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If you can divert your attention away from the ongoing drama of the Kojima/Konami parting, just think for a moment: it would NOT surprise me in the least if Sony and/or Microsoft haven't already reached out to Kojima in some way, shape or form to try and woo him to their side. Only time will tell, but I have a feeling that his parting with Konami will only benefit us gamers.

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Wow... people have nothing better to do than start a petition to complain about a game delayed no more than three weeks? The game will be OUT before the petition has the opportunity to do a thing. Even if the time frame was greater, what purpose does it serve? In the end, you're getting an improved product. And for the most part, that's what the majority of people want; the others are the people signing this pointless petition.

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This group must be run by a bunch of 5 year olds... A. They plan to shutdown Xbox Live! "forever"?? -- C'mon. There's a reason why corporations have redundancies in place. B. Really? Out of ALL of the horrendous, money-grubbing corporations in existence -- Microsoft is your target?? Sure, ignore the atrocities carried out by the private para-military group Academi (formerly Blackwater) or Halliburton (facilitators of the steady destruction of Earth) or Sallie Mae (masters o...

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Wow @ Findingcrybabies - In other words, "give me EVERYTHING for free or ur gamez r SH*T!!! RAAAAAWWWRRR" ... Way to be entitled.

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This is Capcom getting down on their knees to give their once lofty fanbase a nice healthy dose of lip service before irreversibly slipping into the black hole of bankruptcy. Don't get me wrong, I love me some classic RE, but let's be honest here and acknowledge just what this REALLY is before we start pissing ourselves with excitement. This is a company that has gone from powerhouse studio/publisher to hollowed out shell of its former self in a matter of only 10 years, as it slowly c...

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That is what they do... ya know, cover all things related to modding.

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Yeah, Sony sort of shot themselves in the foot with the PS3's hardware/architecture. They touted that their cell tech would be the next gen of processing, but instead revealed itself to be incredibly cumbersome in terms of coding and in turn drove up development time, costs, etc. Now they're truly paying for it imo because, like you said, they'd have to create additional hardware to emulate the PS3s architecture, and we all know Sony hasn't the faintest interest in entertainin...

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Exactly, that would be nice! Problem is this: The PS3, an 8yr old system, is still too much to warrant purchasing new (@$100, I'd pick it up in an instant!), and the PS4 just doesn't have much content right now -- plain and simple -- to justify a $400 purchase. I'm the consumer that WANTS to purchase a system, but feels like I'm stuck in this weird grey area between the two systems. This grey area could evaporate if they allowed for BC -- either via disc or via digital downloa...

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It's noble of Sony to want to harken back to its nostalgic roots, but let's first open up the possibility of being able to play most of the PS3 library on the PS4 (without forcing ppl to re-buy all of their PS3 games through the PS Store) before we get all gung-ho for the former. And I dunno... some new and worthwhile content beyond remakes and rehashes to justify the purchase of a PS4. Just a thought.

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Ubisoft and other big box publishers/development studios are having to invest significantly more resources & financials as they create ever-increasingly complex titles... or at least that's what they believe. When in theory, costs should actually be falling due to better (and more reliable) technologies making way for ease of concept, design, development, and implementation. Never in the history of game development has there been such an influx of robust and accessible ready-made tool...

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Do you grasp how many PC hardware/software configurations exist out there? Add on the fact that the developer needs to test every combination of those configurations (which is impossible, btw) to ensure their game will run and function seamlessly on all types of platforms, and you have a VERY valid reason as to why some PC gamers experience a multitude of issues at times. Developers creating a game for say the PS4 or the Xbone, only need to optimize for that ONE set of hardware -- WAY easier ...

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I believe that is CD Projekt's intent here; not only to offer a broader scope of the world, but to actually create fresh and worthwhile content which presents real, satisfying value within the context of the Witcher narrative. Skyrim vanilla excelled at content, but 70% of its side-quests, if not more, ultimately looked like fat which could have easily been trimmed; only they were left intact because Bethesda thought fans couldn't tell the difference between size and value. I have 100...

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Forget arguing about resolutions and fps, there is one word that sets the two apart by a long shot: Modding. Something that still cannot yet be achieved on the PS4 or Xbone - so there's a HUGE difference between the two, as it stands right now. And that one aspect is reason enough to own a PC version of any almost any game, if you have the rig and capability to run said game(s).

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No other release will matter in 2014. ;) Okay...that won't be entirely true, but it will be very difficult to top what CD Projekt is bringing to the table with this one.

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So it's official! Microsoft finally admits (in a not-so-formal-fashion) that its half-assed, disingenuous odyssey to "revitalize" the PC Gaming platform has slowly and pathetically faded into obscurity. Fact is, MS has been racked with nothing but inner turmoil from day one of the original Xbox's release when looking toward creating two separate, yet viable gaming markets (PC & Console); and it has been crystal clear for quite some time just which side would win in that ...

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I'm're missing the point entirely.

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I found Far Cry 3 to be a much more substantive experience through and through. It relied heavily on repetition, but the combat/exploration felt much more organic and satisfying when compared to C3.

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This game is not deserving of such a high merit. It does *some* things well, but not all. I've since gone back to do a 2nd play-through, and even as dazzled as I am with its graphical aesthetics, it has still failed to suck me in. Something is just...missing. That's all I can ever think of while I'm playing..

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I just upgraded from an XFX HD5850 2GB (which I had for about 3 years) to the new MSI GTX770 Lightning, and it's been a massive breath of fresh air, to be honest. My next big purchase should probably be a newer monitor though, as I'm still running a 21" Samsung Syncmaster w/ a max resolution of 1680x1050 and DVI plug--no HDMI. However, I just heard that Samsung is releasing their new 4K monitors possibly next month, so I may wait until they do that and jump on it then...but then ...

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You know you also have the option of purchasing a GTX780 or a Titan. Both of which will provide you with better performance, if that's what you are finding disappointing in the 770.

For those that already own a 680, it's probably not worth the investment. But for others looking to upgrade from a much older card (mine being an XFX HD5850), it will be night and day--and that makes me a very happy man.

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