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I don't mean to be a stick in the mud, and I'm sure I'm not the only person to say this, but is THIS what the end of this generation has come down to? HD collections? If so, it is a HUGE disappointment... I like to see my favorite older games get a new coat and polish just like the next guy, but what about original IPs anymore? Both Sony and Microsoft have A LOT of work ahead of them, imo.

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These guys drag their feet more than a zombie apocalypse! I appreciate the work that they've been doing, but c'mon... just do what we're all thinking - RELEASE it!

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Do you guys remember the first Sin? And no, I'm not talking about the Source Engine reboot that was tried several years ago. I'm referencing the original Sin released back in 1998. So, do you? Well if so, that is how Syndicate plays and feels on the PC, at least, and we are in 2012 - 14 years since Sin saw release. The problem is that I actually found Sin to be incredibly entertaining and fun to play back when it came out. The same cannot be said for my hyphenated three hour experienc...

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Why do these "analysis" articles always get so much attention? Who cares. Just wait for the game to come out and then you'll confirm what you already know, or don't, when you get the chance to play the actual game for yourself.

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Oh boy... if the downfall of Rare, Bizarre Creations, FASA Studios, and Ensemble Studios, to name a few, is any indication of the way Microsoft handles its acquisitions, then I'm afraid at the thought of the possibility. Even if it is only rumor. Not to mention that MS purchasing Activision/Blizzard could completely, imo, create a monopoly in a sense, that could potentially be negative for the industry as a whole.

We're at a tipping point here. Almost in the same way ...

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I felt mostly that way about D3 until I arrived at Act 4... now I'm already feeling as if I have to force myself to finish the game, and it's only my first play-through. Act 4 is unimaginative and monotonous at best, and feels almost like a tacked-on afterthought compared to the previous three acts. I'm sure I'll get flamed for those comments, but it's just my opinion.

And when drops provide 99% junk and/or items that my character cannot ever use, my inter...

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Wouldn't surprise me if Obsidian decided to go rogue and reach out to fans via Kickstarter for a future project(s). Especially after Chris Avellone found himself as being a key figure alongside Brian Fargo and many others with the Wasteland 2 project. Publishers in this industry, however, still cannot seem to grasp the concept that you cannot squeeze great talent and hope to prematurely strike gold. It rarely ever works, unless of course the goal is a sub-par product.

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The author could not be more right... the current/future games industry is indeed one fraught with developers/publishers constantly terrified of rampant piracy, untold missteps due to the reliance on archaic lengths of DRM, and last but not least, increasingly alienated consumers. Ultimately though, the question all of us gamers should be asking ourselves NOW is:

Where do I fit into the videogame industry's equation as a consumer, and how will I allow MY voice to change t...

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I think you misunderstood my point. First off, FFVII came out back in 1997, not 1998. And yes, I understand that there is some 68 year difference between silent films and in this case, FFVII. But my silent film era reference was used as an example to draw on the fact that despite the growth of technology, lack of voiced dialogue remains a freedom of choice/expression, as well as a clearly thought out design decision on the part of the developer. Everyone will have their preference, of course,...

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You know, they had these movies back in the day called "Silent Films" and they worked just fine for the first 35 years of film before the technology for sound came about in 1929. Now, silent films are considered just another art form in the realm of film. An option. An expression. Just as it is in the art of game design.

So having said that, let's take Final Fantasy 7, one of the most beloved games of all time, also had no voice overs and it did not seem to &quo...

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There's nothing strange about it, except when they say, "Now, experience this mythical story of conflict, betrayal, and triumph, like never before!" ... considering that they've changed nothing about the actual game itself AND Square already released the game for PC back in 1998 via publisher, Eidos, w/ three different box types over time (white tri-box, white big box, and blue platinum series box, followed by subsequent digipaks/jewel case releases). Also, anybody who has p...

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Uhh, gotta admit - the first game on the PS1 and its subsequent remake on the gamecube were pretty f'in creepy.

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Capcom really has fallen hard from its self-created pedestal. It's just such a shame because at one time they were one of the major powerhouse developers/publishers in the industry, but over the course of the last five years they have single-handedly managed to inject mediocrity into almost every one of their franchises. RE5 and Lost Planet 2 signaled the shift in that direction, and it's been nothing but ever since, with the exception of MAYBE, Dragon's Dogma; and I say that beca...

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VERY cool stuff! I just skimmed through it briefly, but I will have to read that article in full when I get some time this weekend! Thanks for the link, sonicsidewinder! :)

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Haven't read much about Dishonored despite seeing some news here and there, but I gotta say, graphically those screens look a game from last generation - flat, muddy textures and all. Let's hope the PC version gets a much more refined treatment.

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After only having played the first game where I fell asleep halfway through due to excessive boredom, I almost gave up on the series entirely. And over the years I watched unfazed as seemingly title after title saw release. I thought to myself, "Why is Ubisoft pumping these AC games out so quickly and continuously, and how could each one possibly be all that different/improved from its predecessor?" It was beginning to make me think Ubisoft was suffering from a normal case of Activi...

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Yeah, and in the very process alienate their very fanbase by imposing heavy-handed DRM.

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The industry has entered into uncharted territories with the the sale/resale of digital items and now the auction house, and it's difficult to say where we'll all get yanked next, but one thing is for certain - the future prospects remain unsettlingly tepid. As a life-long gamer who grew up playing games on Atari, Sega Master System and Commodore 64, this "trend" that the author is eluding not only upends my entire perception of what gaming has represented and symbolized in ...

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F*** Blizzard and their archaic DRM. They're just so consumed by fear of what the masses will do over time to their baby, that their judgment has become clouded. No mods? F*** you, Blizzard. Had they simply SEPARATED single-player play from ONLINE play, this would NOT be an issue. And, how exactly does a GFX shader give me, as a player, an edge?? The answer is plain and simple -- it doesn't. But one of their only excuses regarding the banning of mods comes from a Blizzard Support Foru...

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Activision's creative vision departed a long time ago, just like its soul. That's why they've been pumping out the same dated COD drivel year after year with no intentions of refocusing their efforts towards innovation through new IPs. And without Blizzard, despite all of the anger as of late w/ DIII, they would have already been well on their way to colossal failure and a titanic-sized sinking.

What's interesting is that even if Activision flounders, Blizzard...

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