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Sad isn't it.... Apparently you can make a game of a guy taking a shit, as long as it's 1080/60p then it's considered a game of the year contender.

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Good luck making all these kiddies understand this, I've been saying this since resolution became the hot topic for every game.

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Once again a site doing a comparison based on horribly compressed and varying screenshots.

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Always love when websites use horribly compressed online videos for graphical comparisons. Not only that but LiveLeak does some crazy compressing compared to other video sites, so again this is not a fair comparison at all.

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I was just about to post this also, how come every NON-Sony and every general interest news site that has posted the numbers make NO MENTION of Second Son. So how exactly is it a top selling anything if it doesn't even make a top 10 list?

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I'm sure this magazine has better and more informative content than many of the crappy "gaming" sites like HipHopGamer and Dualshockers.

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This is like saying it's going to be hot in July. Anyone can come up with these "rumors"

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STOP MAKING "JOURNALIST" THE STORY! Arguing on twitter occurs in EVERY INDUSTRY this is why game journalism is a joke, journalist are NEVER supposed to be the story.

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Another BS article from a BS site. The "sources" only confirm one thing a new Star Wars game is being created. THERE IS NOTHING IN THAT about it being like Uncharted. Pull any current game development job opening posting, I'm sure it says the same thing "We want someone who can be innovative and make an amazing looking game"

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So sad. Saw this a couple years back at E3 and it was truly amazing, great story line idea and just amazing visuals.

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A) this looks crappy graphics wise, B) the company builds simulator's for training. That was the point of this project, they built this virtual representation of the ship so sailors could walk through virtually and learn the basics of running the ship. It appears they don't make "games" but real world training sims.

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Just think an Avengers game with all the characters that is similar to Arkham would be amazing!

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720p, 1080i and 1080p are all standards. Anything 720p and above is HD. Also the vast majority of your TV signals are 720p with some at 1080i. So saying 1080p is common standard isn't really true.

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Once the dust settles we'll see there is really no difference and that the PS4 version is't as smooth due to the higher resolution.

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I remember the PS3 promising wonderful 1080p and yet the vast majority were 720p with a horrid upscaler. I have no faith in Sony delivering 100% 1080p in all games.

Next for those saying 1080p is superior technically it is, but I'll bet money if you were shown the same thing on a TV side by side you'd never know the difference.

Next those who say XB1 is $100 more for 720p games, no just some games will be 720p and using a resolution difference on the ...

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Once again people who obviously don't work in the real world trying to make an issue out OF NOTHING just because it's the "GAME INDUSTRY" every work has some sort of "CRUNCH TIME" this is nothing special in video game development. I'm in a crunch time to launch a new system at work. We are here extra hours extra days working out bugs and getting things ready for launch. It's called deadlines people. Stop treating video game development like this fairy tale ...

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The guy was a total dick and she was just stupid.

In the states its LAW that retailers need to check a valid ID for a persons age for all M rated games. Not to mention the fact he needs to verify it is his pre-order. So coming in with a stupid business card is a dick move.

That being said she is stupid to have allowed the issue to escalate to that level. When he could produce ID she should have told him to leave and come back with an ID and left it at that. I...

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Now if only we could remove the pre installed junk

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This is my thoughts on the subject, WHO CARES. "Journalist" should stop making stories about NON SUBJECTS and perhaps focus on these things called THE GAMES. Enough with this crap already. This is why I can't stand websites like Polygon they need to make news ABOUT THEMSELVES. Get over it already. The first lesson in journalism, YOU ARE NOT THE STORY.

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I won't lie, at some point I'll have both consoles. But the fact is the exclusives on the XB1 are much more appealing to me personally. And I'd rather play 3rd party games over Xbox Live then PSN. Not to mention the XB1 controller is so much more comfortable and new rumble is much better. But at the same time there are 4-5 games that I'll want the PS4, Uncharted, Killzone, God of War.... but again there are many more XB1 titles I want more then those.

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