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I agree tactician is important but the problem is half of who play them dont go and capture spawn points.

Im not asking for multi turret just increase 1 of these 3.

1.Firerate or damage done
3.AI:Some matches i injure somebody bad but the turret still cant finish him off and even gets blown up by the same guy now thats a joke.

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Make the engineer not suck monkey balls please. Cause the turret is pretty much useless except for the rocket. Then you added the hacking ability which is useless cause you cant have multiple turrets and you need to get close to the enemy turret try doing that its really fun.

Right now warzone is

40% snipers(campers)
40% Tactician
20% other classes

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The punk latex chick next door.

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Stahl has the same voice actor(Malcolm McDowell) as dedalus (gow3)

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Yet killzone still had a better campaign story then 80% of the other shooters including classics like.

MARIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !(Gears 2)
The vault is a tarp(Borderlands)
Nazi's stole the cake and i want it back(Every world war 2 game)
Every call of duty after 4 or made by treyarch

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*facepalms then slams his head into the wall* I thought the article about how the new unreal engine was running on 360 was gonan be the dumbest article of the day im proven wrong once again.

Whats next 10 360 titles that will rape ps3 fans mom and eat the cake while shooting the dog.

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They shouldve made it a animated series instead of this thing. Felicia day just makes this so much worse.

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Ill wait till its 20 on summer steam sales maybe ven earlier.

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I bet he left because of Gman.

Gman:blablabla Mr Baily

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Its the Hiphopgamer sh... wait a second something isnt right here.

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Chloe for dat ass

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Activision ruined my childhood games why did universal ever sell crash and spyro.

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Ye or more along the lines of NINTENDO TEH DOOMEZ AGAINST ANGRY BIRDS!

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Wow killzone 3 just got booted off my screen for this baby even though the helghast hazmat is pretty cool too.

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Pc version for me the console demo felt like a half assed hack and slash just smash X till another attack becomes availble.

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Ye rrrraaaggggggeeeeeeeqqqqqquuui iiiiiittttttt!!!!!!

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Hey you got lbp in my infamous 2!

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SONY MAKE THEM FIRST PARTY! Its gonna be the clash of the titans for best ps3 game uncharted 3 vs Infamous 2.

@Disagreer ye another talented dev would be bad for the rest but good for the playstation nation.

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This is how vgchartz gets their numbers.

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*Picks up a torch* Wtf i should march down to their office and demand operations dlc!

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