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He posted the key and somebody already got castlevania running on his cfw so he is lying his ass off. This dumbass needs to face the consequences. He stole the privacy key then distributed it and used it to sign software without the license to do so.

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I really dont want to hear about trolling from a 2 week old account.

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This is the chewbacca defense

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The only thing that can save Geonotz is the Chewbacca defense.

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Ahh so thats how the penis levels came to be all makes sense now. J/K

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We need this as much as

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Its all about the homebrew brah! /S

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Well if you call games like fighters uncaged strong then yes the line up is strong.

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Bububububububububububububububu bubububububububut the homebrew, evil corporations dont want us to put homebrew on their consoles. We do not condone piracy, but the chance of it happening is 100%. But we are not to blame for that we just wanted to open up the platform for every so called expert. So they can use it to make crappy homebrew games and also to play games from the 80's and 90's. Who are they kidding.

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I actually thought it was a good idea and whats wrong with it if it doesnt effect content or gameplay.

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"that should never be spoken."

Yet you did very smart move.

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Still wish they had a mixed room online for move and dualshock players just to see who would be better. Especially with 2 players who are the top with the move or dualshock.

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I dont get why you would want to develop homebrew games for ps3 when you got a pc with a broader audience and a platform thats much more open. So again homebrew games are a cheap excuse for hacking. Geonotz and failoverflow should have let it alone nobody i know was begging for homebrew and still isnt.

Woohoo emulators its like im back in the early 90's. i can understand emulators on the psp and DS. But on ps3 makes no sense when you have a pc meters away from your ps3 wh...

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Even better both are classics IMO.

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Cant go wrong with uncharted 2 to start your ps3 adventure.

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Cant Sony owns the Demons souls IP.


Its sad when i look at the Ip's they own and do nothing with like Legend of the Dragoon and Alundra we need some more quality JRPGS .

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Nope thats fromsoftware with scamco[Namco] publishing it.

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It just got into my head but where is the damn duckhunt dog in this list.

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Half of those are not iconic in my eyes. How its missing the headcrab sound or the headcrab zombie sound is beyond me that sound has scared me shitless so many times *shudders* Ravenholm. better list in my opinion.

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How do trolls like you get the right to publish stories, the mods are really asleep.

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