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Most quality games make plenty of money, the kind of profits that Hollywood and the music industry can only dream about, and here we go again listening to this manufactured whining (boohoo, Games are expensive to make.) Don't fall for it, These Publishers and Developers are, for the most part, filthy rich.

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If Microsoft had more trust (in it's console and customers) it wouldn't have sold off almost all of it's first party studios. You have to ACTUALLY support your console with compelling content yourself rather than relying on third parties to pick up the slack, Sony has proven time and time again that first party studios make compelling content that is Bespoke to the PlayStation. and the customer sees that and spoke with it's hard earned cash.

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Bioshock devs...Would you kindly make a new Bioshock....

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If you notice, the price of the other 2 big VR headsets are actually dropping in price, I hope they can stick with it and find a good price point, because the more people developing VR content the better, and the more VR headsets out there the more people focused on exploiting the tech.

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I ended getting it with 2 games for 206.00 shipped. gran turismo and batman vr from B&H, great deal.

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IDK, to me it just proves its easier for MS to release a beefed up Xbox 1 than it is to invest in a lot (or any) first party studios to make truly exclusive content, at the end of the day, Sony has the winning strategy, provide plenty of exclusive gaming variety and experiences on the flagship console, because, at the end of the day you can sell a machine that will render the most beautiful worlds but, you need to ACTUALLY make those worlds to run on it, and not just a few titles, at least as...

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I agree, TF2 is a beautiful and well balanced game with really innovative levels and unique game play (single player campaign) , every time I play it I am amazed by how it was treated by EA.

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what's cool is that the PS4 library will be so vast by then that I personally would keep my PS4 when I upgrade to the PS5.

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OK, enjoy your magic win gun and I'll floss dance and jump off ledges to deny anyone that has it a kill as well as collect sweet, sweet engrams, gear and crucible coins for doing it, that will be my "fun". we all get to win then! :P

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whatever, man. and what's with this "crying" crap, can anybody even try to be an individual, instead of moronically repeating ever stupid meme and dopey phrase that gets puked onto the internet?

as for Balanced, the only way that is going to happen is if in the crucible, everyone is forced to play with the same weapon.

As for the instant win gun, it just sucks all the fun out of the game. and when everybody has an instant win gun, then there...

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Yeah, annoying weapon, when everyone on the other team had one, I would just floss dance by a ledge, and when attacked, jump off to my death so they were denied the kill. that was more fun than trying to ACTUALLY play the game. the funny thing? I STILL got legendary and exotic engrams as well as a bunch of gear "playing" this way. Looking forward to when the Crucible go's back to being about gameplay and skill rather than everybody running around with a magic win-gun...

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I stick with the PS4 Pro, don't need the hassle that being an owner if MS products entail....

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Nintendo games are derivative and boring. made for man-children and sometimes "ACTUAL children".

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I love power, but, I will never take a chance with another Microsoft console, They are not trustworthy, They abandon previous consoles like they never existed and don't support the console with enough exclusive first party content, Why take a chance on a console when the maker won't take a chance with it themselves with proper support.

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Sony is the only company in the gaming industry that understands that supporting your console with lots of great exclusive content, giving support to first, second and even third party developers as well as having their back even in the lean times rather than shuttering them unlike MS, that will close a studio every time Bill Gates gets gas....

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The irony of this whole situation is that the gaming industry eclipse both the movie and music industries combined when it comes to profits, meaning they make the Federal Government a TON of money, there will NEVER be any drastic regulations that would hurt the industry. there is just too much money being made by the related parties to risk it.
Money talks....even the biggest whiny leftist Politician understand that.

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This PC garbage is enough to make me puke....

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I don't understand your complaint, what's the alternative to an industry with competition? a nice warm Monopoly. Just think of all the wonderful things Microsoft could have done to us if Sony and Nintendo were not there as an alternative to it's initial draconian polities it tried to foist upon the gaming consumer, Without an alternative.
I really don't understand the world anymore, Competition is now a bad thing, Capitalism is somehow now evil. and thanks for that re...

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So, You would prefer if they gave up instead?

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If MS didn't try to hijack the industry with "innovations" that were meant to "push the industry forward", as most proponents of Microsoft tried to convince everybody was somehow going to make everything "better" than it is now. In actuality, it was a poorly implemented scheme by Microsoft to kill consumer rights. If it became the status quo, it could have killed the industry.

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