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Only buying Killzone 3 helghast edition. Bulletstorm demo was a big dissapointment and ill pick up neptune when its 30-25 euro. Plus march is packed with games i want like Yakuza 4 and DA2.

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Anyone that would reccomend magicka?

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Little kid: DELETE THIS!

Funny Dude:Hello


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Not just suckerpunch the whole gaming media including naughty dog are saying it looks amazing.

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Five Xbox 360 Exclusives That Would Blow You Away visually away in 2011. If uncharted 3,killzone 3,Infamous 2,Motorstorm apocolypse and TLG do not get released in 2011.

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So you just clicked both the reviews of two worlds and bionic commando 2 to say that? Sad troll has a sad life.

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When you walk to gamestop hope ya get hit by a bus:D

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Now please explain this in english.

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Halo:reach is probably the worst fps i played in 2010 its so basic that goes for both single and multiplayer.

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Hell if you cant cheat at real poker then hack virtual poker makes sense.

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This is the duke nukem forever of localizations.

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Weapon Wheel<3 bitches and damn big improvement on gfx.

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Wahhahaa they slam all the stuff that actually works for fps. Then break out the camera that doesnt do 1 to 1, or is accurate. What a joke.

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Crappy 50% complete games are whats damaging the industry. If you make a good creative game people will buy it LBp2,heavy rain perfect example's.

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Now with new and improved hacker douchebag detector.

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NGP for me especially if sony has uncharted NGP and Killzone or another mayor playstation exclusive. What would be a dream for me is, David Jaffe is making a NGP version of the new twisted metal and it could be possible with all the tech demos they showed.

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Still have a sealed copy of Sotc and secret of mana.

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What a shit site. Comparing something as console hacking to the holocaust now thats mature.

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NGP= Nintendo Got Powned.

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Cod on the go means this will be a seller.

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