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Its most likely not going to be the title.

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You have to use your imagination cause the game looks last gen, jaggies galore blurry textures list goes on and on.

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Games media in a nutshell. I mean they gave Skyward Sword and GTAIV 10s as well.

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Meh Zelda was going to get a 10 on name alone, its nostalgia goggles i mean they even gave Skyward Sword a 10. Reviewers aren't critical of Zelda games they over look obvious flaws like the game looking like a PS2 game or that framerate drops into the teens.

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Because its a zelda game and Reviewers cant be critical of Zelda games they over look obvious flaws because of nostalgia goggles.

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Zelda is the most overrated franchise off all time and its because the media gives it a free pass with every game.

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Yep a game with barely any content and shitty balance wins Game of the Year. Sure Dice but i mean is it really surprising when Failout 4 won last year over the far superior Witcher 3 and Bloodborne.

Overwatch is SJW bait hey lets turn Tracer lesbian without any reason or backstory.

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Its not a war its a massacre.

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Skyward Sword is a piece of shit its not even close to a master piece.

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Sony owns publishing rights of the first 3 Crash games. Apparently they fully own CTR(best kart racer) and i think they also own publishing rights for Bash. There is a reason 1,2,3 have never appeared on other consoles/PC.

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That 5 is such bullshit letting a rookie review a AAA game and it shows the review doesn't touch on combat and instead only whines about the story aka bad review.

Metacritic needs to look into these sites that are like 2+ points below the metacritic average.

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5 is reservered for unfinished buggy games not for something like Horizon. Caty Mcarthey sucks at her job.

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Haha talk about a pointless trip. XB1 is dead everywhere outside of the US and UK. Japanese devs benefit more from the attention that Sony gives these games during PSX and social media then the copies these games would sell on XB1.

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gotta be a real pos to do that or maybe mom found out junior used her creditcard to make a donation.

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Sony is killing it so far in 2017. So apparently boost mode has already fixed AC:unity and Just Cause 3 and showing significant improvement in Novigrad/swamp for Witcher 3 and runs Rainbow Six at 60+FPS.

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