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Your points amount to...nothing. Sure, Sony was arrogant and cocksure during to launch of the PS3 but, they didn't try to single-handedly destroy consumer ownership rights as we know them.

Microsoft, tried to do what they always do after they think they have reached a dominating lead in a new industry, suck the fun and value out of it. You buy the disc but, after you install the game the disc is worthless, you have a licence but, you cannot &quo... #17.8.4
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@theFro, last time I checked this article is about the PS4 and Xbox-one.

If this is about the PC then I would direct your comments <==== that way to the PC tab. where scoffing about the power of consoles compared to the PC is accepted ( I guess to soften to blow of never being able to play all those award winning console exclusive games on the PC) #21.2.6
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it's sure amazing how quiet it gets when you point out the terrible facts of what Ms tried to do to the the gaming consumer, or how biased the media outlets are in favor of MS consoles.

it's good to see that there are other people out there that will keep the truth of what actually happened in circulation, crushing the fake narrative that fanboy's try to replace it with, and making sure that people remember.

bravo, my friend! bravo! #17.8.1
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@LifeInNZ, Your kidding, right?

Sony is far from being angels but, you cannot possibly compare what Sony did at the start of PS3 sales to the completely anti-consumer scheme Microsoft tried to pull on the gaming public as a whole with their (there is no better way to say it) EVIL DRM implementation? They Deserve what they got, and they are still paying for it.

As for being a multi-console owner, as far as I'm concerned your just as much a fanboy as anybod... #17.1.2
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And the winner is: “I think it’s PS4 by a nose,”

YEAH, I guess he's right...if that nose is a mile long. :P #15
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I was really looking forward to this title, They had Ving Rhames and Gary Oldman in this game. and the cover and buddy system looked really interesting as well. #13
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Truly the main problems with Hollywood are Ego and politics. Directors, Producers and writers think that the general movie going population is too stupid and lowbrow to know what we want. They also try to change the story to make it their own, rather than sticking to what works and is a popular and well-loved. And lastly, They cannot help than to shoehorn some political agenda they have into the story. "climate change", "liberal values", or some random groups "rights&... #12
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Sorry, man. when nintendo actually produces a decent gaming machine (hasn't happened since the N64) (the Wii was a fluke that appealed more to the casual gamer and old folks homes)
And actually creates REAL new IP's, then they can get back up there with the big boys and we all can benefit from the competition of a three way console generation rather than a 2 and a half one. blah...

"Look, we made mario out of paper! look how innovative we are, Next innova... #6.2.1
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I think instead of wearing one of those ugly Japanese suits and sending out a "we don't care about our fans" pre-recorded video during E3, maybe they should take all that Wii money and make a monster system rather than sitting on their past. Have a real presence at E3, show that you respect your fans and fly out to Vegas and show everybody that you have some new IP and not just mario,zelda,smash bros. regurgitated every year.

adding different colored sprinkles... #6
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Im sorry, I think that when Nintendo charges 40% of any profit made to everybody, including all major websites and print magazines will this be OK. Joe has a right to bitch if he wants to, (i'm not even one of his fans, I might have watched one of his videos so your celebrity rant doesn't apply to me) Just like Jaffe has a right to dissagree.

Frankly, I hope that Nintendo tries to roll the whole review industry for a cut of any profit, then there will be more room in... #1.3.3
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Sheesh, there are a lot of Nintendo apologists posting here, Nintendo is a scum-bucket company for trying to roll indie reviewers for 40% of any profit they make on a review. Do they charge Gameinformer 40% for reviews? or do they send them swag packages with copies of their games early and collectibles for the privilege of getting a review from them (and hopefully a little better one for the gift package they sent?)
Angry Joe paid for his copy of that Nintendo game to review, they d... #1.1.16
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Even worse, Planet Beer Gut is a binary planet, the other planet happens to be dangerous that it has a giant inverted volcano at its center that spews noxious gas at random intervals, the planet is known as the dread planet Gluteus Maximus. #8.1.1
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C'mon, man! don't you that if you stir ANY game with a little Nintendo it is bound to be magically funner...ahem..more fun. Nintendo is like the Disney of the console world. Can't wait to see Project Cars: the Bowser edition. #17.1.1
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agreed, for me, the rain on the windshield looks and acts realistic in DC, the rain on the windscreen in PC appears on the glass and just disappears when the wiper slides across it like magic! :P #4.2
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I should hope they wouldn't pay him in broken bones!!!

:P #1.2.3
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I read somewhere that the PS4 will get a disc as well as digital and the Xbox will only be getting a digital release.

I really don't understand why no disc for the X1 though? #6.1
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Exactly! 2pacalypsenow,

We are entering a "brave new world" where anything that might disagree with anyone in even the slightest way could be considered a "hate crime" and "racists".

So, you're on notice everyone that thinks differently from the whiny masses, hate broccoli...keep your dirty mouth shut...don't agree with a political dare you!

Soon enough, the PC police will be rounding up anyb... #1.2.4
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the lights are for tracking with the Playstation camera. #5.1
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man! I love Kung Pow! Enter the fist. #1.1
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@uth11, everything you have stated is absolutely true.

who disagrees with facts? :P #3.2.4
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