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what you need to do is click on his name and report him every time he posts a list, if we all band together and mass report him, every one of his posts will be erased quickly no matter what stupid "green" name he uses.

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"In other news a GTX1080ti is not better than a GTX1070"
That is a moronic analogy, I cannot believe that you actually wrote it. SMH

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"best" is relative, Xbox1 X may be more powerful but, the best console? Seeing that it hasn't even been released yet, I wouldn't get ahead of yourself.

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You are a sad troll, The xbox1x is probably MS last console, and the reason why is because Sony kicked the crap out of them, And how Sony did it is by doing the same thing that they have been doing for the past 20 years. Microsoft is so stupid, all they needed to do was copy Sony and provide a little more value, but, their impatient GREED and delusion that they had the dominant market share got the best of them, when they tried to take over the console ga...

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"Cultural Appropriation" what a joke, another ridiculous phrase that needs to be tossed into the garbage with safe spaces, White Privilege and trigger words, as well as all the other Pseudo Social "issues" Thought up by Leftists College Professors with too much time on their hands meant to divide people.

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Sony is not that stupid, after a Division that they had little respect for, in the beginning, ended up saving the whole company, I don't think that engaging in shenanigans with the user base would be wise at this stage in the game....

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That the Microsoft corporations whole business model, not work to improve their own offerings but, try to get you to think their competitor is lacking.

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@Crotaaa, Usually an interviewer will repeat a question or probe deeper when the person being interviewed is being evasive or just not answering an important question.....Like exactly what Phil Spencer was doing when when asked about New "REAL" AAA first party content for the XB1X which Phil obviously had no answer for.

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I outright laughed when they did that, Minecraft to me is terrible and makes my eyes hurt just looking at it. It's the fidget spinner of video games.

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To be honest, I don't care if it was loaded with games, None of them will ACTUALLY be exclusive, anybody with a PC and windows 10.x installed will be able to play them looking and running even better than the xb1x .

doesn't anybody see that little moronic phrases like "salty" just prove that you don't have the independence of mind to debate your opinion properly without repeating some overused, unimaginative insult?
Just the fact that you fram...

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What is the worth of a console if there are no games to define it?

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You read that PS4 fans thought extra external storage solutions was bad? that makes no sense? I remember PS4 people complaining that they couldn't add an external HD, that it would be great if they could install games on one???

Does everyone on here have to be a whiny fanboy concerning every little thing??

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Chris kattan as Mango fett ,


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@MagicBeanz "And what if they dont?"

Then you would have to be extra careful with your account and have a really good, unique password.

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@Krysis, "I hadn't bought a Nintendo console in 2 generation" Of course you didn't, because the Wii and WiiU both sucked, One was a casual gamer machine buried under a mountain of shovelware and the Other was barely even supported by Nintendo themselves. The Switch is just another one of those Nintendo "throw a bunch of random ideas at the market and see what sticks" consoles, knowing full well that the worshipers of the mighty "N" will swallow anything ...

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That's a bad idea, Nintendo, can play around with that "bound to break" hybrid nightmare, They have a loyal base of glassy-eyed drooling fans to throw money at them no matter what harebrained failure they release.
Give me a nice, solid powerful home console with a wide range of different kinds of games I'll be happy. I don't need every character to be Mario or Link in my games.

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As long as it IS NOT PlayStation 5, Give me a powerful, quality home console, I don't want some snap and click together hybrid of a portable device.

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I really like Destiny 1, I like that I can just go in there and fool around for a bit or I can go in with the purpose of moving the narrative along. I will most likely get Destiny 2 and enjoy it in the same way.

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Scorpio is a machine that doesn't even need to exist, It is a transitional console to nudge Xbox console users back to the PC and paying for Xbox live for games in windows 10 and beyond.MS has a non-existent First party support framework and is once again relying on the third party to carry a future console. This is just another Microsoft shell game where they will promise the world and provide the consumer a lackluster experience. I think the end game is to turn PC gaming into an annual ...

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Frankly, the Big difference between Sony and MS is that Sony considers the PlayStation brand as an important major revenue stream, whereas MS considers every division (including XBOX) exists only to sell more copies of Windows. That is why they are Turning Xbox into a service on Windows 10 and up that will play every game that their Future Xbox consoles play, Starting with Scorpio. MS cannot wait till they get you to pay for Xbox live on your PC so you can play Xbox games in Windows on thei...

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