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This is ridiculous.

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Hypocrite Spencer talking out his ass again.

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Which is Playstation. PS4 is easier to dev for then XB1 and a niche powerful console wont change that.

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When your closest competitor is outselling you 2:1 it kinda is.

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And no games to play have fun neon playing your specced up xbox with no games.

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Sorry too busy playing games enjoy your Halo Wars 2 in 4K. WHAHAHAHA

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Or you can have a console with actual games so you buy a PS4. Instead of the Dustbox.

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Ah ye highest rated game cause it gets the Zelda bump anyone not wearing nostalgia goggles knows this game isnt more then a 9.

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Diablo 2 - 6/10 WHAT!?

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Yeah wouldn't want those 10 people to boycot your game...

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A lot of interesting and different games in that video gimme that 2D mech game.

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What a joke. this gets a 9.5 while Horizon got a 7 shows how much this guy knows about games. Hope the EA cheque was worth it.

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Yeah its the zelda bump. Even a trashy game like Phantom Hour Glass has a 9 all because its Zelda. BOTW is not a 97 it suffers from.

-Weak GFX
-A barren open world
-Terrible boss fights
-Terrible real dungeons(not shrines)
-Inventory management is trash
-Melee combat is very shallow
-Enemies become very easy after a few hours(outside of Lynels)
-Horrible story/ending
-Terrible voice acting

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He triggered GAF so hard and now all of them are giving each other hand jobs in the thread on a job well done. So much for the tolerant left either you are with us or we will destroy you. All over a dumb joke my god everything is sexist these days i bet if a comedian made the joke nobody would bitch about it, or if he made a joke about white men.

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Seems like Jimmy boy lost his nostalgia goggles and actually reviewed the game and looked at its faults. Unlike the rest that just go hey its zelda 10/10.

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its a standalone game. If you do have the season pass tho before this was announced you get the game for free as compensation.

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