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My own custom avatar and wallpaper would be great all the stuff in the PSN store sucks.

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The ability to add my own backgroud picture and avatar photo.

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I am just glad to see this game is coming to the PS4. Another game to add to my library to play

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My XB1 is not even a year old and already it is a collectors item. Trading in the old console is pointless Gamestop is just going to lowball the console trade in price. I would rather keep my current console and then buy Scorpio when the price is right . I'll just wait until the bugs are all worked out with Scorpio.

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As much as I love Ocarina of Time my favourite Zelda games have to be Twilight Princess and a Link to the Past. As for Ocarina of Time being the greatest thats up for debate every fan of a certain series is going to say this one game is the greatest of all time. Whether its Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect or the Tales series just to name a few titles for an example.

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Hopefully there is a new Dynasty Warriors Gundam game coming soon

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I like Resident Evil 4 I have the GameCube and PS2 versions but 5&6 were a meh good thing I rented those two at the time.

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The game needs a sequel it is a very good game.

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Thats awsome the console looks a lot like the Atari Jaguar lol

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Bring on the PS4 slim just waiting for it.

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No money not a Destiny fan.

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I pay yearly for something that always goes down and has problems. You think with all that money the network generates with the yearly subscription you'd think Sony would fix the issues.

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I actually agree why should I be double charged for a game I already own and for a digital version I probably own on PS3. What PS2 games on PS4 equals trophies and the games to look better. I was happy when I heard PS2 games on PS4 and I thought it would be disc based games nope just Sony adding trophies and HD graphics and making people rebuy the games they already own. And honestly PSnow is a joke I gotta pay a rental fee to play a PS3 game I already own.

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Free to play lol your for real right? No game is ever free to play with microtransactions and pop ups telling you to purchase a certain item that will make the game better. Even free to play on the consoles has microtransactions developers have to make the cash to pay the people who develop the game.

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No one cared when Nick Fury was made black no one really grumbled when the Human Torch was made black in the new Fantastic Foru movie. People grumbled a little when Annie went from white to black for the remake a few years back. Who really cares as long as the game has a great story and great gameplay I'm all for it. If people are that pissed about it then don't buy the game easy as that.

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I thought the game was great and I cannot wait for a sequel to it.

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Still my favorite Zelda game right up there woth Ocarina of Time and Majora's mask

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She is full of more hot air then a friggin hot air balloon and I'm not even American. I think her as a President America will become a three ring circus plus she is boring. And you invite her to a frat party pretty much everyone will leave because she sucks the fun out of the party like a vampire.

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I'll take the Master Chief looking guy over the little yellow dwarf from Lord of the Rings there. personally I like the cover to the new Doom game.

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This would be great if they did it best news all week First console was a Sega Master System and ot still works lol.

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