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Lol so you don't support 343?

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Closed down within a year.

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Well they are trying very hard to get people to buy an Xbox One and its gonna be harder when Sony drops bombs tomorrow.

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That show got really dark.

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Before that. This was reported before black friday and christmas still has to come, its gonna do 18-20 million by end of the year.

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Well with the Xbox One abysmal sales numbers is there any reason to have a Japanese division? Most of the local projects can probably be managed from the US.

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You need to edit the article, he is being transferred to the US. Probably just killing the entire Japanese division and transferring as many to the US.

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So an hourly chart yes hourly and more anecdotal evidence is news?

I did read it its trash filled with anecdotal evidence. But hey didn't expect much from Jonathan leack anyway he is a hack.

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Lol a picture of a stack of PS4's is your evidence? This now qualifies as news on N4G dam this site has sunk low.

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Amazing game butchered for a mobile port, its Megaman X all over again.

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Except that Bloodborne was delayed till March.

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This. If it was February it would have been smarter.

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FFS people its Tidux, i could fart and it would have more "insider" knowledge then him, he makes stuff up as he goes along. Stop giving him attention.

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Its actually soon to reach 10 million it wasn't even 10 million:P

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True lets hope the reviews reflect this.

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Sounds like a typical Ubisoft Kiev port to me.

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*grabs popcorn*

Dis gon be gud.

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No guerilla Games panel could mean we get a teaser trailer for the new IP. Why else would they be there? They dont have a panel like SuckerPunch or Santa Monica plus i doubt they are there to show more Killzone.

Teaser trailer at PSX, gameplay reveal at E3. They did the same for TLOU teaser at VGA's, gameplay reveal at E3.

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Nick sucks!

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17 years and this is your new IP. It seems like Blizzard is all about just checking boxes these days and little originality.

Moba check
Cardgame check
team based fps like TF2 check

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