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Forced Unleashed and KOTOR are my two favorites. #2
If the experience is good, who cares about the length of time. #3
This is a good interview. I like the amount of care they put into remastering the Halo games. #1
She's amazing. She goes to a few gaming events. Luv Jani! #6
Seems like they've really taken fan feedback into account when creating this game. Hopefully it's just not lip service. #2
Three years is a long time to develop any game hopefully Sledgehammer exceeds expectations. #2
This game gives me butterflies. Something I haven't felt for this series in some time. #2
If this franchise gets anymore advanced it will look like Destiny. #2
This game reminds me of World of Tanks with a lot more detail. #2
Cool interview. You get a feel for how far the game has come. #1
Long awaited update. #1
Looking forward to this game. #1
Looking forward to this game it looks amazing. #1
Runescape finally gets a much needed facelift. #1
Yes, I agree. The Watchdogs mobile app was a very good companion to the game. #1.1
DC & Lego seems like the perfect combination. #2
I love the Avatar series and looking forward to checking out this animated series and the game. #2
I've always admired how they try to incorporate historically accurate events into the game. #2
I was thinking the exact same thing. #1.1
Seems a bit rehearsed but I'm looking forward to how this game differentiates itself from World of Tanks. Not a fan of WOT. #1.1
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