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Anybody else GUTTED you play as a big daddy? seems like an awful idea.. #58
On paper the PS3 is "stronger"

Free online

better PSN games (imo, as apose to XBL games)


but in practise, id much rather game on my Xbox 360 :) #50
^^ How am i "bashing" the PS3?

if anything id say im "bashing" Killzone 2

you tool. #29.2
Warhawk.. ah memories

warhawk was such an amazing game for me, among COD4/COD WaW i cant think of a better online experience #33
Killzone 2 claimed to do the same

i guess thats why i stopped playing KZ2 3 days after release..

and still play COD4/COD WaW.. #29
Meh... #5
Wow seriously

consipiracy NUT

And this is coming from someone who 100% KNOWS that 9/11 was an inside job #17
Got all except crappy NGII :) #10
See the guys at trey. are smart ;)

they gave some incentive to complete the single player, zombie mode. :D #10
Well Duh! #19
Also its posted on playstation forums with no actual link to anything and if it really had been said it would have been on N4G long before some guy posted a forum thread and then THAT became the news item..

It could happen.. but i find it hard to believe, if so im p*ssed

i just, I MEAN JUST AS IN DAYS AGO, sold my PS3 versions of:

GTA IV, COD4, COD WaW, Fallout 3 to get the superior versions on xbox 360.. #68
Wow guys... come on

no game dev worth there life would ever say that, they all have to say "all versions run and look identical"

besides, infinity ward sold way more cod4 copies on 360, and coudnt even be bothered adding a rumble patch let alone trophy patch for COD4, so why the PS3 love all of a sudden? #65
haha stfu! crank 1 was awesome man #2.3
Hmm.. i have it on my rent list.. #28
Just as ghost-mutation

i was about to say, Wtf? "japan" has gone too far? who do i see about getting a brick to throw at the moron who wrote this.. #57
Who cares if it "could" be done

it wont be :)

so the best graphics seen in a console game so fa....

ah screw it i cba yeh lets face it guys killzone 2 is meh.. graphics are good but imho cod4 looks better.. #81
Haha fail!

i just recently traded in - GTA IV, COD4, COD WaW, Fallout 3 (ps3 versions) and used both credit and vouchers to get them all again on the Xbox 360 without having to spend any money :D

GTA IV, just for the lost and damned

COD4, COD WaW, lets face it the online is much better on XBL and i plan to get modern warefare 2 on 360 so i kinda want them all on one console.

And fallout 3 for the much improved graphics and overall pe... #5
i have a healthy collection of about 14, including Dark Knight and of course the amazing planet earth. #11
^^ Yeah and they really could do something amazing with it

like avatars for EVERY exclusive game..

hell if they whacked them on the PSN store for a few bucks people would even buy them, but sometimes i just want to walk up to one of them fellows at SCE, slap them on the head and say


¬___¬ #40.2
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