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I wonder if it's possible to do a couples match up on 2K15. Daniel & Brie vs. Cena & Nikki. #2
Has a Borderlands 2 art style to it. But I agree they're beating the stranded on a island zombie thing to death. #2
Always room for another racing simulator. Looking forward to see how this stacks up to Forza. #2
They need to reinvent the series to keep it going. This looks really cool. #1.1
Curious to see if this game will generate the buzz (and the clones) as Flappy Bird did. #1
I liked Dead Island series. Never checked out the Sacred series but this one looks like it's worth a look. Curious to see what they've done. #1
Love the art style of this game. #1
I watch this show and agree. Take your time with the game. It could be very cool. I can see Telltale Games doing this. #1
It would be goof to focus on some of the other characters like the Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Batman and Spperman have been done to death. #2
I hope they don't scale back the action in lieu of a better story. A little late for character development no? #1
I had a chance to play it recently and it's just as fun as I remembered it! #3
There's no question that it will look better for PC. Not a major difference just the images look sharper. #5
First fable game I'm excited about since it's first release. #1
I like the Golden Tea bag award. Looking forward to checking out Gun Monkeys on the console. Big fan of Worms and Bomberman. #25
My guess is Ra's Al Ghul or Hush. #1.1
Really looking forward to this, the last game was pretty good. This one looks amazing. #2
Looking forward to this game. Especially after watching this interview. #2
I would be a great loss to the gaming industry if Crytek UK goes under. Hopefully Homefront: Revolution comes out and does well. #2
Drooling, a very big fan of Forza Motorsports. Looking forward to this game. #3
This looks like it could be a very good game. I really like that they've finally incorporated Multiplayer into the game. It's a no brainer. #6
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