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I don't really care if they take their time because just like the leap of generations with Oblivion from Morrowind, hopefully Fallout 4 will be a true next-gen game.

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He has some points because many RPG elements were taken out that were in Morrowind. Both, however, improved in general despite the level scaling issue, but vanilla Oblivion had much more depth than Skyrim. The DLC was also terribly mediocre in Skyrim.

I feel they could have made Skyrim so much better... now the modding community will slowly get the game to where it needs to be, which will take years, similar to Oblivion. It wouldn't be a fair comparison to bring up overha...

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Oblivion is the better game.

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A console is essentially a closed-platform PC, so I don't see how it would go anywhere if regular PC gaming is doing fine.

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There's no way that's for gaming... the only way I can think of spending 13,000 dollars on a PC would be something like a server where most of the cost is eat up by the multicore CPU and HDD's.

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The website seems too in depth to be hoax, especially after watching this video:

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Anyone know the comparison to the max amount of PSN/XBL concurrent users?

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The Steam Machine was not solely created to compete with the console market (only partially so). Instead, Valve created it, along with the SteamOS, to completely sever Microsoft's ties with the PC gaming market. Think about it; Microsoft's only connection to the PC market is through Windows. If this grasp is taken (even if it's slight), Valve will exert a permanent influence on the entire PC market (not just gaming, but software too).

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Why do people talk as if PS4 and Xbone are different from PC's? They are just low-mid end PC's. The only difference is that game developers, especially 1st party, are extremely talented and are able to optimize games far better. I guarantee nearly every single time you compare multiplatform game on PC to the consoles, PC will win every time.

Optimization is the only difference, high end PC's will always have more power, I didn't even know this was a debate, ra...

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In all seriousness, you want to know what could really happen? Microsoft may be all about the consumer now that no one has bought their console. However, In two years, who knows what will transpire.

I'm sure according to their EULA, they can change any features at any time. That means they could do a random firmware update after the Xbox One's launch that mandates you to have an internet connection every 24-hours and gets rid of used games. Their excuse could again be...

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This is a huge win for gamers.

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How is it Sony learned from their past mistakes, yet Microsoft is doing the exact same or even worse things than Sony in 2006?

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I'm just going to go ahead and say the Xbox 360 controller already has a built in headphones/mic jack...

*raises disagree shield*

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So true.

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That proves the site is only out for hits and ad money.

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Wait, the Xbox One won't work if it isn't connected to the Kinect?

If that's the case then I don't know what to say.

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WOW I just realized MS PR is failing big time.

Edit: Oh,since you're the grammar Nazi, did I properly use the word "fail?"

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I think people should be careful to say the Xbox One is finished. You forget the people following gaming news are in the minority. Most of the people who will buy the Xbox One will be casual gamers who do no research on it.

Also keep in mind the fact that we really won't know how well a console will work until it comes out, and in the years after that things can still change.

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Too high, for that price you could build a good gaming PC.

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