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@PoSTedUP, I agree with you, At the end of the day video game sales is a billion dollar industry "mostly"
fed by male consumers, does anyone here think that the industry as a whole is going to endanger that revenue stream by capitulating to the power hungry agenda of feminists and their white knight Mameluke slaves.
Does anyone here think think that ANY government that benefits from the ungodly tax revenue stream from the gaming industry is going to endanger it by ca... #5.3.5
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Frankly, I really wish Criterion would release a remastered Burnout collection, I really would love to have that, I really miss Burnout 3 takedown. #9
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Actually, your wrong, If I purchase a copy of spider man, I own that copy within the rights of copyright, Sure,there may be restrictions with what I can do with it, but, for all intents and purposes I have the right to give that copy of spider man away or even destroy it. to be honest, even though publishers and content creators are killing themselves to hide and cut the legs off this law, as per "The home recording act of 1987" you are even allowed to ma... #1.1.30
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Microsoft fans should thank Sony, the PS4 and all the people that fought against the draonian strong-arm policies that Microsoft was going to force upon the gaming community.

We all stood gamers and fought against this consumer unfriendly end run around ownership rights!

(well, accept for the "true believers" the fools who actually thought that what MS was doing was a great idea)

Microsoft got put in line by the gamers... #1.1.19
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The only way that is going to happen is if the Xbone processor gets physically replaced with a processor that is rated more powerful than the PS4, other than that, hardware specs don't change.

Software development isn't alchemy. #13.2
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Imagine having to see multiple posts an article from this clown? they should quarter the last bubble so you can only post so many words. it would keep the one bubble wonders from writing a wall of troll-text. #1.1.13
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I just bought a Sony 48in. led smart tv, and to my surprise it has PSNow already.

I haven't fooled with it though. #7
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"Microsoft is turning the tide" reads a lot like

"The south will rise again!"

...Blah #40
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Funny, The 2 or 3 vegans I've met were pale,emaciated and continually depressed.

A proper diet, exercise and not an excessive amount of time out in the sun is probably more likely. #2.1.3
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well, there already is a troll, Styx on the PS store. So why not a gnome.....blah #5.9
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Zoe q. , Anita S. such boors. #32
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She is like the thing that never goes away. #1.4
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if you get a good look at the picture, on the right side of the PS4's are a stack of Xbones, literally right there! doesn't anyone see them? #87
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amazing, the better it gets for Sony and the playstation brand, the more people say they are doing it all wrong?

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WOW, these thing you know, these "writers" are going to want Sony to apologize for the PS4 being too successful. #62
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MS tries to rewrite the book on consumer ownership rights.

(translation: strip the consumer of almost ALL their ownership rights on products they purchase)

And you think because they backpedaled and removed all those bad and very dangerous policies because of consumer backlash, equating in poor sales, that now they are some sort of saints that should be forgiven?!?!

If someone tries to kill me and changes their mind that doesn't mean th... #1.1.33
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Exactly! playtv is another PS console that also streams PS4 games. for a PS plus and PS4 owner, it is a win win situation. #1.4
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Sure, timotom

Just like with "the last of us" it was remastered for the PS4 and it just ruined the gameplay, right? :P #8.2.2
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True, but visual fidelity ENHANCES Gameplay greatly. Just like more powerful hardware will improve every aspect of every game...

now, if you are comparing the same game on the Xbone and the Ps4 the gameplay should be identical, right?
so, any enhancement of the game over the other version should make that game "better". higher resolution, higher framerate, etc. Right? :) #8.2
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You hit the nail right on the head, if a 360 game had 10 lines of resolution difference over the PS3 is was considered the definitive version of the game and the "one to get"

Now, that the tables are turned, we all have to suffer these self righteous hypocrites chanting "I don't play resolution" and "gameplay trumps everything"
etc... which comes off more as a Wii-esque whine than an honest statement from MS and the MS fans. #7.1
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