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Really looking forward to this, the last game was pretty good. This one looks amazing. #2
Looking forward to this game. Especially after watching this interview. #2
I would be a great loss to the gaming industry if Crytek UK goes under. Hopefully Homefront: Revolution comes out and does well. #2
Drooling, a very big fan of Forza Motorsports. Looking forward to this game. #3
This looks like it could be a very good game. I really like that they've finally incorporated Multiplayer into the game. It's a no brainer. #6
I got an XBOX One just for this occasion. Really looking forward to playing Master Chief Collection, Halo Nightfall and Halo 5. #9
Looks cool, hopefully it's not a $60 game. #1
I luv the Blood & Guts in this game; always amazed at how they push the envelope with this franchise. #1
I'm saying games that allow or permit mods in competitive play is the reason why gaming on console suck. That's one of the main reasons you don't see cross platform competitive gaming too often. Ex. GOW mods ruin the online experience for truskill gamers. #2.3.2
It's not dead, if they can redo TombRaider they can redo Aliens. I was just thinking that it would be cool if they made a AVP game that had some gameplay elements from Gears of War. The stories from the franchise are great all they have to do is work on the gameplay. Maybe something from the Prometheus storyline after she finds the Engineers. #4
User mods is what makes games on consoles suck. #2.3
She does look dreamy and she's voiced some of my favorite female cartoon characters from Wonder woman to Harley Quinn. #4.1
This is the same argument the last generation of console systems. That's why they're consoles! to keep comparing them to PC's is ridiculous. PC Gamers love to point the finger at Consoles and call them antiquated. The next console should be made with nano-tech that assimilates new technology so we don't have to cycle every 3-5 years. #1
I can relate, as I'm on the other side of this as most games I play don't keep me engaged and playing is just a way to chill. It's either the same gameplay throughout every level or something I've seen before in my 20+ years of playing video games. Now it really comes down to the story. #4
I'm definitely going to check this out, would have missed this if not for this review! #1
I'm glad to see this game return. One of the best 2D side scrollers from NES days. #1
I really like this series. It's good to see women featured as protagonist in popular video games. #1
I played the beta and it looked very promising. I'm disappointed it fell short of expectations but these online games can be tough for developers to manage as it's hard to anticipate volume and unforeseen issues once it gets to the masses. I'm sure it will get better with the TV Series tied to it. #7
More like someone you don't want to mess with. #1.1
I like to see multiple game developers working together to bring us gamers more fun. #1
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