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Not a chance Switch hype will die soon and it will top out at 70mil or something while PS4 will sell 100+.

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Nope the content is barely worth it and most of it is cosmetic also the game still has massive balance issues. It wasnt goty in 2016 and nits not in 2017.

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wtf you on about first year of PS4 is tracking ahead of Switch get your facts straight you moron. Nintendo games get a free pass by the media especially mario and zelda games.

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Lol Japan barely matters these days Europe is way more important also its barely outselling PS4 in the US. While PS4 is absolutely dominating Switch in Europe.

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go suck a dick nintendo cuck.

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The Japanese market is dead nobody fucking cares about it.

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Lol Kionic you are such a loser.

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lol what an idiot

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Edge overrates another Mario game more news at 11

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Yeah they aren't beating the PS4 so its the best they can do.

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Lol 2 ports and Arms(fucking lol garbage tier game) and Splatoon 2(babies first shooter)

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Sure unimpressive whatever you say dumbass.

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So much salt must be rough having nothing to play with how mediocre XB1 is.

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