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It really is great to see a new Sim City finally rearing its head in the light of day! Let us hope that this iteration is the best one in the series so far. #2
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Developers have to work around the hardware provided and the games created should be a reflection of the hardware and software working effortlessly in tandem with one another. In the past when developers were working with much more simplified systems & peripherals, if for whatever reason that symbiotic relationship could not be achieved, the flaws in the designs of the hardware would very quickly become apparent, and they would subsequently be phased out before the general populace could... #6
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Most likely payola. I'm sorry, but there cannot be THAT large of a discrepancy between the scores we've been seeing without a little bit of money involved. #11.1
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He's not saying that despite it being a bad game that he wishes it got more favorable review scores. He's simply stating that he was hoping for a better game, like a lot of us. Jeez, why don't you just calm down. #2.1.2
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Aside from what you said about playing the waiting game or just shelling out the money up front as the DLC releases, what I find most annoying is having to allow said games to take up hard drive space on my PC for months and months after I've completed them, just so I can play some extra content down the line that may or may not be worth it. And more often than not by the time some worthwhile DLC does see release, my attention has moved on to newer games and I have little to no desire to... #1.1
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The original Baldur's Gate games played nothing like the Dark Alliance games though. Dark Alliance games represent watered down versions of BG (imo) and were all about loot and co-op, whereas the originals were heavily mouse driven and focused on single player story, characters and actual RPG elements. #1.1
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Bobby Kotick must have stepped out of the sweat sh... I mean office, providing another employee at Activision with the opportunity to quick post such a msg to the fans. Please, there's not a humble bone in Bobby "Douchebag" Kotick's body, so it most certainly couldn't have been on his watch! #6
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Playing with that LCD-style controller looks like an ergonomic's nightmare... #5
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Dan Houser? Yeaahhh..his hype will be taken with a grain of salt. #4
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Found the game to play much like Borderlands. Without friends it quickly becomes monotonous and boring, even with the fun melee system. Although, it looks as if from the screenshots that they are putting much more emphasis on guns this time around? Will wait to see how this one does when it releases, as I have a feeling it is going to be more of the same. #3
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Dark Souls: Prepare to Die (PC) is my GOTY thus far, even after having played Dishonored and currently XCom. The depth, complexity, detail and sheer amount of content within that game was absolutely astounding! And the Artorias of the Abyss DLC was an incredible, and unexpected, addon packed to the absolute brim with a massive amount of content--all of which was incorporated seamlessly into the rest of the original DS game itself. Maddening at times, yes, but Artorias represents a brilliant a... #3
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My GOTY would be Dark Souls: Prepare to Die, as it released just a couple of months ago on PC. Although, runners-up for me are XCom and Hotline Miami. #1.4
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You can tell that Okami was a labor of love. Other than it feeling just slightly too long, it is an absolutely beautiful example of what can be achieved without blood and violence. Like the reviewer said, a true homage to our beloved games of the past. If you have never had the chance to play this, I would highly recommend you stop what you're doing right now, and pick this one up. #3
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Oh is it that some people disagreed with or just chose to ignore what the article stated in plain speak, as well as what GrahamGolden reiterated (that 2 of the 3 addons are story-based)? Are you Republican? Do you not "like" to acknowledge little things called "facts"? Or maybe, it's not that they lack the ability to read, it's that they lack the attention span to read past the first two sentences, but then gleefully jump on here to comment. #2.3.1
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*delete* #5
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First and foremost, a completely redesigned and aesthetically refined engine built from the ground up for next generation hardware, and with A LOT less bugs. Then again, it IS Bethesda...and hoping for something like that is like hoping Santa Claus is real - in other words, never gonna happen and you're only going to be met with the same disappointing result every time you start to think, "Well, maybe it's possible...". And even if or when Bethesda does decide its time to re... #4
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Man.. this game has quickly become Sony's Duke Nukem Forever. The amount of if's, and's and but's coming out of TLG's already lengthy development has been disconcerting, to say the least. #1.4
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@segamon - Oh really? So tell me. How do you think ideas go from just basic ideas to a fully realized game or TV show or movie? It's called a pitch, and they're made every single day in the business world no matter what industry you're in. And guess what? People actually invest their money in those ideas and dreams in hopes of getting their money back, but also mainly in hopes of paving the way for a successful new IP that would not have been possible otherwise. It's the same... #5.1.2
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@Summons75 - Perhaps Obsidian haven't been given the freedom in the past, constricted by the their publishers. It remains to be seen what they will be able to achieve without an overseer breathing down their necks, and that's why I helped fund their Kickstarter. Because yes, I do believe in them considering a large majority of their employees put out some of the greatest RPGs I've ever played (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape, Fallout 1&2, Arcanum, etc.), and I beli... #4.1.3
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The bugs may be attributed to the publishers rushing the games out the door. Although, perhaps the guys/gals at Obsidian are poor at managing their budgets, too--as that could be a possibility as well. We'll probably never know.

Had Alpha Protocol been given another 3-6 months of development time, it would have been an excellent game with excellent writing, but instead we got a mediocre one with excellent writing.

And as for the bugginess of New Vegas, I... #3.1.1
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