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Shouldn't you have something of a receipt? If i pay with Paypal i always get a receipt from both Sony and Paypal.

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Yes just like Pixel junk shooter ultimate.

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Dragons Crown in my veins!

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Much sales much impressed.

See EA that's how you brag about sales of a new IP.

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WTF kind of retard are you? I have nothing against the US i have something against the cable companies in your country.

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I am so glad i dont live in the us with all these terrible providers.

Seriously 89,99 for 150MBP´s i pay less then half for the same thing.

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Stupidest thing Sony has ever done at E3! Honest to god whoever thought that was a good idea should have been fired. Sony was lucky that Microsoft´s conference managed to be worse.

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I would be happy if the new format didn't include sales figures or lenghty motion control demo's.

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The trailer also shows either Watch Dogs or a new IP at the 18 second mark.

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I thought you had to pay wow but free yeah they are confident they dont want people walking out disastisfied for sure.

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Megatons incoming. You have to be pretty confident to rent out 40 movie theatres for a press conference.

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That ending. "Hey your name isnt Alan" "Well gotta go"

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dupe account troll needs a ban.

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[email protected] backfiring and devs instead just signing with Sony. Who could have seen that coming...

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Yeah nothing is doing hot. Console and handheld gaming is dying and sadly mobile is on the rise.

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It wasnt underage enough.

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Thats stupid in this case though, because this is the only unnanounced game they have for this year. So having that at E3 would have been a smarter thing to do. Do they really want their E3 conference to be filled with 2015-2016 TBA titles?

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EA is running one hell of a leaky ship. Now just leak the Battlefront 3 gameplay, and i dont have to watch your press conference.

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Short answer no. Longer answer i dont see how Microsoft has changed anything they are now on the same price point while still being the far weaker console of the 2. I dont call announcing boxart and a release date in anyway something big. So no nothing has changed and signs show there is very little demand for the diskinect sku.

Furthermore Sony has exclusive marketing deals with 2 of the biggest new ips of the year. As much as we like to deny it multiplatform games sell cons...

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So Nintendo wants a slice of the pie from people that advertise their games for free? Sound more like they want to control the Youtubers if anything.

Sounds like greed to me, unless Nintendo only takes 10-20% but i doubt that very much.

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