Eating your cookies
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First decent episode of 2011.

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Piracy is always wrong dipshit.

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All i hear is blablabla i like to pirate blablabla i like to play 20 year old games on my HD console blablabla.

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Two Worlds III:Shit just got real.

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That could be considered racist.

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Wardevil is back and still noone cares.

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Ye lets not mention LBP,God of war,killzone,Uncharted,motorst orm,twisted metal,resistance,infamous

Cause those have nothing on the 3 you mentioned lol go troll somewhere else.

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"And I’m a personification of freedom for all"

This guy needs to look up the definition of freedom.

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Not old this is a new one.

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No wonder i dont trust reviews anymore when they get flown in for these type of game preview events.

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Big win for Sony.

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They better have the SC2 Zerg expansion and Diablo 3 ready by 2012.

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Killzone 3 Rules suck it cod of broke pos.

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Totally buying in march i got move and this looks like a good game.

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Arkham asylum didnt even beat uncharted 2 what makes ya think arkham city will.

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What features pirating games and playing 20year old games. Those are some damn awesome features...

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Great game its sad universal sold the IP to Sierra. Christoph and Evan are doing a amazing job, ever since Gavin and Rubin left. Dont know if the studio would be where it is right now without them.

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Jason Statham and Terry Crews the basement virgins wouldnt know what hit them.

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KaKaRoTo and Grafchokesondick(Im a dumbass cause i threatend a multi billion dollar company) are hopefully both going down. Inb4 omg its their console they can do what they want with it.

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