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I was gonna buy the pc version but now im buying ps3. Woohoo free pc game and i thought they couldnt trump last years 14 day holiday sale.

Also this could be a big step for a sony and valve partnership on ps3.

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FF13 yes nof aith in that FF13VS on the other hand looks amazing and being made by Nomura who hasnt made a horrible game yet.

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Probably passing it was stupid of THQ to release this in march IMO.

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FF13VS or gtfo.

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Looks very good they should focus getting this game finished instead of working on ff13-1.5

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The only thing i care about is vs13. After that they can hold all the closed theater bullshit they want, cause the rest of Se's titles are subpar and mediocre. Level 5,Atlus and Nis have long surpassed them in fun and challenging jrpgs.

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wow 7 exclusives in 4months.

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Maybe they would have if he didnt publish the privacy key and just kept it to himself but no the basterd decided to publish em on the internet.

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So you think the software inside the ps3 belongs to the consumer and they should be able to alter it and distribute it? You know how stupid it sounds to defend this way of thinking right? The problem in it all is that he didnt keep it to himself and published copyrighted software like the privacy key on the internet.

His custom firmware is also illegal its not new code its just firmware 3.55 modified a little.
It still has the same look as the ...

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Yep the only good thing are the Japanese game subtitles. Why doesnt namco just subtitle the game like sega did for Yakuza 3, and release the game over psn that way the costs arent high and the fans are happy.

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Are we still gonna say the ps3 just got hacked for homebrew? When all the stuff posted so far has been about cheating,emulators and piracy.

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This is the mentalitity of a alot of hackers. If i can hack it, its mine and i dont care who suffers for it.

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I doubt the production costs of 3ds games are as high as lets say GT5 and GTA4.

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Not really seeing as its also on pc.

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You should really check other sites for once.

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I wouldnt mind if they made a play create share rpgmaker.

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Wow is sony just gonna launch a AAA title every month? March is gonna be a big month for games.

Dragon age 2
Yakuza 4
Playstation move heroes
Crysis 2
Fear 3(not sure about that)
The tomb raider trilogy.
Fight night championship.

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I dont understand half of what you are saying.

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