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@morganfell, I knew you of all people would understand what I was talking about. your reply is less of a surprise than the disagrees. #1.3.2
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Just buy a pair of hi-tec law enforcement shoes, they look similar and at least they are the real deal. #1.3
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bu,but hows Cliffy B. gonna' afford the payments on the "his and her" Lambo's, mansion and trophy model wife if yous' do dat?!?!

you should jus mail all dose games back to their rightful owners....duh developers.

:P #4.1.1
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He deserved to lose that kind of cash after the BAIT and SWITCH He pulled with that game. HELL, he even did the commentary on the fake good looking version of the game, so he had to know that he was going to shaft the customer with the release.

Randy Pitchfork indeed...

"Pitchfork continued to accuse the market of being “not fair” insisting that Gearbox Software and Sega’s title was “being compared to a game with twice the dev budget.”

... #17
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don't worry, whey everything go's digital, there will be an expiration date for "your" copy after a few years and you will not be able to play the game again unless they release it for a newer console and they will be happy to sell you the game again...and in a few years again...and again...and again. developers will be rolling in cash then...yours. #27.1
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Well, if you go by all those "digital copy only" champions (apologists) here on N4g, you really don't own any of those games anyway, so maybe you should consider doing the right thing and mailing each one back to their respective publisher/developer. after all, you can't throw away what is not yours?

back in reality, isn't it nice though? to be able to do what you want with what you bought? have a collection, trade them, give them away to a friend etc.... #22
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still to many restrictions on digital. (I know, I know, you don't own the copy blah,blah) Until they allow more consumer control over the digital purchase it won't be worth losing physical copies. to at least have the ability to make a physical backup copy would be nice, and this retaining it's full retail pricing a year after release is a joke, even mulit million dollar blockbuster movies end up in the 5.00 bin at walmart after a period of time has passed, proving everything has... #14
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YEAH! if they built a console together, We could get rid of all this dirty "Competition" that drives the equally bizarre "innovation" and keeps prices down. Sony and MS together could pick ANY price they want for this joint venture console, 599.00, 699.00, 799.00! sky's the limit!
And think of all the wonderful games, with MS and Sony not competing against each other they wouldn't have to worry about graphics or gameplay all that much anymore, matter of fac... #3.2.5
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I used to think it was Nintendo, But, I think now that it is the Nintendo fanboys, you want fun and innovative games, but you don't want anything to change.

You want Nintendo to be your puppet...Well I was going to add something about strings but, we all know where this was going.

Who am I kidding? Nintendo sucks, and it's cadre of loyal fanboys suck more.

:P #37
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I went through 3, the third one came back from Texas and I never bothered to take it out of the box, I just boxed up everything else 360 related and traded it all in for a PS3. #1.3
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Articles like these stink of "agenda" and contribute nothing to anybody. Unless everybody gets in step with the agenda, once they get Politicians, news media and Hollywood wet naps to use their influence. for their gain and try to get the general public to abandon their reasoning skills and just let them do the thinking for you.
ironic, seeing that two of them have lost their ethics 50 years ago and hollywood never had any in the first place. #1.1.5
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"but everyone always says that every role ever should go to that guy."(Nathon Fillion) SAID NOBODY EVER! Just the Nathan Drake character.

Personally I still think Joe Flanigan fits the Nathan Drake character closer than most in personality, build and facial appearance. #4.8.1
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Gene Hackman is the greatest but, He retired from acting a few years ago, He is 85 years old.

Tom Cruise just wouldn't work, Chris Pratt....kind of a wild card, but, he is popular right now. #1.2.2
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Channing Tatum!?! (groan) well, that was out of left field and definitely not an improvement.

If were just going to throw random names out there regardless of if they would fit the part or not, I'll just say get Judi Dench to play sully. and Cyndi Lauper to play Elena Fisher. BLAH!!! #1.1.5
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wrong, Sony does NOT own blue ray. the format is controlled by a consortium. which, ironically includes Microsoft.

This is the list of contributers to the bluray format:

Acer Inc.
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Almedio Inc.
AudioDev AB
BluFocus Inc.
Broadcom Corporation
Canon Inc.
CESI Technology Co. Ltd.
China Hualu group Co., Ltd.
CMC Magnetics Corporation... #50.1
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blah, wrong thread..... #2.5
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If MS is smart the will not go through with it. MS buying a major chipset manufacturer would cause major issues with their partners. Ms has had a long standing relationship with Intel, I would say that MS and intel are where they are today because of their long term relationship. Having one of Intels major competitors "folded" into MS would cause very big headaches for MS.

This "pie in the sky" how great if MS did this, thinking would only cause problems... #3.3
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"Yeah I can't help but think if it was Sony this headline would be "Sony deals decisive blow to MS"

That is because you are paranoid and bitter and think N4g is "RUN" by Sony "fanboys".

Forget Consoles,
Sony does not produce and sell the most used OS in the world. If they bought AMD there would be a lot less conflict of interest. MS on the other hand would be put in a precarious position because all of it's... #2.4.2
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IDK, look what happened with 3DFX and glide, once they bought STB systems and stopped selling chipsets to other companies and brought everything in house (to sell their own cards) they declined rapidly and eventually went out of business.
I think it would be a mistake for MS to buy a major Processor manufacturer, it would cause distrust from all other chipset manufacturers. Ms is not the most trustworthy corp by a long shot. If they could refrain from doing what they usually do and pl... #2.3.3
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I got nothing as well, man. and I've been paying for plus from day one. #1.2.1
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