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Freespace and Planescape Torment, for sure! I absolutely LOVED those games! #12.1
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Sounds like the archaic sexaphobic ramblings of a "Teabagger" to me. In other words, ignore ALL natural instincts and ONLY engage in sexual acts under the banner of marriage and for the pure sanctity of reproduction. Sorry to burst your bubble bud, but it's 2012 and those leanings don't necessarily fit within the societal construct any longer. #1.2.8
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Did I also mention that trolling is unproductive as well? #5.1
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I've put about 35+ hours into the game thus far, and yet despite all the moaning and groaning from the PC community, this game plays as flawlessly as it did on the Xbox 360/PS3 - granted, IF you've installed the resolution fix and IF you have an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller to utilize for your PC gaming experience. I have not attempted to play this game with a mouse/keyboard combo, so I cannot speak for it there, but nor would I want to. I've played all of the AC games, The Witcher... #4
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Same here. While the game was fun for the first 15-20 hours alone, I found it became quite droll shortly thereafter. But like you said, I've had the game preordered for a few months now and I'm hoping to find a bit more substance this time around. Only thing is, I wish Gearbox would allow PC players to play online with console players. I'm one of the only people out of all of my friends and family that actually has a capable PC rig, and therefore, I always miss out.. :/ Anyone els... #1.1.1
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I don't agree with your low score at all. However, I will say that save for a few frustrating parts in the game, I was head over heels for Metro 2033. The PC version looked stunning and played just fine for me, as well. I cannot WAIT for Metro 2034, and I've been following its development with baited breath, especially with all of the negative news concerning THQ's financial standings. #1.1.1
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I say Human Head take their game elsewhere. I understand they are beholden to their contract and ownership of the IP itself, but who says they can't do what they had intended to do under a new brand and name? Lord knows, the Kickstarter community would eat this up and tbh, we'd probably see a game far surpassing that of what Prey 2 could have been.

We support you, Human Head, and will stand by you and the development of a future game based off of Prey 2. Do not allow... #14
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I snatched up an unopened copy about 9 years ago while I was working for EB Games for just a penny after it become discontinued and we were removing it from inventory. Ever since, it's sat on my shelf collecting dust, but its hand drawn graphics have always intrigued me even though I don't generally seek out fighting games to play. Although, I've allowed the equally bizarre Guilty Gear games to scratch that occasional itch over the years. But from the review/comments, I take it Jo... #3
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Have both and haven't touched either to play a game in nearly 6 months, except to stream Netflix or watch movies/tv shows. PC is and has been my primary platform for years now. I have nothing against consoles either as I grew up playing nothing but - all the way back to the Atari, Commodore 64 and Sega MS.. it's just that if I can play the game on PC, I do. And if it means waiting another 6 months to a year for a port, I will.

And not to make this a discussion about P... #34.1
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Exactly. It definitely cannot be the worst. Capcom's Dead Rising 2 holds that honor as it was downright abysmal in every single aspect. Now, I have not yet played the PC version of DS yet, but I can't imagine it's as bad as Dead Rising 2. #27.1
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The decline and subsequent languishment of Rare, has single-handedly become synonymous as one of THE most unfortunate ends of an era in videogame history, only, without a definitive line drawn in the sand as to when and how that end actually occurred. I blame both parties; Microsoft and Rare, equally for losing faith in one another and for persisting gnawing doubts within the foundations of one another.

Rare was once one of the few and proud independent developers that churne... #66
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I'm just glad we actually GET a PC version in the first place and that it's not some half-assed port. I've played all the other AC games on the PC w/ the wireless xbox controller and they've all looked and played great. #6
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That and Metro 2034: Last Light. Can't WAIT for the next installment! #1.1
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Three studios off the bat that I believe would do the games justice: Irrational, Remedy, or Visceral Studios.

Only thing is, Irrational is entrenched within the development of Bioshock Infinite and Visceral with Dead Space 3 right now. Remedy is most likely working on something, although, correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think they've announced their next project to the public quite yet. #5
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I don't mean to be a stick in the mud, and I'm sure I'm not the only person to say this, but is THIS what the end of this generation has come down to? HD collections? If so, it is a HUGE disappointment... I like to see my favorite older games get a new coat and polish just like the next guy, but what about original IPs anymore? Both Sony and Microsoft have A LOT of work ahead of them, imo. #44
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These guys drag their feet more than a zombie apocalypse! I appreciate the work that they've been doing, but c'mon... just do what we're all thinking - RELEASE it! #5
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Do you guys remember the first Sin? And no, I'm not talking about the Source Engine reboot that was tried several years ago. I'm referencing the original Sin released back in 1998. So, do you? Well if so, that is how Syndicate plays and feels on the PC, at least, and we are in 2012 - 14 years since Sin saw release. The problem is that I actually found Sin to be incredibly entertaining and fun to play back when it came out. The same cannot be said for my hyphenated three hour experienc... #2
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Why do these "analysis" articles always get so much attention? Who cares. Just wait for the game to come out and then you'll confirm what you already know, or don't, when you get the chance to play the actual game for yourself. #17
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Oh boy... if the downfall of Rare, Bizarre Creations, FASA Studios, and Ensemble Studios, to name a few, is any indication of the way Microsoft handles its acquisitions, then I'm afraid at the thought of the possibility. Even if it is only rumor. Not to mention that MS purchasing Activision/Blizzard could completely, imo, create a monopoly in a sense, that could potentially be negative for the industry as a whole.

We're at a tipping point here. Almost in the same way... #28
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I felt mostly that way about D3 until I arrived at Act 4... now I'm already feeling as if I have to force myself to finish the game, and it's only my first play-through. Act 4 is unimaginative and monotonous at best, and feels almost like a tacked-on afterthought compared to the previous three acts. I'm sure I'll get flamed for those comments, but it's just my opinion.

And when drops provide 99% junk and/or items that my character cannot ever use, my inter... #2.2
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