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yeah, a start up created by the former developers of burnout, and you can tell that this is game influenced by burnout. Regardless, this is a great game and a whole lot of fun.

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you people hand me a laugh, "N4g and it's mods have something against us xbox owners!" boo hoo, like the 360/ps3 days were any different. during the 360/ps3 days you couldn't get away from the lousy xbox trolls spamming every PS3 article. and that went on for 7 years. Frankly, you should be more mad at MS for this situation, It wouldn't be so bad if MS didn't keep machine gunning their own feet into oblivion.

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"What Caused the Recent Decline of Xbox Hardware Sales?"

Is this really some mystery?

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no one has ever threatened to fight you? ever? Australia must be a panacea of peace. The police in your country must be totally unneeded. :P

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I never said that making a death threat was ok, apparently your smug level is just as large as your stupidity level. Get off your high horse and stop looking for controversy where there is none. Sheesh, talk about the thought police.

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you have to be careful, there is a broad definition to stuff like this called the "terroristic threat".
saying your going to kill someone or even beat them up will get you charged with it. The world is a very different place now. any threat of violence (even a hollow one) could get you thrown into the pokey.

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sure, if there is a market of morons willing to buy them.

But, what I want to know is, would YOU buy them??

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I guess Nigel Powers (Austin Powers father) was right about the Dutch....

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Like I said in a previous post, I don't care about the game, just the subset of players that stupidly think playing a phone game while driving is OK.

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The only thing that annoys me about Pokemon GO is the stupid cross section of it's players that think playing the game while driving is ok, or going on private property without permission. you know, being a public nuisance.

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You were an Astronaut as a kid? :P

I get what you mean, and I am looking forward to this game as well. Now that I know every planet isn't going to be mainly pale yellow and pale red.

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what I've been reading, Battleborn is already stillborn, a F2P reboot would do it a world of good.

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Yeah, Nothing like bringing back bad, failed ideas that nobody wants. Talk about the "definition of insanity".

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"Either way, Windows in gaming is essentially a monopoly in the PC space so nothing is going to let people leave Windows. The people cheering Linux or OSX clearly is out of touch with reality."

Yeah, IBM for the longest time was a company that everyone thought you would have to be crazy to think it would be knocked off it's thrown as the Number one tech company in the world.

"I love Linux for servers and development, ...

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This is so stupid, If there was a concerted effort not to have Female characters in games because of some "fantasy misogynist agenda" there might be a point to all this, but, there are female characters in plenty of games.
This reminds me of when Resident Evil 5 came out and "Special interest groups" got all upset because most of the zombies were Africa. Capcom buckled under the pressure and changed the population of Africa to mostly white and Mexican Z...

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"The Call Of Duty Hate Has Gotten Embarrassing, Guys"

Grow up, I'm sure Activision and the developers of the Call of Duty series don't need your help to market and sell the game, dissatisfaction with the game will eventually prompt Acti to improve the series. that is what a healthy market is supposed to do, that is one of the big checks and balances that pushes improvement of a product. (even though Acti and the devs have been very slow in keeping up their...

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Releasing all xbox exclusives to the PC shows Microsofts lack of confidence in Xbox as a console platform. They failed hard to reach their projected console sales numbers to compete with the Playstation platform, and like in big corporate fashion they are going to cut their losses and rebrand "games for windows" The xbox live store or something along those lines, and they will probably try to still charge customers to play games online through the "Live network" in Win...

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Looks more to me that they are doubling down on Windows and re-branding the failed "games for Windows" with the Xbox brand to fool people into believing it's not "games for Windows".
As for Xbox hardware, I think it will clone valve's steam box ecosystem, the xbox will be a platform that "other companies will build and run the it on eventually.

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Obviously, you have either never used Linux, tried Linux 10 years ago and think things don't change or your not smart enough to form your own opinions and just believe what you hear about Linux at face value.

oh yea, one more...if you have used Linux recently and found it difficult to install and use then you really have to get that head injury looked at.

by the way Android and ChromeOS are Linux based OS's

edit: so far one out...

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the batmobile stuff looks as annoying as hell, can you play the game without it or are you stuck doing the driving puzzles?

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