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This is gonna be the most returned christmas present of 2010.

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Lol what you guys get the microsoft bribe first?

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Everyone who is gonna buy kinect will be flailing more then a magikarp.

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Does scott shelby have to choke a bitch!

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Uncharted 3 teaser for sure,Resistance 3 gameplay, first batman AC gameplay. Hopefully the unveiling of a killzone 3s 4 player coop mode.

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Ever thought people actually disagree with them because they are ignorant trolls like yourself who add nothing to the discussion. Except provoking ps3 owners and saying kinect will be bigger then sliced bread. Yes i disagree with someone who says this will be bigger then the wii deal with it or leave.

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Your on crack cause unlike the wii kinect doesnt work.

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Nope we have jobs unlike those guys who stood in line and people like omega4,wat634.

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You can but these guys never figured it out.

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So if these guys are standing in line who is serving burgers at burger king and mcdonalds?

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Pretty much the entertainment division is on the chopping block atm and kinect will determine if we will see a new xbox.

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You 360 fangirls get more delusional every year its becoming sad to see.

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Think your confusing microsoft with sony its microsoft who suddenly sold more then they shipped now thats impressive.

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I know right who needs games like infamous2,lbp2,socom 4,TLG,GT5,KZ3 and motorstorm AP when you have a 500million ad campaign kinect shovelware and gears 3 for next year /S

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The rest can pack their bags cause Kratos is taking the title this year. Ps3 games are in a league of their own and nothing can touch them. The only games that could beat it are either ME2 or GT5.

The second opinion is also a 10 no other game has gotten that gen so you just know nothing will even come close this year.

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Everyone knows ps3 it also does goty 2010. Only 12 days for the people in europe. Trilogy edition here i come.

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Needs to be made into a top20 cause 5 games just dont cut it there was so much. In my opinion dragonquest 8 was better then FFX.

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Inb4sh!tstorm. This is gonna get ugly real fast.

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Game looks good havent bought anything in the horror genre since Siren blood curse. And seeing as remedy made max payne its sure to be good.

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