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Seems like the unprecedented partnership with Microsoft went away as fast as with Nintendo.

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Toy Story 3 also looks amazing:P

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They just started the concept phase no way that's gonna be shown, i don't think they even show a CG trailer.

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Its something they do just so the streams cant be missed by people its a smart move.

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battlefront or gtfo!

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Trying to rebrand perhaps?

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6 months or sooner and it will be on PS4.

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Its a dick move i will make sure i buy it second hand if i buy it same for Dragon Age.

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No third party dev would be that stupid, with PS4 having a 4 million lead.

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Soon they will be given away with happy meals.

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Because the competition burned me. DayZ is pretty much dead my friends don't play it anymore because there are almost zero updates and the most basic things from the mod are still not in this version.

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For one it isnt a buggy mess actually looks like a playable game, the player count is much higher and graphicly it just looks better.

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Already looks better then DayZ.

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Haha funny! Oh wait he starred in a show Sony produced its called Breaking Bad.

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He can act better then that. Bitch!

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Funny thing is, the Galactus hack isn't the worst. Its actually the alt costume of Magneto that can cause them legal trouble, with the Spanish royal family.

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Chris G,Philipino Champ and Justin Wong vs Galactus. Lets make it happen for Evo 2014.

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The unprecedented partnership with Microsoft didn't last very long.

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No Persona 5! Go eat a duck.

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