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Double post.

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Please let this not be the future of gaming as we know it. I like normal offline single player games. All of this seems like a immersion killer. Please let them keep this crap away from Deus ex.

Persistent online game is another word for sneaky drm.

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Love how they chose light power instead of just electricity for Second Son its something you dont see much in super hero's except Dazzler from Xmen and Admiral Borsalino in One Piece.

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No its not gaming culture its internet culture and 4chan more likely. Being anonymous makes people think they can say or do whatever they want on the internet.

My little sister is getting death threats over the phone by some freaking psycho and police dont do anything about it. I think anonimity should only go so far. If you harras people or send em death threats, then i dont give a shit about your privacy and all your information should be put on the internet for the world t...

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Yeah but i mean in general. Also he decided to hand out non existant dirty laundry of a future business partner thats just stupid.

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Yeah also they made up the rumour of Sony shipping 16 million ps4s in 2013. I would take this news with a huge mountain of salt.

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I think they should have special how not to ruin your carreer on twitter courses for any company employee.

I loved it when other indie devs said he was wrong his reply was, bubububut my Harvard lawyer said.

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So now that you are at 1 bubble you took a dupe account.

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Guys this has been confirmed fake on Neogaf if you look at the tweets its painfully obvious just look at the logo a 10 year old could make a better one.

The trailer is a video from 2009 that i cant link because of the stupid spambots its pretty much 100% fake.

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Im glad that Nintendo is giving this game the attention it deserves with its own direct.

Kamiya in a suit im laughing so bad right now.

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Now Jaffe just needs to return home. I cant wait to see what he comes up with at Santa Monica Studios. Seems like they are making a third team at Santa Monica studios with Cory Barlog at the helm.

So they would have.

Stig's team
Cory's team
Todd's team

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I think Mayor flip switch has him beat by a large margin. I havent seen Yosp snatch the mic from a interviewer and then berate him like a 12 year old, or when asked about hardware, switch to "hey have you seen Titanfall".

Plus Yosp is likeable same cant be said about anyone who works for xbox they all look like douches 1 worst then the other.


Yeah like you are not in a certain camp. Atleast i dont use dupe accounts to bubble ...

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Better then the alternative a console thats 500$+TAX and a NSA surveilance device.

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You dupe accounts arent even original anymore.

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Yeah xbox fans are screaming racial slurs into their mics to do something like fill in a poll.

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You can leave nobody would care you rarely contribute anyway. You complain so much everytime nobody is forcing you to stay.

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You calling me out, gtfo Ritsuka your one of the biggest fanboys here.

Im not blind there is no logic to porting a niche game like Yakuza to a console brand thats known for mindless shooters.

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Hey those 10 copies can finance the next Sonic game:P

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That assumption is based on past prove. Your article is the one making giant assumptions without any prove to back it up.

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