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Because you are a biased fanboy who has his head so far up Forza's exhaust pipe.

Glad your dumbass was banned from GAF.

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You guys aren't ready for the evil that is Spelunky.

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Wow. Thats enough internet for today.

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Bamco doesnt give a shit about manga spoilers.

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Quality hardware...

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No but just look how many times companies like Zynga and Rovio get overvalued. 2 billion for a 1 hit wonder studio's is hilarious.

Also Microsoft's track record with acquiring studios has been less then successful. Remember the golden child of Nintendo, Rare or RTS titans Ensemble. Even Bungie ran for the Activision hills.

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IX was the last really good Final Fantasy 10 and 12 were good. After that franchise became mediocre not helped by their obsession for Lightning.

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Yeah Phil Spencer will save the brand by buying more third party games nobody gives a shit about... God you Microsoft fans are a delusional bunch.

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Nicksetzer and Truefan are stuck in high school.

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Its Darude Sandstorm! DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDUDU*muted*


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Well some good news. Panasonic and Sony are teaming in the development of OLED panels. Which could cut atleast some of the R&D cost.

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Microsoft 1.1M Xbox One's+360's vs Sony 3.5M PS4's+PS3's

The king is back and the witch is dead!

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Yeah. I hope this dies a fast death.

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If you said Mass Effect 4 then i agree. But none of your progress from BF 4 will transfer over to BF5. Terrible example.

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Musical hospital scene was so good!

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Desparation/Delusion the new scent by Truefan1.

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Game of the year(s)!

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But guys Chinese people dont like Japanese products. /s

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