Eating your cookies
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Lack of playstation developers in this list is weird.

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But everyone knew it was just for crappy homebrew games /s

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I bought em in this order PS3,Gaming pc,Ds,360 and wii. I play my ps3 and pc the most, and after that the wii for its exclusives. My 360 hasnt been touched since reach and fable 3 and probably wont be till gears 3 is released, atleast my dad(52) is still playing on it.

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Simple the hacking in my eyes wouldnt have been such a problem, if Geonotz hadnt made the privacy key public. The funny thing after he made the key public he has the nerf to ask for a job. Sony should also prosecute the member of failoverflow who reside in Europe and other continents.

Who are they kidding with the we dont condone piracy they knew this was like the number 1 reason for cfw. You dont see me giving a gun to a lunatic and say well i dont condone violence, its call...

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Whats the level cap btw?

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Great move from SOE. I remember playing aion and they didnt add servers for 3 weeks which made the line to get in on the server last 2 hours.

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This has nothing to do with freedom of speech this is copyright infringement. No mouth involved Geohotz ran his mouth and now he has fucked himself.

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Cant wait.

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Gumtrol thats the worst excuse for pirating i have seen yet. That includes the sob stories of how games are to expensive in their country.

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Ps3 is a closed platform and the only one's who can sign software are the people who have a license. He doesnt have it so this would count as copyright infringement and fraud.

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Gerard Butler for Nathan drake! THIS IS UNCHARTED!

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I think sony can win this one. He stole and distributed sony's private root key. Also everyone saying but iphone jailbreaking is legal so that would make it legal on ps3. Big difference is iphone is a open platform ps3 isnt only publishers,developers and sony themselves have the right to sign code for the ps3.

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Yeah cause you pay for the stuff sony adds to PSN. Ive seen you in other articles with some mexican both supporting piracy

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So the battle has begun.

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E8400 duo core im gonna upgrade to a 2500k soon maybe even 2600 or 2600k.

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Cpu is probably holding me back its alrdy bottlenecking my HD6870.

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143 against 0 xbox games.

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Maybe you shouldve started gaming before this gen.

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Would be so genius if all the ps3s that have been hacked just stopped working after the next patch. I bet all those hackers would say no its not fair its my console yeah but the software isnt yours.

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