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The ship creator is so good.

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Loved Deadnation.

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The new patch is fantastic.

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Who is dumb enough to use chartz as a reliable source. GTFO with that garbage site.

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Patchbox One.

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Pretty much. You can taste the salt coming off the article.

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Crytek isn't even worth a purchase its a bloated company of 800 people, with 0 valuable IP's(besides Timesplitters) and an engine that's a nice show horse, but barely gets licensed compared to UE4.

All the publishers will wait for Crytek to fall apart and pick up some of the pieces.

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Man you xbox fanboys are desperate to find bad news for Playstation, that you even dig up 6 month old user blogs. I thought the most popular console based on facebook likes article was desperate but this is even worse.

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That petition is one of the saddest things i have seen.

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More like some Japanese publishers wanna go bankrupt supporting a DOA console.

Atleast Namco learned their lesson with the Tales franchise. Xbox killed Star Ocean because of its abyssmal sales.

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Lol Sony showed 1 tv show, Microsoft had their entire unveiling be about TV and sports. The rest of Sony's E3 was about games they had the most at the presser and the most on the show floor plus Morpheus.

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Yeah dont forget popfiction. Just so many great shows and people who work there. Extremely sad to see this happen. Glad Kyle is safe but all the other folks like Justin Speer,Ryan Stevens and Daniel Kayser have been let go:(

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I do cry everytime when i see Aerith die:(

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"Not with Halo MC Collection they won't. Not to mention Gears of War, Crackdown, and Phantom Dust. Xbox One is games, games, games."

What!? a remaster of old games + games slated for 2016 will prevent the PS4 from widening the gap even more? Thats funny.

The gap is going to keep growing, even if Microsoft manages to do 50/50 in the US, which i doubt very much. Because Europe is pretty much Playstation nation at this point Germany wants nothing ...

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NO! Daniel Kayser gone,Rohan Rivas and Ryan Stevens:(

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Axiom Verge in my veins! Guy worked like 7 years on it before Sony gave him a pub fund, and now he can work on it fulltime.

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I think Namco would have thrown a fit, with them releasing Dark Souls II and all. So it was pulled from TGS 2013. Seems like the most obvious reason to me.

Now that Dark Souls II is out of the way they don't have to worry about stealing the limelight from it.

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More then likely because its not ready to be shown to the public, just look at the footage it has low fps and screen tearing. Showing something like that E3 is not a good idea.

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Game already looks so much better at E3, and they still have almost a year left. 2015 is looking to be an insane year.

Edit:Yeah i saw.

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Well guess that's trailer where the leaked footage came from. Amazing how much better the E3 build looks.

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