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Or you can have a console with actual games so you buy a PS4. Instead of the Dustbox.

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Ah ye highest rated game cause it gets the Zelda bump anyone not wearing nostalgia goggles knows this game isnt more then a 9.

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Diablo 2 - 6/10 WHAT!?

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Yeah wouldn't want those 10 people to boycot your game...

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A lot of interesting and different games in that video gimme that 2D mech game.

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What a joke. this gets a 9.5 while Horizon got a 7 shows how much this guy knows about games. Hope the EA cheque was worth it.

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Yeah its the zelda bump. Even a trashy game like Phantom Hour Glass has a 9 all because its Zelda. BOTW is not a 97 it suffers from.

-Weak GFX
-A barren open world
-Terrible boss fights
-Terrible real dungeons(not shrines)
-Inventory management is trash
-Melee combat is very shallow
-Enemies become very easy after a few hours(outside of Lynels)
-Horrible story/ending
-Terrible voice acting

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He triggered GAF so hard and now all of them are giving each other hand jobs in the thread on a job well done. So much for the tolerant left either you are with us or we will destroy you. All over a dumb joke my god everything is sexist these days i bet if a comedian made the joke nobody would bitch about it, or if he made a joke about white men.

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Seems like Jimmy boy lost his nostalgia goggles and actually reviewed the game and looked at its faults. Unlike the rest that just go hey its zelda 10/10.

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its a standalone game. If you do have the season pass tho before this was announced you get the game for free as compensation.

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I never say this for any game but please DLC. Also i want a Kojima Guerilla colaboration where Kojima and his team design a robot that gets in the game.

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They published the individual retailer list. It seems to be doing much better then people expected.

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Also seems to be doing rly well in Japan and might sell 150K+ units there in the first week its tracking above Zelda.

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This was obvious from the start. At E3 the reviewers already made up their mind to give this a 10 cause hey its Zelda.

I like that certain reviewers deducted points from Horizon for bad human AI but then Zelda gets a free pass on this cause every enemy in the game is dumb as shit like you can just throw bombs at em from above and they stand still and do nothing, hell you can stand in front of em and do this and they will stand still and take it. Where other franchises get ...

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Nintendo: Turn off all your other devices including your phone u use for voice chat.
Me: Sure...

This thing is so rushed to the market its hilarious.

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Zelda was always gonna review high even if it was straight up dog shit(Phantom Hourglass) the AI in this game looks fucking crap like no enemy has proper AI the world is empty the story is shit and the GFX look early PS3 and it still runs like shit. But its Zelda! 10/10 ignore every flaw and give it a 10.

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Pretty much zelda always gets a free pass from the media how else does a piece of shit like phantom hourglass get a 90.

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