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Bleep off Sony this is straight up BS.

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Cancel Scalebound. No wait that's what they shouldn't do.

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Somebody keeps fucking up at Microsoft. They have not launched a single successful new IP this entire generation and Halo 5 and Gears 4 have not sold as well as their predecessors then they have all the new IP's that just fell on their face. People really think Scorpio is going to do shit when the entire game publishing side of things seems extremely mismanaged.

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Man Microsoft aint having a good gen, besides getting destroyed by Sony they cant seem to get a new IP off the ground.

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Mydiet everyone did till they let SJW mods/lunatics run the place and ban everyone who doesn't agree with their SJW agenda. GAF has been dropping on the Alexa charts since atleast July going from 2000 to 2600. Place has become an echo chamber and everyone that disagrees gets a swift ban.

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Oh my god is that true? Stay losing Microsoft.

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Oh you should see the SJW's on Neogaf. Now that is a site that has gone to complete shit.

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I see the port begger race is at it again. Even the community Manager from Atlus/Sega had to post a tweet saying Yakuza 0 and Persona 5 are not coming to Switch and PC cause he got so fed up with the begging. For a so called superior gamers they sure beg a lot for games from the inferior platforms.

Buy a PS4 and skip your 2 year GFX card upgrade.

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yeah a westernized garbage system that bores people to tears is much better.

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Looks so fucking superior to westernized garbage FXV. Leave it to Horii-san to stay true to his fans and the series. Same for Persona and i hope it shows in sales, while garbage like Valkyrie Azura bla and westernized garbage fantasy see worse sales then its previous iterations.

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Good hot garbage fantasy should never win.

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I doubt anyone can top what Guerilla gave on their first meeting, their base engine code in a box.

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overrated waifu shooter.

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What a sad industry when a content lacking gacha micro transaction waifu shooter wins goty. Best fucking esport you serious

Why not just give best esport to hearthstone so we can all laugh our ass off. Overwatch pro's are the people that cant make it big in CS GO,

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great job with the spoilers jackass.

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Trump wins the elections and Xbone S outsells the PS4 darkest timeline indeed.

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Oh wow Valve that took you long enough. Sorry to interrupt your daily business of making hats and gun skins.

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