i think you are either overestimating the Battlefield series or underestimating the Killzone series.

Lachance cant you get your hater ass out ...

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Wrong no limit but not shocking seeing as its you trying to spread misinformation again.

-DRM situation got changed for all we know it could have gotten worse if Sony also did it.
-He was the one that said Mirrors Edge 2 wasnt gonna be exclusive and the only game that was is Titanfall he was right
-POP ill give ya that
-60 minute limit could well have been true or false we will never know because its not coming.
-He said yielding issues not dow...

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I would put Killzone SF vs BF4

Killzone SF is gonna have bots,customizable match settings from health,friendly fire,weapon loadouts and more also no aim assist bs. If they can add the weighted feel of Killzone 2 back in SF then its a pretty big contender for fps of the year for me, not to mention the game looks amazing especially the reflections and animations.

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*Puts tinfoil hat on*
We all know who are behind the ps4 preorders being far better, crab people and the Illuminati.

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It would have been a mayor blow to gamers.

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I dont expect less from you always spout bullshit. Comparing casual gaming to indie games why dont you go hit yourself on the head a few times might do some good.

If anything indie games have finaly blown some originality into the industry, something AAA 3rd party publishers dont want to do.

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@ La chance

Have you seen xbone line up

-Crytek tech demo the game with micro transactions
-Dead rising 3 10fps edition
-Forza 5 cartoon edition
-Killer Instinct only 1 character edition

Ill take PS4 line up over that crap anyday.

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Im so glad you can only brain fart once in an article.

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True neogaf has dbz comparisions.

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Damn if Infamous SS is playable then i wish i could have gone.

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That game is so good esp for 4$.

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Well i guess me and EA games are gonna part ways here, i didnt even buy many of their games anyway so it isnt that big a loss for me. I can life without battlefront,Mirrors 2 and Dragon Age 3.

This is how they are gonna sneak in their filthy DRM, and when the game doesnt have as many players anymore they can shut it down and your intial 60$ game becomes a paper weight.

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Sega is gonna Sega. This is a company that released a pirate version of streets of rage as their own on IOS/Android it even still has the dude's name on the title screen.

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Cboat on Neogaf said 1 year the guy has been pretty much on the ball since he started posting leaks there.

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Its pretty obvious microsoft paid millions for this game to be timed exclusive. I give it a year before it ends up on PS4 hell even 6 months if the xbone gets its ass kicked in sales which is looking pretty likely from the preorder data and the 180's Microsoft has been making.

I think its funny they took the time to blur out the ps3/ps4 devkit just makes it more suspicious.

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That would be a killer launch title in Japan for PS4.

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Still have you seen that abomination its not even Layton its clearly made with smart phones in mind.

Everything they showed was mobile phone related in some way except inzuma online i think. Hope all these mobile games bomb, so they can get their priorities straight and dev for consoles and handhelds. Not these sad excuses for games they showed at this show.

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Lvl 5 conference can be summed up to, hey look we are going mobile and we are continuing the Japanese trend of destroying perfectly good ips, by putting them on mobile phones.

Cluck you Level 5 for destroying Layton with the abomination you call Layton 7.

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