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I should hope they wouldn't pay him in broken bones!!!

:P #1.2.3
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I read somewhere that the PS4 will get a disc as well as digital and the Xbox will only be getting a digital release.

I really don't understand why no disc for the X1 though? #6.1
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Exactly! 2pacalypsenow,

We are entering a "brave new world" where anything that might disagree with anyone in even the slightest way could be considered a "hate crime" and "racists".

So, you're on notice everyone that thinks differently from the whiny masses, hate broccoli...keep your dirty mouth shut...don't agree with a political dare you!

Soon enough, the PC police will be rounding up anyb... #1.2.4
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the lights are for tracking with the Playstation camera. #5.1
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man! I love Kung Pow! Enter the fist. #1.1
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@uth11, everything you have stated is absolutely true.

who disagrees with facts? :P #3.2.4
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Don't bother, most people (low information non-critical thinkers) here think Bill Gates is analogous to Jesus Christ. that he created operating systems or some other such nonsense. #3.2.1
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I'm not really a big fan of medieval style anything. So, you are right, a "game of thrones" reference would be insider info to me. :P #1.4.4
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I'm sorry, DRM is never "great" #19.1
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Agreed, MS just about abandons it's consoles as they get close to launching a new one. (the original Xbox became a paperweight after the release of the 360)

As for the 360, games became quite scarce a year or two before launch of the Xbone, selling off or shuttering most of their first party studios and the ones that were left were making kinnect games. #16.1
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What you said is only half of the story, MS tried to take control of the gaming industry with its poorly implemented DRM scheme, They tried to wrestle ownership rights from the consumer and turn console gaming into a nightmare of poorly thought out rules and barriers to what you can and cannot do with the game you purchased.

They are still reeling from that nightmare as well as making the decision to build a weaker system where more resources are used to run non gaming relate... #5.6
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@Jaqen_Hghar, I'm a little confused?

Are you referring to yourself in the third person? #1.4.1
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I think Glen Schofield needs to go back to when he made innovative original games like the first Dead Space instead of becoming part of the annual COD franchise machine.

His talents are wasted. #24
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@PoSTedUP, I agree with you, At the end of the day video game sales is a billion dollar industry "mostly"
fed by male consumers, does anyone here think that the industry as a whole is going to endanger that revenue stream by capitulating to the power hungry agenda of feminists and their white knight Mameluke slaves.
Does anyone here think think that ANY government that benefits from the ungodly tax revenue stream from the gaming industry is going to endanger it by ca... #5.3.5
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Frankly, I really wish Criterion would release a remastered Burnout collection, I really would love to have that, I really miss Burnout 3 takedown. #9
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Actually, your wrong, If I purchase a copy of spider man, I own that copy within the rights of copyright, Sure,there may be restrictions with what I can do with it, but, for all intents and purposes I have the right to give that copy of spider man away or even destroy it. to be honest, even though publishers and content creators are killing themselves to hide and cut the legs off this law, as per "The home recording act of 1987" you are even allowed to ma... #1.1.30
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Microsoft fans should thank Sony, the PS4 and all the people that fought against the draonian strong-arm policies that Microsoft was going to force upon the gaming community.

We all stood gamers and fought against this consumer unfriendly end run around ownership rights!

(well, accept for the "true believers" the fools who actually thought that what MS was doing was a great idea)

Microsoft got put in line by the gamers... #1.1.19
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The only way that is going to happen is if the Xbone processor gets physically replaced with a processor that is rated more powerful than the PS4, other than that, hardware specs don't change.

Software development isn't alchemy. #13.2
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Imagine having to see multiple posts an article from this clown? they should quarter the last bubble so you can only post so many words. it would keep the one bubble wonders from writing a wall of troll-text. #1.1.13
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I just bought a Sony 48in. led smart tv, and to my surprise it has PSNow already.

I haven't fooled with it though. #7
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