Eating your cookies
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I have never played a socom game in my life yeah shame on me, but can the gameplay be compared to the rainbow six series?

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Hey microsoft had to get the money for timed exclusive games and dlc from some where.

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6!? maps that just takes the cake.

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For some it is for some it aint. For me it just doesnt offer enough you have dance central and thats it IMO. When microsoft releases some games aimed for the core i might become a bit more intrested.

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I cant judge havent played both. I have played killzone 3 though and its a superb game thats getting alot of biased reviews. They added so much variety i especially loved the beach level. Multiplayer is great allthough i wish i had a little more health and there are some class balancing issues. Operations is by far one of the best multiplayer modes i have played in a while, and the cinematic cutscenes give it a fresh feel. Downside to operations is that it only has 3 maps i wish GG would have...

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I would have loved a multiplayer if it didnt take away from the single player like naughty dog did. A stellar multiplayer and superb singleplayer. Hell it would have been awesome if your buddy was Nix or cloe like a co-op mode.

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I was rooting for the Helghast. The day GG lets us play the side of the Helghast in campaign is the day killzone is complete for me.

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This right here is the epitome of nitpicking. Ive seen worse cutscene bugs in me2,fallout 3 and new vegas.

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1 less then blops cause i aint ever gonna buy another call of duty game.

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It can be watched on gametrailers just a little later then the show airs.

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I love killzone 3 so far and wonder where the abysmal story is that reviewers keep talking about cause the cutscenes are very good. Stahl is a great villain

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The story isnt bad compared to other fpses and it has some great cutscenes. Any reviewer who gives this a 8.5 or lower has his own little agenda and thats just bashing and nitpicking on a franchise that made game journalist look like a bunch of fools.

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Hehe i pass ed their studios yesterday when i was in Amsterdam. These guys deserve it. I guess sony is very pleased with the first party they have ND,media molecule and guerilla all got a new studio in a year.

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Worst troll attempt ever go back in your cave.

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5/6 hour campaign with no replay value no multiplayer or coop is a 5/5 nowadays wow.

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I alrdy donated to sony with my Killzone 3 helghast edition+Sharpshooter.

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They should have just made Persona 5 for ps3 instead of this fanservice. With all these advertisements you would think its a hentai game only thing missing is the little girl getting tentacle raped.

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/facepalm your a joke when you try to compare those things to a little kid that thinks MINE!

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I can only say this.

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So its still stealing.

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