Eating your cookies
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I got a hard achievement right here. High five!

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They went from topnotch pc developer to mediocre multiplatform developer.

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More lore destroying mmo's yay! Just like blizzard destroyed the warcraft lore.

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If they make like game packs for pc,360 and ps3 and the profit goes to the victims in Japan yeah then sure. I just bought the total war pack(Sega) on steam i think that counts and buying Yakuza 4 soon.

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Ken Kutaragi slapped some bitch hackers.

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I wouldnt be surprised if The last guardian is gonna slip in to 2012 with everything thats going on in Japan now. Hope they get back on their feet fast.

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Cant wait for the beta. Haters gonna hate.

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He cant change his name it was already greatness.

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Bought the total war pack all games including shogun 2 for only 65 euro. I wuv steam

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Bought it together with the whole collection what a amazing deal on steam.

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Next gen xbox is called kinectbox.

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Missing Chrono Trigger.

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Wow you mock something your a clone off /golfclap

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Looks like soe is keeping their word with monthly content updates. The more raids they release the more people can do so thats cool.

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Charlie Sheen:Winning.

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Guess that what you do when your a 360 fanboy now. Is be happy when a game looks 5% better on 360 then on ps3 and throw a party when 360 outsells ps3 in north america cause there aint no exclusives to play.

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One day, you're thinking only Sega and Nintendo are capable of building quality, successful gaming hardware. The next, you wake up to find that Microsoft is building a video games console.

Ahh no mention of sony i see what you did there Kotaku.

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I like the warhammer dawn of war universe allot so i hope its a succes.

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If its wow type combat they can gtfo.

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