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not right, just a smug idiot. you think your neutral but, your just an asinine self-righteous elitist troll. #4.7.2
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You a smarter consumer than most, my friend. Ms tried to take away the right to own what you buy. You would have to be a fool to buy anything from MS without written assurances that they won't force it upon their customer base when it reaches a point that they will have their customers trapped. Ms is not known for being customer friendly and will screw you if they feel that they can get away with it.

Micorsoft runs it's divisions like a giant carnivorous
pit... #17.1
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I find it interesting that anyone would think that Titanfall was going to sell enough Xbone consoles to surpass the meteoric rise of PS4 sales. #14
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Take your "smug" and create a web site called self-righteous-multi-consoleow Then you and all your multi-console owning brethren can have a circle-jerk about how much better you are than everybody else.

If I wanted to I could buy a Xbone...but, I will not support companies that are anti-consumer. #4.7
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Yeah, everyone's afraid of the crappy gimmick that is kinect, that nobody wanted forced upon them.
(I just love the fanboy excuse that Ms is pushing people into the future by making them buy kinect.
just like they tried to push us all out of ownership of the games we buy. #1.1.19
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personally, MGS has 1 too many naked men and guys taking a dump for my tastes. (wtf is up with that, anyway?) Bleck!! #4.1.4
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would you feel that way if one out of all the MGS made was bad and done by another studio? #4.1
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candy_mafia, go masticate your own gonads and or ovaries. well, if you have any. two bubble wonder.

I really don't have a problem if I get a disagree if there is a reason to disagree with me.

I don't need some trolling idiot that actually fits the most of the criteria I listed that I am insecure. #10.3.3
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where are the mods? we are being buried by a mountain of stealth disagrees from (what I would ascertain, are 4 month or less, no avatar accounts with an agenda.)

It is really pathetic... #10.4
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why the heck would someone disagree with what I said?

N4G is full of a bunch of stealth coward pansies.

N4g needs to display who agrees or disagrees, I can assure you that we would see a lot of 4 months or less, no avatar phantom accounts mass disagreeing. #10.3.1
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damn...8 Days still looks great. Imagine what could be done utilizing PS4's upgraded specs. The game would be unstoppable. I wonder if they can still get Ving Rhames and Gary Oldman to voice the characters that were rendered after them in the game. #10.3
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I think using the PS3 as a way to get Blueray into a lot of homes around the world was a good strategic move for them at the time, and it paid off. #9.3
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But, the obvious choice would be the console that displays the same game in higher resolution. there is no loss in gameplay, and the game looks great to boot. #26.1
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Well, if we go by last generation when the 360 had the edge it was very important, now that Ms console doesn't have the advantage Xbone fans feel that it is not important anymore.

(MS fans Kinda' sound like Wii fans, It's all about gameplay! they spout, like the same game on the PS4 lost it's gameplay because it has superior resolution, so stupid..) #28
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What a bunch of low-life animals. I hope that what these people are doing perma-bans their consoles and are charged with lewd and lascivious behavior.

and please, no pathetic misguided Liberal rants about how they have some sort of right to do this garbage. #1.7
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Blame Disney, those off-jacks canceled great Lucasarts games in development when they bought the Lucas Empire.

lest you forget Star wars 1313, that actually looked great as well but, it will never see the light of day either. #3.1
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Just an FYI, nobody cares what you spend your money on.

and the smug remarks make you come off as jealous rather than whatever you think it does.

just enjoy what you got, man... #32.1
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"1080p vs Better Gameplay"

That statement alone Stinks with fanboy (or possibly corporate) damage control.

The PS4 has and will continue to have games with great gameplay that also happen to run at 1080p, the statement above is just a pathetic way to make people agree with a statement that happens to be true without any context, and then applying it to the Xbone vs PS4 debate.

Granted, the Xbone will most likely have great gaming e... #1.2.2
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Bravo! Finally someone gets it! I have been saying that the best way to defend against threats by publishers to increase prices (see Robert Kotick's statement about wanting to increase their game prices to 70.00 and up) Is to wait and purchase the games you want when they reach the price that you feel it is worth.

Such a simple thing, and next to impossible for the average gamer. #1.3.2
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No interest in Nintendo anything, everything they do can be defined for the past 30 years in one made up word. "samey"

The Xbone is a trojan horse, who knows what Consumer unfriendly things that MS has in store for the future? they are tenacious when it comes to screwing people over for profit.

That leaves the Two best gaming Platforms in my opinion The PS4 and The PC, preferably non-MS based. (read: Steambox)

I already have a PS4... #52
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