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Intriguing teaser. I will be keeping my eye out for more info on this.

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System Shock, Thief and Deus Ex. The industry needs people like Warren to bring us something great again like the aforementioned classics.

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I think it's safe to assume someone on the Ubisoft team is reading feedback like all the ^ above. And it appears it's a healthy split between those that were sold and plan on purchasing and those that were ultimately disappointed and do not plan on purchasing (at least not right away). But there are also those of us who are stuck in the middle and not completely sold on either side at this point. I am one of those people, but I'm definitely leaning towards not purchasing right awa...

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I've been a long-time fan of the I/O Interactive and the Hitman series since its first release back in 2000. I have supported them through the ups and downs of the series. Meanwhile, I have also never been as excited to see what's next than I am now... but that's where the my enthusiasm ends. I cannot and will not support I/O in its plans to serve Agent 47 in piecemeal.

I/O's delivery approach is totally misaligned with the expectations of its fans and the res...

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The episodic approach is a delivery method which looks and sounds great on paper -- similar to Communism -- but in reality and implementation, fails nearly every time. It's true that Teltale Games has found success in this type of model, but I believe they might be the only exception. The fact remains that very few people actually enjoy consuming their entertainment in smaller segments because it inevitably means the majority of time is spent idly waiting, which I don't think anyone e...

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Annnnd... point proven from my earlier comment.

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Hmm... if I'm not their target audience, I don't know who would be. I've played practically every Doom game since my childhood and still I don't feel the excitement... perhaps I've just grown up and my tastes/expectations have evolved. So I do admit that but, frankly, I'm surprised more people haven't felt the same considering more people like myself are calling for substance in their games nowadays, as opposed to the generic, gun-toting, shoot-everything approach ...

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I must be the only one, but the graphics don't look all that special in those screenshots... The texture maps are blurry and pixelated in some of the shots. Lighting and DOF are nice. I wasn't very impressed by what was shown at E3 though. It kind of looks like just... another generic shooter.

Besides, the id we know is a shell of its former self after the company's relevance seemingly crumbled beneath the shattered expectations of the multi-million dollar, commer...

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This article is laughably absurd, as is the trolling website by which it is published. The logical answer here is a resounding NO. As others have stated, there are a litany of AAA games released in MUCH, MUCH worse states than that of TW3... In fact, I experienced nearly no bugs during my 237hr playthrough! And by the author's measure, what about Skyrim? Oh, that's right! It was GOTY, despite being a nearly non-playable bug-fest for many 6+ months after release (to this day many bugs ...

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Zombies At My Neighbors meets Gauntlet? Looks promising!

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I've been keeping this game in my periphery for the better part of two years or so, patiently waiting to see the end result. Now that it's out and on sale, I'm SO freaking tempted to purchase it, but... with so many other games in my backlog (Wasteland 2 & Pillars of Eternity -- I"m looking at you!) and on the horizon, I'm not sure it'd be worth it right now. In other words, I'm asking if someone would be kind enough to offer a little convincing! The original ...

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Those who missed out on this might want to check out another game available on Steam called Layers of Fear. Creepy as hell and very similar in style.

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Bethesda has managed to strip the very soul from Fallout by removing the most important aspects which made it stand out -- such as the deep RPG elements like the traits and skills system, quality writing, decisions that matter, etc. I'm all for adapting a franchise to make it more relevant to the times, but instead in its place, Bethesda has created a game centered around garbage-collecting, settlement design (implemented in the clunkiest way possible), and only the most simplistic of RPG...

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This is excellent news considering how badly he fumbled up BioShock: Infinite. Some may consider it to have been a great game, but I liken it to Star Wars: Episode 1 in that it's the game that I'd like to forget ever happened. And it could even be inferred that his team, under his direction, in fact acknowledged they had crafted a world inferior to Rapture which is why the best part about the game was the DLC which returned to Rapture.

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Still remains one of my most beloved games of all time, and only superseded by its fine-tuned successor, Fallout 2. I will admit that upon first play in '97, I was less than impressed by the slow-pacing of the combat and the stiff difficulty. I revisited the game a year later after having gained massive interest in turn-based RPGs following an incredible experience I found in another legendary game called Final Fantasy VII. This time, there was an immediate attraction and fascination in F...

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This comes as absolutely no surprise. I found the beta to be a shallow, unbalanced and repetitious exercise in tedium. Were it not for the huge Star Wars fan in me, I would have never given this a second look. Unfortunately, the lack of meaty content and the aforementioned issues, caused my interest to fade very quickly. Sadly, the long-term end goal here was always to appeal to the masses, and that approach has unequivocally been this game's undoing since the beginning -- as it included ...

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lol... fanboy much?? Either that, or your comment is a joke.

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Ohhh, I see! Definitely an oddly disjointed release on CDPR's part... not sure what happened there.

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What are you talking about? It's been for sale on Gamestop's site for a couple of weeks now.

The really perplexing part about it is that I never saw it once listed for PC despite what others have said. Only PS4 and Xbone. Even still, the physical Gwent bundle is a standalone package. Meaning ...

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Why does Microsoft continually do this? They parade forth with the "We love PC gamers!" and "We're committed to PC gaming!" and then we get this tired, disingenuous backwards BS about how one of their published games will never make it into the hands of PC gamers... Instead, it's new focus is said to be on the metrics of Xbox Live! usership as opposed to hardware sales, yet something stinks here when combined with the argument above. If Xbox Live! usership was impo...

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