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Ivy still thicc glad they didnt listen to deranged loons that wanted a breast reduction.

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Probably less canceled games and Lionhead would still be around.

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Nintendo fans really are a "special" bunch of people.

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Game now takes place 100% on the boat they listened to out feedback.

Man that soundtrack will be amazing.

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Does not surprise me.

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Rather see them leaving the industry not destroy it. Industry doesn't need MS in it.

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lol like you are any better nintendo dick sucker.

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Its just another overrated Nintendo game that doesnt get judged the same as other games otherwise its horrid/simplistic combat alone would have put it at a 8.5.

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Not a chance.

Playstation does well worldwide
Xbox does well in the US and UK
Switch does well in the US and Japan

Switch is tracking below the 3DS in Japan and that's the market where its strongest and 3DS has already been passed by the PS4.

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game is overrated and its flaws get a free pass cause its Nintendo.

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Probably has to do with the Switch being so underpowered that they have to make it look like a launch PS3 game.

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Japans relevance in the industry is becoming smaller each year so yeah nobody gives a shit about media create when PS4 does 3 times as much as Switch in Europe and 2 times in the US for November.

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In the US its 430K for November.

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the X sold 430K.

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Actually PS4 did above 1.6MIl while the XB1X sold around 1.3mil that is domination.

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that's why the S was 10$ cheaper and couldn't out sell it.

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Yeah not happening keep begging tho its the onyl thing you nintentards do.

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Or the game is just trash which is more likely.

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Not a chance Switch hype will die soon and it will top out at 70mil or something while PS4 will sell 100+.

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Nope the content is barely worth it and most of it is cosmetic also the game still has massive balance issues. It wasnt goty in 2016 and nits not in 2017.

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