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BUT IT HAS A MOCAP DOG! and fish AI cant get more innovative then that!

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How did not one JRPG make it on that list not FFIX,Dragonquest VIII or the severe lack of Resident Evil 4.

How in the 7 hells did GTAIV even make it on that list it was a downgrade from san andreas. Its a pretty weak list Bayonetta is hardly top 50 let alone top 10.

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My money is still on the Alliance they had a amazing run at starladder this year.

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If somebody from the critically acclaimed studio that made Runescape. The mmo that can run on everything imaginable at this point, it must be true...

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Wow wtf happend to Apollo?

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Infamous Second Son bar none. Sucker Punch has over the years proven they can roll with the best and now that they are a official Sony studio they get all the resources(including their own mocap studio) they need to make a killer game. I cant wait to see what they will show at Gamescom maybe online maybe other powers.

The team talking about the different sound effects

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Would only be better if you put Kaz his face on the asian Driver and Ballmer on the kid.

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You just jinxed it goddamnit! j/k

I mean they make fantastic rts games like the total war series. I wouldnt mind an Aliens game in the same way Firaxis did Xcom EU(that game is so good i wish i had picked it up at launch)

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Congrats lets see some more great games. I liked Witcher 2 but wasnt the biggest fan of its combat system so really hope it improved in 3.

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I have faith that Creative Assembly will do the Aliens IP justice, unlike Gearbox.

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You arent factoring in the 1.2GHZ of the xbone gpu. But hey you can always wait for some clowds to show up for power of the clowds.

Yeah thats why PC gamers like me overclock their rigs cause it makes no difference... Seriously Foxgod just stahp. You dont know anything about hardware thats pretty obvious. Go to any pc tech forum and tell them overclocking doesnt make a difference youll be laughed out of the forums.

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Yeah but everything is pointing towards that not even being true. Even if we go by DF's very skewed(in favor for Xbox one) comparision of the GPU's the PS4 would have a minimum of 25% higher fps, people buy new GFX cards for those kind of numbers. Thats not even counting difference in RAM.

In architecture its the same, in power the PS4 beats the Xbone like a rented mule, if we go by specs.

You dont have to be a dev to see these types o...

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Nis doesnt have the cash for this.

I dont want Sega to buy Atlus, we have been begging for ages with Yakuza and VC3 and it falls on deaf ears. Sega is a company that sabotages itself and its developers every step of the way. Only thing Sega does well is PC games.

Gungho,Marvelous or a holdings group outside of gaming would be a good choice.

I dont want
Square Enix,Capcom or Konami touching them because everything will become a freaki...

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The PS4 and Vita are build around each other. Streaming takes a lot less power then just a normal game on Vita.

I would love to play Witcher 3 like up stairs if ic nat use the tv or in bed when i cba sitting on the couch.

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Dis gon be gud /popcorn

Beware of spoilers people she has no problem ruining game endings.

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Capcom decided to copy Square Enix business strategy because it was so succesful...

Capcom can burn for all i care. Why arent they smart release Megaman X,Megaman and Megaman battle network collections for PSN,XBL,Steam and N store. Instead they decided that shitty mobile games are the future. Just watch them turn Megaman 11 into a runner game.

Japanese publishers are so out of touch with the real world. Why hasnt Square Enix put KH:BBS and Crisis core on PS...

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Show it or shut up about it.

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Have you seen their announcement list most of it is mobile. I wanna see them fall on their face with that stupid plan.

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They were probably like "Hey its the dude that claps for himself"

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