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Good hot garbage fantasy should never win.

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I doubt anyone can top what Guerilla gave on their first meeting, their base engine code in a box.

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overrated waifu shooter.

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What a sad industry when a content lacking gacha micro transaction waifu shooter wins goty. Best fucking esport you serious

Why not just give best esport to hearthstone so we can all laugh our ass off. Overwatch pro's are the people that cant make it big in CS GO,

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great job with the spoilers jackass.

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Trump wins the elections and Xbone S outsells the PS4 darkest timeline indeed.

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Oh wow Valve that took you long enough. Sorry to interrupt your daily business of making hats and gun skins.

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In the press release they mentioned Atrocitus and Gorilla Grodd joining the roster FUCKING HYPED!

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Ive played Tomb Raider and that game is far from a 9.3. I doubt Uncharted 4 is worse then Tomb Raider EVER!

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Lucy is a terrible reviewer so im not even surprised by this score meanwhile she gave tomb raider a 9.3 what a joke.

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Nate's theme 4.0 so gewd.

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Sony must be pretty damn happy that Uncharted bundle put in some work at Black Friday.

Halo 5 at 8 and Tomb Raider not even getting top 10 brutal, hope SE learned their lesson.

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Nothing can stop this fanservice not even SJW's!

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i know right and i mean its one thing if they put the anime on Youtube but the game is mild compared to the anime and even then there are worse things on youtube.

Just waiting for Twitch to also ban it to protect the children.

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Meanwhile girl getting off on a electric guitar is aokay

3 years and counting people.

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When the master of fucks ups says you fucked up you really really really fucked up.

This is a man that moved SE HQ based on advice from a fortune teller, said move then caused Nobuo Uematsu to leave the company.

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Goddamn that was a serious beat down.

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