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Microsoft hasn't made a big thing in ages nobody cares for surface nobody cares for windows phone or kinect.

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AR is a gimmick VR is the future.

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Dont forget that the soundtrack was amazing.

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Binding of Isaac:Rebirth(damn you RNG) is already my most played game this year together with D3:ROS and Hearthstone. Then we have that list posted above its well worth its money.

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Sony is already giving back to the FGC with a 500K prize pool for Capcomcup 2015. This year the prize pool of Capcomcup was 50K and Evo was 30K.

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Only for 360. XB1 is the same as PS+.

Its very simple one offers Binding of Isaac:Rebirth the other doesn't.

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Look at me being edgy about the Order please notice my small shitty site nobody visits. Yeah not clicking your site.

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If Sony had only sold those 20th anniversary PS4's in November. Right now they are probably still laughing and looking towards 2015 domination.

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They work for Sony so they are just as official.

Wow never knew that i thought they were part of the PS blog team/division.

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Sony bought this that's news to me. Maybe the developers just want to be paid on time. Something Microsoft apparently cant do.

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Lol so you don't support 343?

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Closed down within a year.

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Well they are trying very hard to get people to buy an Xbox One and its gonna be harder when Sony drops bombs tomorrow.

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That show got really dark.

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Before that. This was reported before black friday and christmas still has to come, its gonna do 18-20 million by end of the year.

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Well with the Xbox One abysmal sales numbers is there any reason to have a Japanese division? Most of the local projects can probably be managed from the US.

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You need to edit the article, he is being transferred to the US. Probably just killing the entire Japanese division and transferring as many to the US.

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So an hourly chart yes hourly and more anecdotal evidence is news?

I did read it its trash filled with anecdotal evidence. But hey didn't expect much from Jonathan leack anyway he is a hack.

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Lol a picture of a stack of PS4's is your evidence? This now qualifies as news on N4G dam this site has sunk low.

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Amazing game butchered for a mobile port, its Megaman X all over again.

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