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Tried it for the first time last night. The good: game looks beautiful and it felt incredible (at first) to be back in a star wars fps (missing the Jedi Knight series immensely!).

The bad: frustrating, imbalanced, and overtly-chaotic gameplay creates an environment where aggravating insta-kills on spawn are frequent and far too common... this because the incredibly basic objectives aside, there's not much to do but run around the entire map like a maniac shooting at any ...

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Can't wait for this, but it's a week away and still can't find the physical edition with the Gwent cards for retail purchase/preorder... Kind of strange. Anyone know where this can be preordered (other than importing a UK copy from Game)??

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I think this has become a perpetual problem throughout the industry, but it's not specific to the games industry either... it happens in nearly every other entertainment market. We consumers hold out (for the best or worst), but we often give in to the hype because of marketing or opinions or gullibility or blind curiosity or all of the above. The blame also lies on entitled gamers though, too, because they have come to equate value with excess length/excess content over a well written st...

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Oddly enough, I managed to beat these guys on my first try. Took me a while and it was an incredibly tense battle, but alas, I survived. Took out Ornstein first which made things much, much easier. I think the most difficult boss battle throughout the entire game for me was actually Knight Artorias (even though he was part of the DLC content). Holy hell... took me probably a solid hour to put him down.

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That absolutely seems to be the case. Why can't these companies JUST.BE.BETTER.(?) and stop trying to gouge consumers for every red cent. Take CD ProjektRED for example -- A dev/publisher not without room for improvement, but one leading the pack and revolutionizing the industry simply because they still recognize the value in rewarding their consumer-base with a polished product, free quality content and frequent updates to their products; all the while maintaining an-ear-to-the-ground-a...

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Square/Enix is quickly positioning itself as a dev/publisher consumers should be wary about... first this announcement and then the 'Augment Your Preorder' bollocks with Deus Ex: MD. These guys are quickly turning into the next EA Games ... AND because of this, they're ultimately ruining the excitement/anticipation I'm feeling (and many others) for two beloved franchises. Just when we thought micro-transactions were bad...

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It's a massive open world game... there are bound to be bugs, especially as new content as added. I suppose nobody called Skyrim "Patchrim" ... but maybe that's because of the utter lack of patched support the game received after its release, and instead the modding community had to address what the developers could not or didn't want to fix. The same can't be said here, at least.

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If that is in fact the reasoning, it certainly does not at all explain why she is then wearing a black leather arm-covering glove... If that were the case, I think a simple leather shooting glove would have sufficed.

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Please... I think you're confusing patches with brokenness -- which has never been the case with W3. W3 was 100% playable from day one. However, it was not the case with Skyrim (especially on the PS3) when it released and for nearly 6 months afterward. Only, in that time frame, there were maybe 2-3 patches and still neither of them fixed the underlying issue of corrupted save games/lock-ups. Besides, with each new patch of W3, CD Projekt not only delivered fixes, but also FREE new DLC con...

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I wanted to confirm that this is in fact true. Just spoke via chat with a Newegg representative and explained the situation. I had purchased an EVGA GTX 980SC a few months ago and it came with The Witcher 3 and Arkham Knight. The rep quickly came back and informed me that it would be no problem and that I should receive an email with the MGSV promo code within 4 hours. Freaking awesome customer service!

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There would definitely need to be some enhancements done to the F1 and F2 games to enable them to play effectively on a console, that's for sure. But it's not too say it can't be done. After all, InXile is bringing Wasteland 2 to consoles and it plays very similar to the original Fallout titles. I think the biggest hurdle for Bethesda would be found in convincing the new generation who have never known Fallout existed until F3, that the originals are worth playing despite their in...

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Wow, settle down, man. It's my opinion. Doesn't mean you have to agree. But please don't personally insult me with the "[I'm] obviously no fallout-fan" statement just because you don't see eye-to-eye. And who said anything about having to be better?? I simply stated that the bar for RPGs has officially been raised. Nor did I even state that the graphics for Fallout 4 are terrible or sub-par. "In 'simple' terms," I was commenting directly on Pete...

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I'm a very proud and very vocal Fallout fan (since F1), but this sounds like a huge cop-out Mr. Hines... you have no viable excuses any longer. The bar has officially been raised and set high by CD Projekt RED with Witcher 3; a game which is absolutely staggering in size and scope and graphically stunning to boot! So when I hear statements like yours, I interpret it as, "We're too lazy to spend the time and resources to build a NEW game engine and the assets which make up the eng...

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Why is it that I keep seeing articles about this patch and about how it's coming THIS week, but not one specifies a release date?! C'mon CD Projekt, freaking release it already...

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Got a copy for free with my GTX980, plus playing through the Witcher 3 currently... so by the time I get to it anyways, it'll be fixed(?), hopefully!

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You've gotta be kidding me with a comment like that... let's put things into perspective. Witcher 3 is a massive world - a scope the likes of which have never been achieved in a game before and it was made so by a team less than half the size of Bethesda's which worked on Skyrim. Skyrim was nearly unplayable for the first six months after its release for an enormous amount of fans, specifically on the PS3; saved games were corrupted, freezing/crashing were a common element and ove...

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Why does the time in which they opened preorders matter??

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I'm curious to find out more information about this Pipboy model. It's a completely new design & layout, not something we've seen in previous Fallout games. I'm also curious to find out where it fits into Fallout universe and why we haven't seen it before. It begs the question as to whether this particular Vault was a special one given access to secret RobCo prototype technology? It has been made clear in past Fallout games that each Vault was given experimental techno...

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@Esemce - I could've swore I read that NVidia had no plans to release a GTX 980ti... Their answer to that was the Titan X. But I could be wrong. I was also trying to hold out as long as possible for the ti or the 8gb version of the 980. I just had to cave for W3.

Edit: Yeah, you're right and the GTX 980ti, only thing is NVidia appears to have moved its release to September now bc of the Asus 20th Anniversary Gold Edition...

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Just picked up an EVGA GTX 980 SC specifically for this game. I did not want to settle for anything less, but it also felt like the right time to sell off my beloved MSI GTX 770 Lightning and upgrade. The purchase promo for these new cards makes it worth it enough since you get a free digital copy of both Witcher 3 and Batman: Arkham Knight. I've also had the Witcher 3 CE preordered since it was announced! It's my most anticipated game this year.

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