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One word, one number: Wasteland 2

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Blah, blah, blah...still, the same canned rhetoric pours forth from the mouths of those at Blizzard as it did from day one of Diablo III's release, and yet not much has changed. My opinion? If Blizzard couldn't get their act together over the course of 10+ years to develop a worthwhile sequel, I'm guessing that it's absolutely never going to happen, especially after the fact. It's what us realists call, "wishful thinking."

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My mistake, was thinking this was an official release from Beth. So disregard everything I said previously.

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Why there was not this much detail put into the dragons to begin with, is beyond me.. still, it's nice to see Bethesda supporting their game over a year after release. Regardless, the updated dragons add a nice bit of added detail and dimension to the game.

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What I'd REALLY like to see in a Legacy of Kain sequel is one that takes it back to its roots--stylized in a top-down view just like the very first Blood Omen game for the PS One and PC. That game still remains one of my most beloved games! I just don't feel that any other LoS games, with maybe the exception of Defiance, even came close to being as well rounded. Anyone else agree?

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Hey, it's either games or music that become scapegoats. Funny how the violent BS that gets played over and over on basic TV channels like ABC, NBC, FOX, etc. NEVER EVER get called into question. But the fact is, ppl will always look outward to place blame somewhere after experiencing any sort of unspeakable tragedy, instead of looking within and asking themselves what THEY could have done to have prevented said catastrophe.

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Don't understand all of the angst about this...the game will be on every other current gen system, including the PC platform.

Considering this is a "hardcore" game aimed at the "hardcore gamer" demographic, I would venture a guess that a vast majority, if not all of those gamers, already own either an Xbox, PS3, or PC, or a combination of those systems. So, do you really NEED it for the Wii U?

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That, and see release on the PC platform. I will be a very happy soul if that comes to pass!

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Yeah, really. C&C Generals 2? Sure, the first one was alright, but I wouldn't say it's "highly anticipated." The Elder Scrolls Online? Doubtful we'll see it in 2013. And what about Bioshock Infinite? No mention whatsoever.

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360 and PS3 copies both seemed fuzzy and had a ton of screen tearing going on.. However, low quality videos like this one are never a good representation of what to expect.

Having said that, I have been playing the game on the PC with all graphics settings set to ultra, and I can attest to the stunning beauty of the game on that particular platform. Still, Ubisoft needs to address the low quality, blurry backgrounds coupled with vegetation pop-in that people have been experie...

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Can anyone actually validate this? That link is not at all legit.

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Games are considered art, therefore the cover art should then be an outward representation and reflection of that art as a whole. It's as simple as that. And in this case, we believe it fails to do so.

We all know it's going to sell like hotcakes and that is not at all what is being discussed here. It's about holding Irrational Games to a higher standard b/c we know, as we've seen in their past works, that they are capable of so much more than what has been p...

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The Bioshock Infinite box art looks like bollocks and it's an important issue, so dagnabbit, leave us boxart enthusiasts alone!

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Anything to drum up fervor and hype!

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Is it just me, or does this game need a bit more grit? The lack of damage models on the characters sticks out like a soar thumb, and the textures seem just a bit too clean.

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Out of the indie titles I've played in 2012, Hotline Miami gets my vote. I have yet to play Mark of the Ninja, but I did purchase it recently during the Steam Black Friday sale for half off, and I'm looking forward to it.

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This "preview" wreaks of sensationalism. Although to be fair, it IS IGN, and that's what they do best--that and badly written reviews with overly-skewed scores.

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Too bad the Toki remake from Golgoth is not on the list.. I've been following it for a while and it looks to be shaping up beautifully.

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Any actual evidence to back up your assertion??

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Not a very optimistic outlook when the dev's are already stating they will jump ship if the game doesn't perform to their expectations in a six month time period. What happened to standing behind your product?? It's alright to have that thought, but don't state it publicly before your product has even seen the light of day.

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