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Only works for none PS+ members, found all 64 clues got a cod for a 14 days trial sub. Doesnt work with my existing sub.

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Lol Baby park is just way too crazy, so i agree.

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Most obvious guess is MGSV Phantom Pain.

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They aren't in the correct ballpark, they have never been. 20% over tracking/under tracking certain numbers isn't the correct ballpark. When amateurs on here/GAF and other sites with no "methods of estimation" are more correct then vgchartz, what does that say about vgchartz?

Speaking the truth about fake numbers isn't trolling. We ban other sites who make up fake rumours with no source, why should VGchartz be any different?

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DK mountain from double dash. Would certainly make me consider getting a WiiU before X and Smash. MK8 itself is already making it harder and harder to hold off the purchase.

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"An estimate is a judgement of a size, value, amount, cost, etc., which is based on incomplete information."

VGchartz bases their predictions on nothing they have no retail sources to back up their "estimates" Its just numbers they pulled out of their own ass. It shows every month, there was no way their "estimate" would have been off by 150K if they had the numbers from Gamestop(owns 30% of the market)

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Huh? but the reviews are already out.

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Pushmo world trailer tells me this list is fake the game already came out, no need to show a trailer for a game thats been out for a week. You dont see them showing a trailer for MK8.

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His name is dudebro ofcourse he is a xbox fanboy.

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All booths no games /s

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Bethesda community manager has already said the unannounced Bethesda game is Battlecry.

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Nope. Its like what 271 on Amazon best sellers. Its not just about the price its also about the mindshare,

Microsoft is losing in their strongest markets while Playstation kept theirs(mainland Europe) and took over the UK and US.

Price isn't gonna change anything, its now just a weaker PS4 that runs games worse then the PS4 for the same price.

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Biggest news seems to be that Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley(UC2 and TLOU) will be leading Uncharted 4. After Hennigs and Richmonds departure.

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I dont agree with that. I think God of War 2 is still the best game and had the best gameplay in the franchise. Ghost of Sparta isn't far behind, and had the best story and gave an insight to Kratos as a person, unlike 2 where he is just a raging beast.

I trust RAD because Ghost of Sparta was an amazing game. The director/writer/lead gameplay designer(Dana Jan) of that game is now the director of Order 1886. The director/writer(Ru weerasuriya) of Chains and creative dire...

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They need clappers for when Yusuf Medhi comes on stage:P

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I would just wait till windows 9 that should be out around 2015.

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Please be excited! In videoform.

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His gifs/webms are pretty much the best in production value.

I think in some way he is sanctioned by Sony to do these teases, he never gives away leaks its always just teases. Unlike CBOAT or ntkrnl who just drop leaks with extremely detailed descriptions of a game.

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Demonite loves to send GAF on a scavenger hunt and most of the time GAF is unsuccessful in completing it. Few months back he said nobody solved the E3 2013 countdown puzzle/scavenger hunt.

Lets hope we are more on the money this time.

Still think the fact he managed to give away the project title for Project Beast in 2013, by saying "It a whole nother beast" Was pretty damn hilarious.

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