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Its not though its a mediocre fighter with no content.

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Meanwhile in the US Labo is tracking below expectations at Gamestop(biggest marketshare) and God of War is tracking 200% above expectations.

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Ofcourse they hired the guy who wanted the dumb timed exclusive deal for Tomb Raider.

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Edge has a bias towards Nintendo games thats why trash like Arms got a 9 while Tekken 7 got a 6.

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There is a reason people call it the Nintendo free pass just like Rockstar games get a pass.

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It will be lucky to hit a 80 on metacritic. We have heard countless rumours for ages now that the game is in trouble it went from launching with XoX to being MIA. After its terrible rereveal at E3 we have seen nothing of the game. I bet the only reason its still a thing is because Microsoft doesn't want to cancel yet another game.

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You need talent to make good games something none of Microsoft's studios have they all churn out boring games with MTX.

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Lol yeah im good EA. Its impressive how EA cant even make a good game with the Star Wars license for years they have been fumbling the ball. The only hope left is Respawn with the Stig Asmussen(god of War 3 director) team, action game.

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Because none of their studios come close to Sony's.

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Nope SE decided to launch it 3 days before Spider-man.should have picked August.

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Sixthaxis the joke.

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Its a handheld with a cheap dock that upscales it to 1080P. Just because nintendo fanboys believe Nintendos PR bs doesn't mean the rest does.

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PS4 gets new games. Hyping up a game from 2010 is just sad.

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