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I don't understand your complaint, what's the alternative to an industry with competition? a nice warm Monopoly. Just think of all the wonderful things Microsoft could have done to us if Sony and Nintendo were not there as an alternative to it's initial draconian polities it tried to foist upon the gaming consumer, Without an alternative.
I really don't understand the world anymore, Competition is now a bad thing, Capitalism is somehow now evil. and thanks for that re...

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So, You would prefer if they gave up instead?

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If MS didn't try to hijack the industry with "innovations" that were meant to "push the industry forward", as most proponents of Microsoft tried to convince everybody was somehow going to make everything "better" than it is now. In actuality, it was a poorly implemented scheme by Microsoft to kill consumer rights. If it became the status quo, it could have killed the industry.

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Nintendo is such a scummy company, no better than Apple. I cannot stand their elitist arrogance as well as their pathetic penchant for remaking and rehashing rather than ACTUALLY doing something new and different. (and NO, The Switch is just another accessory laden nightmare designed to maximize the sale of replacement snap together pieces that are bound to fail sooner rather than later.)

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nah, there is no need to have it, and besides, if you don't think that it wouldn't turn into a console fanboy the point that you will you feel that the 9 year old "singers" spewing racial slurs was really not all that bad....

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He's been "talking" about growing up for the past 12 years, Maybe he should actually try to someday.

To me, He is just a smug whiner, Crying poor just before he hops into his Lambo and drives home to his mansion where his trophy wife is waiting for him....

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"Nintendo still goes for gaming, investing in changing it, upgrading it, just making it feel fresh."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! how about burying all those dead and well beaten horses and create some new and interesting content for once?
Doctor effing Layton?!?! another Mario game!?!?! and lets not forget Zelda....actually, we will never get a chance to forget it, Nintendo crams Zelda down every bodies throats every chance they get.
Screw Nintendo...

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so, the list consists of a few games that populate ALL nintendo consoles and then the bulk are filled with games that have already been released on every other platform over the past 2+ years. winning!!!
I really don't understand the blind love people have for Nintendo, Sure, mario was fun....25 years ago. It's like being 25 and you still loving watching Sesame Street, Sure Oscar the grouch has possibly become a slightly more complex muppet from 30 years ago...but who the he...

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And there is no Playstation article that doesn't have some clown bragging about how much better the xbox is (slobbing their own knob) and then get their feelings hurt when no one cares. (or points out an opposing fact about Xbox shortcomings)

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If the industry as a whole moves to a subscription model, I'll find another hobby to occupy my free time, restore a classic car or build a hot rod, at least there will be a ROI with that hobby.

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I played it for a few hours last night on my Pro and it played nearly flawlessly, except that the hawk was glitching a little.

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Thanks! It's nice to know that the Destiny players won't have to deal with your complaining about the the actual game. Bungie should add that as a perk or a trophy or something. :P

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whoa there buddy! you forgot about this....

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Moldy, you sound like a smug Xbox 360 owner that forgot it's 2017 and the PS4 is so far ahead that the XB1 has long since disappeared below the horizon....

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That's great news!, Keep that virus contained to one ecosystem.

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don't care, I enjoyed many, many hours in single and multiplayer Destiny and am looking forward to playing many, many hours of Destiny 2 single player and multi....

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Unless Microsoft starts buying or forming some first party studios, I really don't think Sony has much to worry about.....

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Who cares, Not Sony console owners...Microsoft had the chance to do this last generation and they told Sony to pound sand. besides that, the fanboy trolls on both sides would ruin it anyway....

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