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Lol. This iteration was the biggest disappointment. While probably being the most accessible game in the series, it also represents THE most diluted version of the Fallout experience. Instead of really digging in to create deep story content and working to replace the extremely ugly Creation Engine, they spent what seems like an enormous amount of time and resources on... base-building? Seemed cool at first, but ultimately detracted from the rest of the experience and it also showed the ugly ...

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Only reason why this is now happening is because E3 has been in decline year after year for the last several years due to other gaming conventions like GDC, PAX, etc. Some dev/pubs have decided to not attend E3 in the past, so to me it looks like just another way to keep their coffers flush...

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This game had such incredible potential but instead turned out to be a repetitive slog rife with mediocre loot and no end-game. So sad really because it could have stood as one of the greater multiplayer experiences out there and yet the inexperienced Massive team behind the game couldn't pull enough of the necessary pieces together for the long haul. Even now, as updates arrive, it's too little too late for all but the fanatical fanboys who still swear The Division is the second-comi...

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I agree. The only worthy games which have ever come out of Gearbox development have been Half Life: Opposing Force, Brothers In Arms, and Borderlands. Other than those few, the rest have all been sub-par to truly awful titles marketed by Pitchford himself (who I sarcastically refer to as, the snake-oil salesman of the games industry) as groundbreaking and innovative. The reality couldn't be further from the truth in those cases (Aliens: Colonial Marines & Duke Nukem I'm lookin'...

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"I'm not puttin' my lips on THAT!" One of the single greatest lines in a game ever!

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Thanks, camel_toad - after doing some searching around I tried this same solution. Switched it to San Jose and was able to kickstart the update. Switched it back afterward.

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My update has continued to say "Starting" in the Steam client, but won't ever download... In the meantime, can't launch the game. No activity at all... kind of annoying.

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Yeah, of course they may finally be caving to this request while pretending it was THEIR original idea as opposed to what the fans wanted all along... yet instead of just conceding and announcing it's going to happen, EA still finds a way to muddy the waters by using the word "likely"... c'mon! As if there's a chance it may not happen?? - DUMB! This shows how inept and disconnected EA truly is from its customer-base. For a public corp., it's clear they're not run...

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Yes, there is a physical PC Collector's Edition available directly through the Square-Enix online store. I pre-ordered a couple months back and received the email that it shipped last week. Appears to be wait-listed at this point though ( Although, it also states does not contain a physical DVD of the game either which is really ...

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I always find these types of dev comments ridiculous... "fundamentally change"? Why? Isn't it just hardware that we're talking about at the end of the day? The same hardware found in a gaming PC, only not as high end. So to that end, the logical question to ask here is... why hasn't the PC ALREADY "fundamentally changed" the game? Oh maybe it's because the Sony and MS brands require nonsense from dev's like this to promote the brand.

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One of my favorites from way back in the heyday of the Sega Genesis and Disney games! I still think of this title fondly. Very cool to see others experiencing it for the first time 25 years later. This is one that I believe would do well with an HD remake similar to Mickey's Castle of Illusions. Only, I'd prefer World of Illusions before, if I had to pick and choose! ;)

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While the design quality and art of DSIII was top-notch (as to be expected), and it is by far the most accessible Souls game, I don't believe it to be the "masterpiece" that everyone keeps hailing it to be. Just my personal opinion. DS1 w/ the DLC is by far my favorite Souls game to this day. Perhaps it's just that I found DSII to be disappointing in many aspects and neither of the sequels have ever truly eclipsed the feelings that I felt while playing DS1. DS1 was the maste...

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My brother and I played the beta, purchased the game for PC and both put in roughly 40+ hrs each, and then boredom set in and we both stopped playing a couple of months back. I fired up the game about a week ago to see what new and major changes had been made to the game and was severely disappointed to find that very little on the surface had changed... I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, but The Division single-handedly represents THE biggest disappointment of the year for me. I ...

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I had serious doubts when Eidos Montreal first took the reigns for Human Revolution, especially after a couple of successive commercial failures following the Warren Spector original masterpiece. But those doubts quickly melted away after being thoroughly absorbed into Adam Jenson's augmented world, and it went on to become my GOTY; the same for others as well. So that has caused some palpable anticipation for Mankind Divided and I cannot WAIT to sink my teeth into this next entry... the ...

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Holy crap... can we this generation be any more ADHD?! DS3 was JUST released and we're demanding to know what's next! Sure, everyone has their wants, but let's give these guys a bit of a rest before we start demanding more and just enjoy bloody DS3 for a little while longer.

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Oh man... Yes, it sucks for early adopters but the reality is that they will need to get past it because it's happening. Technology evolves - it's just what happens. And furthermore, people need to get out of the mindset that this is a console generation of yesteryear. It's questionable at this stage if gaming consoles will even exist beyond this current generation considering the pace and evolution of tech found in streaming, 4k and cloud-based back-ends.


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Logged over 35hrs (which I get is not a lot), but I'm already bored and I've moved on... the combat is just... SO dull with virtually no variety.

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Yeah, I played and completed Madness Returns and enjoyed it quite a lot, but haven't seen a single thing since. Before Madness he produced Bad Day L.A. and Grimm (the latter of which he had hoped to aimed to release as an episodic series, but it never got traction). So Alice games aside, I don't recall any of his other games being all that great. He has a lot of interesting ideas and an amazing art team, but it's most often in the execution where he falters.

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I'm curious... what has McGee and his studio produced in the last several years to even keep things going?? It's a genuine question.

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I've yet to play a Sniper Elite game, but I'm intrigued by them and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one. I've been itching to dive back into an engrossing WWII shooter. Problem is the industry has been on this whole "modern warfare" theme for what seems like ages, and it appears to finally be losing steam. I suppose it was the same with WWII inspired games about 10 years ago too, but a return to the old is always welcome and exciting especially when it arri...

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