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Yeah they aren't beating the PS4 so its the best they can do.

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Lol 2 ports and Arms(fucking lol garbage tier game) and Splatoon 2(babies first shooter)

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Sure unimpressive whatever you say dumbass.

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So much salt must be rough having nothing to play with how mediocre XB1 is.

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Not even exclusive just timed.

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Dead box Sony ready to crush them tmr.

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Xbox one sales are wrong if EA's report is to be believed its 26.5.

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Again America are you kidding me.

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Oh man thats so good

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This is how you do a update, rest of the industry should learn from this.

This game was already polished to hell but they keep listening to the community and adding stuff and fixing minor things.


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What a rip off that hard mode could have been a free update its a damn stat bump. Dual Audio will atleast kill terrible English voice acting.

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It doesn't even have the best one listed, the Dragon Quest Heroes metal slime PS4 which was sadly Japan exclusive.

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PS4 is firmly at number 1 that will not change while Nintendo and Microsoft will be fighting for the number 2 spot.

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Way to botch your biggest role yet, to be fair all voice acting sucks in BOTW.

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Yeah i heard Sony is going to shutdown even though they exceeded profit expectations for this year and quarter.

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