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Got hands on today and was impressed. I'm glad Nintendo is expanding their horizons with their AAA titles. #4
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Would have been cool if they answered these questions in their video game personas. #2
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This was in development for quite sometime. Looking forward to playing this. #3
Definitely on the play list for the season. Can't wait to play this. #2
I like the way they keep innovating with this game. Looking forward to checking it out via mobile. #2
Curious to see how this measures up against the others. #1.1
Looking forward to this. Hopefully they push the bar a few levels for the genre. It could use some innovation. #6
WOW, a perfect score?! This game does look cool and incorporates some really nice gameplay mechanics. Move over Metroid. #1
Looking forward to this especially with the 3D board integration and online coop play. #1
Game looks like a cross between Crackdown and Infamous. Seems like the same engine used for FUSE with some tweaks and added gameplay components. #1
Hopefully they got all the bugs out and it's not as buggy as 2K14. #1
This game looks awesome. #1
I like the spin on Rogue. Playing as a templar should be fun. #1
I wonder if it's possible to do a couples match up on 2K15. Daniel & Brie vs. Cena & Nikki. #2
Has a Borderlands 2 art style to it. But I agree they're beating the stranded on a island zombie thing to death. #2
Always room for another racing simulator. Looking forward to see how this stacks up to Forza. #2
They need to reinvent the series to keep it going. This looks really cool. #1.1
Curious to see if this game will generate the buzz (and the clones) as Flappy Bird did. #1
I liked Dead Island series. Never checked out the Sacred series but this one looks like it's worth a look. Curious to see what they've done. #1
Love the art style of this game. #1
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