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I am just a little disappointed that this guy isn't a 50 foot tall fire monster (I know it's not spelled the same but I was still hoping)....ANYWAY! Good for him and his whole team.

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all digital would really suck, I LIKE having a Disc.

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looks like an amalgam of Burnout and motorstorm....

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Actually, games sold on a high speed key (stick, cartridge or whatever) would eliminate the need to advance disc capacity and you could effectively run the game from the key and use the internal storage for save games and DLC.

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I think everybody gives Nintendo way too much credit, Nintendo throws ideas against a wall and whatever doesn't stick (work, EG: the WiiU) gets abandoned and they simply try again.
Nintendo relies on it's core fans to take on the financial burden of it's failures with a glassy eyed smile and accept failures like the WiiU, all the while happily swallowing up the next experimental console they hail mary out the door. hoping for another Wii success. As for game "Innova...

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they just emailed me the code 2 days ago and I didn't do anything....is this ANOTHER code? can you stack these codes? :)

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The article is written like something from "game infarcer", If true, it is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

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I agree, Iron Ruri sucks and thankfully Marvel is getting over itself and are getting rid of all the pathetic SJW hires and mass canceling all the corrupted books and story lines. They found out that SJW's DON"T-BUY-COMICS and that alienating their core readership was killing the company.

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That has always been Microsoft's wet dream, Everything runs from the "cloud", No local copies to sell just once, when you can charge either every time you play or as a "subscription".

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As of 2015 roughly 150 million People Plus IN America play Video games, If Video games were the cause of Violence...gun violence specifically, Why isn't the continental US rampant with thousands of spree killings daily? This same metric was foisted on Music and movies in previous generations, Video games are just the new boogie man that replaces other forms of media. and when something new and popular emerges in the future, THAT will take the place of video games as the new boogie man. ...

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Son of Sam reference....I am impressed.

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I cannot wait till people get enough of this SJW nonsense and everyone gets back to NOT being so offended over nothing.

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As long as there is market demand there will be future consoles.

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Most quality games make plenty of money, the kind of profits that Hollywood and the music industry can only dream about, and here we go again listening to this manufactured whining (boohoo, Games are expensive to make.) Don't fall for it, These Publishers and Developers are, for the most part, filthy rich.

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If Microsoft had more trust (in it's console and customers) it wouldn't have sold off almost all of it's first party studios. You have to ACTUALLY support your console with compelling content yourself rather than relying on third parties to pick up the slack, Sony has proven time and time again that first party studios make compelling content that is Bespoke to the PlayStation. and the customer sees that and spoke with it's hard earned cash.

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Bioshock devs...Would you kindly make a new Bioshock....

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If you notice, the price of the other 2 big VR headsets are actually dropping in price, I hope they can stick with it and find a good price point, because the more people developing VR content the better, and the more VR headsets out there the more people focused on exploiting the tech.

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I ended getting it with 2 games for 206.00 shipped. gran turismo and batman vr from B&H, great deal.

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IDK, to me it just proves its easier for MS to release a beefed up Xbox 1 than it is to invest in a lot (or any) first party studios to make truly exclusive content, at the end of the day, Sony has the winning strategy, provide plenty of exclusive gaming variety and experiences on the flagship console, because, at the end of the day you can sell a machine that will render the most beautiful worlds but, you need to ACTUALLY make those worlds to run on it, and not just a few titles, at least as...

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I agree, TF2 is a beautiful and well balanced game with really innovative levels and unique game play (single player campaign) , every time I play it I am amazed by how it was treated by EA.

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