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Just need Saints Row 1&2 now they're the best ones

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I would rather pay the $460 for the console that plays other games then pay EA $9.99 a month to play a sports game I might play once a month. EA games are mainly a miss with me I don't buy them only EA game that has peaked my interest is Anthem. Not a Star Wars fan not a WW1 shooter fan not a sports title fan maybe the odd hockey game Titanfall 2 was alright so I am happy with my console that plays other games and it was a great $460 investment.

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One of my favorite animes as a game I will get it for sure if it comes to NA.

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I really love this game and I hope LA Noire 2 is in the works also

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Days Gone and Detroit have me interested

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Wow really shoving Sanders in your face plus he looks like a potato head.

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I already have Gundam Versus, Blue Reflection, and Y's already preordered now I just gotta wait for the game.

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Shame the game was short I actually really enjoyed this game like previous Uncharted titles. I admit I never liked Nadine or Chloe but these two women meshed really nicely in this game. And I hope Uncharted 5 features these two again I would buy it for sure.

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Sure wish they would HD remaster Shenmue 1&2.. That way it introduces people to this great game Shenmue 3 and people can understand then story and I am sure sales of the HD remaster can help fund more production of Shenmue 3. Come on Sega I know you can remaster the classic Shenmues SquareEnix remastered FFX.

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Hopefully its just Andromeda that gets dropped and not Mass Effect itself.

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I predict by 2019 this game will hit the PS4 and that's if Microsoft signed a 1 year timed exclusive with the game like they did with Tomb Raider. Shitty part is when this game hits the PS4 it will be full price unlike the XB1 version thats been out for a year.

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Personally I would take an XB1X bundle with the Shadows of War myself. Me seeing a bundle with Minecraft I would not buy I have no kids I tried Minecraft and I thought it was boring. Personally it isn't hard to release two bundles Microsoft has done it before with the 360. You want to show off the true power of the XB1X Shadows of War will do that not whacking a tree and digging a hole.

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From a business point of view yes pump the game as much as you can on other platforms.

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I love Tales from the Borderlands and the intro plus the music they did for episode 4 was great. I think this game is way better then the Game of Thrones one they did. The Game of Thrones one I found was boring and had to force myself to play. Hopefully Tales from the Borderlands Season 2 happens I really want to play the sequel.

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All I really want is Borderlands 3, Bioshock 4, Mafia 4, and them to prove the rumour going around yes LA Noire remaster is coming out even better an actual sequel to the game.

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As it stands Microsoft needs the titles as a key selling point for the console Halo, Forza, Gears are some decent titles but you need to also bring new games into the line up to space out sequels. Relying on the same titles over and over again do tend to get boring after a while. I was looking forward to Scalebound and then poof its canned I was really pissed. I do play my Xbone but not as much as my PS4 some days I even regret grabbing the Xbone but there are a few titles that Microsoft dabb...

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They're ghosts ffs what's next the game gets banned in North America because people think the ghost represent the KKK people get so offended easily now a days.

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There's a lot worse on tv the Cammy's outfit.

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Custom backgrounds was great idea now using an custom avatar would also be nice now

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Hopefully Shenmue 1&2 make that list of games being backwars compatiable.

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