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I just bought a Sony 48in. led smart tv, and to my surprise it has PSNow already.

I haven't fooled with it though. #7
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"Microsoft is turning the tide" reads a lot like

"The south will rise again!"

...Blah #40
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Funny, The 2 or 3 vegans I've met were pale,emaciated and continually depressed.

A proper diet, exercise and not an excessive amount of time out in the sun is probably more likely. #2.1.3
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well, there already is a troll, Styx on the PS store. So why not a gnome.....blah #5.9
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Zoe q. , Anita S. such boors. #32
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She is like the thing that never goes away. #1.4
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if you get a good look at the picture, on the right side of the PS4's are a stack of Xbones, literally right there! doesn't anyone see them? #87
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amazing, the better it gets for Sony and the playstation brand, the more people say they are doing it all wrong?

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WOW, these thing you know, these "writers" are going to want Sony to apologize for the PS4 being too successful. #62
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MS tries to rewrite the book on consumer ownership rights.

(translation: strip the consumer of almost ALL their ownership rights on products they purchase)

And you think because they backpedaled and removed all those bad and very dangerous policies because of consumer backlash, equating in poor sales, that now they are some sort of saints that should be forgiven?!?!

If someone tries to kill me and changes their mind that doesn't mean th... #1.1.33
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Exactly! playtv is another PS console that also streams PS4 games. for a PS plus and PS4 owner, it is a win win situation. #1.4
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Sure, timotom

Just like with "the last of us" it was remastered for the PS4 and it just ruined the gameplay, right? :P #8.2.2
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True, but visual fidelity ENHANCES Gameplay greatly. Just like more powerful hardware will improve every aspect of every game...

now, if you are comparing the same game on the Xbone and the Ps4 the gameplay should be identical, right?
so, any enhancement of the game over the other version should make that game "better". higher resolution, higher framerate, etc. Right? :) #8.2
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You hit the nail right on the head, if a 360 game had 10 lines of resolution difference over the PS3 is was considered the definitive version of the game and the "one to get"

Now, that the tables are turned, we all have to suffer these self righteous hypocrites chanting "I don't play resolution" and "gameplay trumps everything"
etc... which comes off more as a Wii-esque whine than an honest statement from MS and the MS fans. #7.1
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Yeah, thats not the whole picture, making a profit is all well and good but, having a dominating share of the market puts you in a power position that nothing else can. which in turn will make you dominate in the realm of bottom line profit. #2.1.7
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yeah, Xbox live was up 90% shame you couldn't rely on the 360 for that kind of reliability. #11.1
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Not shipping with weather? I was oh so looking forward to nighttime racing during a snowstorm!!

I really miss what NFS Porsche unleashed had, you got to drive up a mountain and gradually the sky would get darker and more cloudy until you reached a small town at the top that was in the middle of a blizzard, all the sounds were muffled because of the snow.

miss that game. #19
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-- Reported by the community --
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"It makes sense, sony fans like res,gpu,teraflops, and blah blah. They are too busy selling sonys console for them to play the game. Obviously they just look at them. Res res res."

Spoken like a true angry fanboy.

Any time a comment starts with "This site is run by (insert console here)fanboys" You have firmly placed yourself in the fanboy ranks of the opposing console thus, Anything you say after those words are worthless rantings of just... #1.3.4
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I've gamed on PC's for years, Consoles only really started getting good towards the end of the PS2 era. Now, it is only a matter of taste what you like to game on, I Like my PC and I like my Console, they fill their own roles, There is nothing wrong saying that the PS4 or Xbone are powerful within the context of their own ecosystem. Everyone Knows that a well built gaming PC is more powerful than static built consoles, and constantly jabbering about it in the comment section of a Cons... #34
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