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From what i heard on GAF they are saying its a limited edition poster.

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Only one that seemed ready was Ubi so far.

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The conference was still in the concept stage. Sometimes its just better to show nothing this was one of those times.

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Same here. But damn does Assasins Creed have like the best music to go with their trailers this everybody wants to rule the world cover of Lorde is amazing.

Best trailer music so far going between AC and MGSV with Nuclear from Mike Oldfield.

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The cover of everybody wants to rule the world was the best part. Not like the butchering they just did of Eye of the tiger.

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Everything was a concept.

"Hey here is Battlefront 3, but you aint getting that you are getting cinematic Fifer and Sims 4"

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Im still pissed that that Battlefront teaser. Adam Boyes strutting on stage for Hardline was pretty boss.

EA the concept conference i thought they would put Amy Hennig on stage who would show concept art on a napkin.

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Microsoft conference was CGI,multiplats and oh look we love indies too. Then a big finger to the Conker fans "We just fired most of Rare so go make your own damn Conker!"

Sony show beast,Uncharted 4 and some new IP's and you beat Microsoft.

Rumor going by Giantbomb that No man's Sky will be at a press conference most likely Sony's

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The unprecedented partnership with Microsoft lasted less then a year.

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Seems like the unprecedented partnership with Microsoft went away as fast as with Nintendo.

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Toy Story 3 also looks amazing:P

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They just started the concept phase no way that's gonna be shown, i don't think they even show a CG trailer.

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Its something they do just so the streams cant be missed by people its a smart move.

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battlefront or gtfo!

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Trying to rebrand perhaps?

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6 months or sooner and it will be on PS4.

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Its a dick move i will make sure i buy it second hand if i buy it same for Dragon Age.

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No third party dev would be that stupid, with PS4 having a 4 million lead.

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Soon they will be given away with happy meals.

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