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They don't need to, they got something better than anything Microsoft can provide, First and second party studios pumping out exclusive content as well as all the third party content that MS consoles will be running.
Last time I checked, a console can have infinite power but, if there is no content (especially compelling exclusives) It's like a Ferrari with no fuel....or roads.

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tempest in a teacup, Cross play between the xbox user base and the Sony user base would be a cluster of fan boy fighting and trolling. and besides, Sony doesn't need MS, they are doing fine and have PLENTY of players on their system.

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HILARIOUS!!! just wait till all that snap together junk starts to break, The Switch will never overtake the PS4, matter of fact, when Sony releases the PS5, that console will outsell the switch. The big N lives on the shoulders of nostalgia and the tears of gaming magazine reporters that think a new zelda is worth weeping over, it's enough to make a person puke.

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That is a moronic statement, You ACTUALLY think that the small microcosm of people on N4G that are , in your opinion "haters" responsible for the failure of the Xbox 1 to achieve a similar turnaround that the PS3 experienced later in it's life?? You really have a high opinion of N4G's user base and it's influence on every consumer ON THE PLANET!!

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Do You have stock in Razor or something?

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Screw Razor, The CEO of the company had nothing but bad to say about the PlayStation brand and that he wouldn't support it, now that the table is turned and the PS4 has the dominant world market share Razor is making products for PlayStation. Razor can go pound sand, I would never buy their products.

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So much hate, anger and fear....

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I tried to add more to this post but, there is now some moronic time cap to how you can edit a comment.
This site is getting more draconian every week for a site that has no content of its own.

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Propaganda and agendas can only go so far, at the end of the day, Game developers have to cater to what it's audience wants and will buy. Special interest groups and people like Anita "easy money" Sarkeesian can only influence the development of games so far as it doesn't negatively effect profits. Then all this diversity for the sake of diversity is thrown out the door.

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Yeah!! How dare they copy Microsoft and do that!

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What a sad sack opinion piece, who wrote this, Eyore?

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I preordered it on Amazon while at the same time my Nephew preordered it for me at gamestop (without my knowledge), He canceled the Preorder and asked if they wanted the Beta code back from the recipt, they told him he could have it, I gave that code to a friend and he liked it so much that it actually made him preorder a copy for himself.

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ooh! ooh!! I got one! "Just wait till E3, It will be over for Sony then!!!"

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The Wii disqualifies itself for being a garbage console filled with shovelware. It proved to be a fluke and a waste of money for anybody that wanted to be able to play actual games.

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"How Can Sony Keep Up the Lead in the Future"

IDK, looks like they have been easily doing just that for over twenty years with the PlayStation Brand.

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IDK about "breathing down their neck" but there is a benefit to the competition, better quality, prices and innovation. don't let anyone tell you competition doesn't have positive effects.

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If innovation means goofy, snap together gadget box You can have it. I guess if I was a 12 year old I might be impressed with it.

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Think how great this is for all the Xbox fans out there, now they have something to feel good about, Xbox fans can enjoy Nero playing as Rome burns.

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"Thoughts on the upcoming PS5 console"
I will wager that it's sales will break records and the fans of it's competition will hurl vitriol and angst toward The Sony Console and it's Users, all the while telling PlayStation fans to "just wait till E3" where nothing amazing ever happens but empty promises and announcements of secret sauce vaporware hoping to stem the month over month record breaking sales of Sony's latest console.


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Funny how Sony is "copying" all if Nintendo's "experiments" but, Nintendo keeps failing and Sony is number one by over double it's closest competitor.

Nostalgia is the only thing that keeps Nintendo afloat or it would have went to way of Atari years ago.

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