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I've gamed on PC's for years, Consoles only really started getting good towards the end of the PS2 era. Now, it is only a matter of taste what you like to game on, I Like my PC and I like my Console, they fill their own roles, There is nothing wrong saying that the PS4 or Xbone are powerful within the context of their own ecosystem. Everyone Knows that a well built gaming PC is more powerful than static built consoles, and constantly jabbering about it in the comment section of a Cons... #34
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They could shoot lasers and make your coffee but, no one is going to buy one over a PS4 or an Xbone. so why the comparison??? #43
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Amazing how quickly people forget that Ms tried to do an end run around consumer ownership rights. How the Xbone needed to be "continuously monitored" over the internet or it became a brick that you couldn't even play single player games on it. How, Don Mattrick when asked about what Soldiers could do to because of this restriction and he replied "there is a product we sell that doesn't need a continuous connection to the internet, and that product is Xb... #1.1.16
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"When I picked up my copy today at best buy someone was walking out with the Xbox One."

XBLSkull, That was the Microsoft sales rep removing the last unsold Xbone to make room for more PS4's. #1.1.8
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UM, I thought that there were no positive Female characters in gaming? that game developers and "gamers" were misogynists and potential rapists?

BLAH...... #12
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"The saint Phil Spencer", You guys kill me, This is Microsoft we are talking about, If Phil Spencer is acting all warm and fuzzy with the competition that wasn't his decision, It was made in a corporate think tank as a means to fool the dull minded into thinking that Xbox and Ms "aren't so bad after all". If you have dealt with Microsoft for the past 35 years you would see his benevolence for what it is.

The previous head Mr. Elop was so transpare... #6.1.5
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Then...why was it the other way around the last generation? did ALL of the mods and the owner of this site just change allegiances with the release of the Xbox 1 and PS4? did you have a stroke and forget about N4G having a dominant Xbox360 tilt?

In-stead of trying to find some sort of stupid brain-dead conspiracy, maybe you should look at the events that conspired to tilt the population of PS4 users on this site over the Xbone users?

The sheer amount of PS4... #4.2.2
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"Randostar", He is just reverse trolling, don't bother answering him, just disagree and move on, If he gets ignored long enough maybe he'll just move on to some poor Linux forum and troll there. #1.2.2
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If games were a niche market these attention whores might have a chance to get the government enact some form of censorship against the industry. But, the sheer amount of capitol and tax revenue that the gaming industry hauls in every year puts them in a position where their cries of misogyny and objectifying women fall on deaf ears.
Frankly, I am glad that they cannot censor or force game developers to change their vision of a game...if you want to change the industry, how about gett... #17
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I really don't get it, Zoe Quinn comes off as an arrogant, self centered skank. only the likes of people similar to her would even remotely be attracted to her. Someone like Phil fish, arrogant, self centered and looks like an angry hobo.

To compare her to Cleopatra is just comical. The sole ruler of Egypt compared to the sole ruler of ugly blue hair, unfortunate body piercings and a penchant to spread to get ahead.

If anyone thinks she is the face of wom... #9
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You know the funny thing about all this "controversy" about misogyny, race, the evil white man that rapes and opresses everyone?

At the end of the day gaming is a 76 billion dollar industry (including smart phones and tablet games) 58 billion without.

There is no way that any government is going to rock that revenue making boat. the voices of Zoe Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and every other self centered attention whore is crushed under the sheer volume... #37
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IDK if you did it on purpose or not but, your comment is quite Shakespearean.

"Somebody is but hurt"

Let us not fret the slings and arrows of mad men, Tis true, they are but hurt for supporting a weaker console thusly. #87.1
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"PS4 Sold 10 Million Thanks to Hype, Not Performance"

whatever lets you sleep at night, man..... #83
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will there be any winter driving in this game? snow storms and such? #10
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Just because Ms sells operating systems doesn't mean that they are the best at software. most of their "innovations" come from acquisitions of other companies or direct purchasing of IP from other Companies. they became what they are today because Dos was cheap compared to other OS's of the day, and when I say cheap most OS's of the day were in the thousands of dollars per copy. #10.1
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Frankly, What Ms tried to pull at the beginning of this generation hurt initial sales more than anything else, and deservedly so, Personally,I wouldn't buy a console from Ms just out of principal. Anybody with half a brain that has to ACTUALLY work for their money Should understand why Ms deserves the poor sales they are getting. Karma for trying to take over the gaming industry through Consumer hostile tactics such as taking away consumer ownership rights and treating customers like crim... #1.3.19
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what's with this "pony" statement that people keep using like it is some sort of insult? "Sony pony" heh what are you six years old. let me guess, you have a dog named "doggy" and a cat named "catty"

2 dimensional thinking at it's best.

lol #43.1
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Knowing EA, it will mostly focus on it's crappy Sports games. I wouldnt pay a dollar every ten years for access to sports games. #45
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I guess if they were the same thing, the first part of your comment would mean something.

as for the second have seen the final pricing list for playstation now? I love it when no actual pricing has been revealed but, everyone "knows" what its going to be in lieu of an "actual" finalized pricing list. #1.3.3
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Don't listen to a word of what PONTIAC08G8GT says.

MS is a repeat offender when it comes to screwing over it's customers. The only reason that all that DRM and online verification didn't fly is because we fought and Sony/Nintendo didn't play ball.

what they were trying to do was so wrong, so against consumer ownership rights, only someone like Bobby Kotick would get wet dreams over it.

I say...NEVER FORGET....because maybe... #1.1.16
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