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looks wicked, pretty much like the anime. I hope they at least localize the subs. #1
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Yeah, love mystery games like this....nice change from all the frenetic action titles. #1
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Sorry, that was a Ms console exclusive. :P

They did have a similar game called "Yellow death Light"
but , it wasn't nearly as popular as the Ring of Red. #71.1
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burnout 3 #57
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Actually, there are flaws in your logic. Netscape made a browser to sell and MS gave away a free one thus killing Netscape. Java? huh? (surely, you not talking about that joke of an experiment the Java desktop?), Linux is linux, it owns the internet, super-computing, phones, tablets, set top boxes and the embedded space. I think it did pretty darn good "killing Ms attempts to be successful in all those areas. Apple? a boutique company that Ms needed to prove they weren't an illegal m... #16.1
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"@ lol... No way. Iwata had cancer and passed away. No conspiracy."

Who knows, maybe those ugly suits he used to wear were "special" made for him by a Yakuza run tailor and the fabric had asbestos stitched into it.

And, the conspiracy continues......DUN, DUN, DAAAAAA!!!! #1.1.3
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I agree, the Movie just didn't pop like a bond movie should, for me the story was painfully mundane, (strong-arming water rights), I know that the "new" bond is supposed to be more realistic but, I really miss the spectacle of the bad guys with the crazy schemes for world domination. you know, maybe with a little more Speilberg-ian (nowadays, it's JJ Abrams, Spielberg junior) and a lot less Roger Moor-ish camp. #2.1
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I thought Quantum of solace had a really good feel to play, I really hope that they make another (good) third person Bond game for current consoles/PC. #1
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bah, female gamers issues, "the war on women" just a pile of left wing propaganda meant to demonize men and divide and alienate people from each other. #23
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I used to own this shirt, but, here is a Miyamoto idea for mortal combat. #4.2
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Most Everything about this game I really like, The only thing that bothers me is the colour palate, is every planet going to be mainly yellow and pale red? In every screen shot and video I've seen there are very few rich colours, blues, dark greens etc. #10
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I don't think "just getting some new voice actors" to replace them is a workable plan. I read somewhere that in movies and TV you need to be part of the SAG to act "on screen" (I may have misinterpreted this though) If you need to be a member of SAG-AFTRA and they strike, the dev is dead in the water with their game.

Please, someone with a better understanding of SAG tell me that I'm wrong though. :) #14
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If that is EA's stance, I am not surprised that there hasn't been another Bad Company....Damn, I was so hoping to see the boys from bad company again... #96
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well, this is tiring, this is the same junk that came out when journey was released originally on the PS3. "is journey a game" blah, blah blah.
If people are enjoying it that is all that it needs to do. #13
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@morganfell, I knew you of all people would understand what I was talking about. your reply is less of a surprise than the disagrees. #1.3.2
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Just buy a pair of hi-tec law enforcement shoes, they look similar and at least they are the real deal. #1.3
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bu,but hows Cliffy B. gonna' afford the payments on the "his and her" Lambo's, mansion and trophy model wife if yous' do dat?!?!

you should jus mail all dose games back to their rightful owners....duh developers.

:P #4.1.1
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He deserved to lose that kind of cash after the BAIT and SWITCH He pulled with that game. HELL, he even did the commentary on the fake good looking version of the game, so he had to know that he was going to shaft the customer with the release.

Randy Pitchfork indeed...

"Pitchfork continued to accuse the market of being “not fair” insisting that Gearbox Software and Sega’s title was “being compared to a game with twice the dev budget.”

... #17
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don't worry, whey everything go's digital, there will be an expiration date for "your" copy after a few years and you will not be able to play the game again unless they release it for a newer console and they will be happy to sell you the game again...and in a few years again...and again...and again. developers will be rolling in cash then...yours. #27.1
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Well, if you go by all those "digital copy only" champions (apologists) here on N4g, you really don't own any of those games anyway, so maybe you should consider doing the right thing and mailing each one back to their respective publisher/developer. after all, you can't throw away what is not yours?

back in reality, isn't it nice though? to be able to do what you want with what you bought? have a collection, trade them, give them away to a friend etc.... #22
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