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Yeah xbox fans are screaming racial slurs into their mics to do something like fill in a poll.

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You can leave nobody would care you rarely contribute anyway. You complain so much everytime nobody is forcing you to stay.

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You calling me out, gtfo Ritsuka your one of the biggest fanboys here.

Im not blind there is no logic to porting a niche game like Yakuza to a console brand thats known for mindless shooters.

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Hey those 10 copies can finance the next Sonic game:P

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That assumption is based on past prove. Your article is the one making giant assumptions without any prove to back it up.

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Makes no sense to put it on Xbone its not coming out in the west and Japan hates the xbox brand. Might aswell just throw money in a pit, if they want to lose money anyway.

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Littlebigplanet on the other hand is a real game.

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Custard Trout Cory Balrog was the director of Godofwar 2 calling him a writer is an insult.

He left Sony to join Avalanche on Mad Max then left there to go work for Crystal Dynamics and apparently he has left them aswell he could be back at Santa Monica Studios.

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I think its pretty much in the bag with Shahid on the ball.

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The only good 1s are ssj4 Radish, weird glitchy bra, The big dbz chars and some others also never believe chat. i Have 90k now and im sure im gonna lose it again when i make a bad bet or bid on a bad clone of a very good char.

The only good blob is the Blob which is a round sphere that thing beasts everything its prob SS tier and on par with real sad claps.

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Im glad i dont have a real gambling problem cause i prob lost 200.000 salties by now.

90% of DBZ,Naruto,Bizare Jojo,Guilty Gear characters suck. Also dont watch if you dont want seizures.

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Yeah it can look great all it wants just like swtor, but if there isnt enough content it will still fail cause subscriptions will be dropped thats the problem with P2P MMO's.

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Now they are banking everything on shitty social/mobile games and a MMO that failed the first time around. They are leaving money on the table with not putting Crisis core and BBS on Vita. This company is just run by complete morons who are incapable of making a smart decision.

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Yeah and im sick of getting screwed by the dictatorship of Merkel. Why does everyone have to get gore cut because Germany cant handle it.

Wait they pmed a user not even said it on forums? I made a forum thread awhile back that asked this exact thing and Naughty Dog didnt respond which is pretty disapointing.

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As of now Infamous:SS but we really havent seen much, Sony has unveiled 5 of their 20 games that would come out in year 1.

You can bet that the next Naughty Dog game will be unveiled at the VGA's its almost tradition. Santa Monica studio's seems to be about ready to show off their new IP if we go by the tweets of the voice actress. There is just too much we dont know yet to think about best game of the first year.

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Pretty much a given it runs on the same engine as Planetside 2. Plus every SOE product is gonna support PS4 they said that yesterday.

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Toriyama thinks his waifu will beat Skyrim thats cute.

When is Square Enix gonna take him behind the shed and put him out of our misery. If he directs FF16 they might aswell just kill off the entire Final Fantasy franchise so atleast it doesnt have to suffer again.

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BUT IT HAS A MOCAP DOG! and fish AI cant get more innovative then that!

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How did not one JRPG make it on that list not FFIX,Dragonquest VIII or the severe lack of Resident Evil 4.

How in the 7 hells did GTAIV even make it on that list it was a downgrade from san andreas. Its a pretty weak list Bayonetta is hardly top 50 let alone top 10.

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