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Because the competition burned me. DayZ is pretty much dead my friends don't play it anymore because there are almost zero updates and the most basic things from the mod are still not in this version.

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For one it isnt a buggy mess actually looks like a playable game, the player count is much higher and graphicly it just looks better.

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Already looks better then DayZ.

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Haha funny! Oh wait he starred in a show Sony produced its called Breaking Bad.

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He can act better then that. Bitch!

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Funny thing is, the Galactus hack isn't the worst. Its actually the alt costume of Magneto that can cause them legal trouble, with the Spanish royal family.

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Chris G,Philipino Champ and Justin Wong vs Galactus. Lets make it happen for Evo 2014.

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The unprecedented partnership with Microsoft didn't last very long.

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No Persona 5! Go eat a duck.

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It was pretty easy had to skim through the video 3 times to get all 54 clues.

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Only works for none PS+ members, found all 64 clues got a cod for a 14 days trial sub. Doesnt work with my existing sub.

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Lol Baby park is just way too crazy, so i agree.

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Most obvious guess is MGSV Phantom Pain.

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They aren't in the correct ballpark, they have never been. 20% over tracking/under tracking certain numbers isn't the correct ballpark. When amateurs on here/GAF and other sites with no "methods of estimation" are more correct then vgchartz, what does that say about vgchartz?

Speaking the truth about fake numbers isn't trolling. We ban other sites who make up fake rumours with no source, why should VGchartz be any different?

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DK mountain from double dash. Would certainly make me consider getting a WiiU before X and Smash. MK8 itself is already making it harder and harder to hold off the purchase.

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"An estimate is a judgement of a size, value, amount, cost, etc., which is based on incomplete information."

VGchartz bases their predictions on nothing they have no retail sources to back up their "estimates" Its just numbers they pulled out of their own ass. It shows every month, there was no way their "estimate" would have been off by 150K if they had the numbers from Gamestop(owns 30% of the market)

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Huh? but the reviews are already out.

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Pushmo world trailer tells me this list is fake the game already came out, no need to show a trailer for a game thats been out for a week. You dont see them showing a trailer for MK8.

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