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That is Scott Rhode's department every continent has somebody overseeing the projects. Shu cannot be In the US or Europe every week so it is much easier to supervise Japanese developed games.

He is doing a goodjob so far we are getting a shit load of Japanese games.

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9,99 for a animated portrait yeah you can stick that price where the sun don't shine Blizzard. Im saying this as somebody who has played a lot of Hearthstone and has 4 golden heroes.

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Lol Death you always sound so salty PS4 has more games then the XB1 this is fact go look it up, so saying PS4 is less about games is pretty damn funny. But hey continue being salty about the PS4 destroying the XB1 its entertaining.

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I hear Nintendo invented the internet as well.

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Well done SE put it on the most outdated pos out there. We all know what a success Metal gear 3 on 3DS was or Street fighter IV.

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What a waste to put it on 3DS the most outdated piece of shit out there.

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༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º ༽ºل͜º ༽ºل͜º ༽ EVERYONE, GET IN HERE! ༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º༼ ºل͜º ༽ºل͜º ༽ºل͜º ༽ºل͜º ༽

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Lol DX12 and windows 10, why dont you just list secret sauce and be done.

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Its not. at most XB1 has sold 12.5mil they are nowhere close to 15mil.

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Gio Corsi from SCEA third party is going to Japan in 2 weeks to discuss Yakuza. You need to have a little patience.

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Creamsugar has the NPD report and gets hunted down by NPD ninjas monthly. The numbers are legit.

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Ripsta it is Sony who set the price they are publishing and developing it under the third party relations studio.

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Kaz Hirai:Its time to move to your next target agent Phil.

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Kaz Hirai:Its time to move to your next target agent Phil.

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Dumb as shit to launch this without any Looney Tunes. WB you are doing it wrong.

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4 months of Reakor barb no thank you bring back Mortick bracers.

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I only regularly watch Hafu for her Hearthstone arena streams, but even all the sub and other notifications can drive me nuts. I would just look for the unknown streamers in general, they do without all that bullshit and just like it when people watch them.

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Meanwhile camsluts still allowed on twitch. No i don't mean every female streamer but the ones who use camslut tactics like a whiteboard and having their tits fall out of their tanktops. How dare a game show some anime skin.

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Some pretty big insiders have said Sony has the co marketing deal for Battlefront which would not be surprising when Disney is buddy buddy with Sony plus they have double the market share of the XB1. Starwars is a worldwide franchise, PS4 is the only console doing well worldwide.

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