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Kaplann has already said no Valentines or Easter event he could be lying but right now thats what has been said.

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Still think its stupid they chose this event over doing Valentines or Easter.

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Well i would like sub as much as i like "plot" i want to understand what my waifus are saying.

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Now if only they brought this to the west. Also PSVR is now saved.

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Sad. Seems to be the end of Final Fantasy as we know it bring on the mediocre combat and open world crap fest. If you want a quality JRPG buy Persona 5 or Dragonquest XI, both will be far better then westernized fantasy.

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Were you expecting any different? This thing is DOA to western publishers even Ubisoft just ported their old junk to it, here Rayman Legends a game that's 4 years old and Steep a game that's been in the bargain bin since release. Even the Japanese developers are absent you have Nagoshi(Yakuza,Sega) coming on the stage to say ye we know the switch exists. Capcom's effort is a 8 year old port of a 20 year old game that has 2 new sprite colors for 40$, they couldnt even be bothered t...

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Yeah lol will this outsell one of the biggest bomba consoles in history call me when it out sells the gamecube and N64. This thing is gonna bomb and do a tiny bit better then the WiiU like maybe 17-20mil in its life time.

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Yeah this thing is already robbery at 300$ at 600$ its a full on robbing the bank, what a joke.

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No sorry the dock comes with it, i meant if you want a second one or if it breaks or something its 90$ to replace it while it probably costs Nintendo 10$ to make it.

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Your saying you don't want to play a game where you milk a cow and then look somebody in the eyes while doing it?

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Nintendo is run by a bunch of old farts that are stuck in the past.
-The age of waggle/motion controls is done outside of maybe VR, let it go.
-The casual crowd has moved on to smart phones Nintendo nobody is going to buy a 300$ Switch to play 1,2 Switch, like they did for Wii sports(which was packed in)
-You cant be serious with requiring a phone to voice chat and do other basic social online functionality.
-You cant charge for online you are not Microsoft...

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Man this is embarrassing for a site to be called techgeeks to not care about the tech/specs.

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No way.

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Oh man 300$ and a subscription for Nintendo bork online network and you get to loan a nes or snes game for a month. WHAHAHAHAHA

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Same day on WiiU so no need to buy a switch, thx Nintendo.

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Well no other studios are getting gutted according to the article update, the only damn bright spot of this MM is safe for now

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Bleep off Sony this is straight up BS.

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Cancel Scalebound. No wait that's what they shouldn't do.

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Somebody keeps fucking up at Microsoft. They have not launched a single successful new IP this entire generation and Halo 5 and Gears 4 have not sold as well as their predecessors then they have all the new IP's that just fell on their face. People really think Scorpio is going to do shit when the entire game publishing side of things seems extremely mismanaged.

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