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Exactly! If you look at it hard enough, you can tell it's the helmet of the solider behind her. Thats why SE needs to stop being so vague with this game. . . people will take the information and create stuff out of the top of their head.

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I loved the scene when she was helping the Moogles. I've never laughed so much while playing a FF game.

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I hated the first game. Thought the second was soso, but I'm really excited for this one. They overhauled everything and from what I've read so far, the game is amazing.

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I thought I was the only one with this problem. Good to see that others were experiencing the same thing and that they finally fixed it.

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You do know those egg cartons are there to protect the console from damage during shipping, right?

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I'm black, and I never use any version of the N word. Its all the same no matter how you spell. . . a word used to put black people down. Only the ignorant use it.

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Why risk it, when you can use Pokemon bank?

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Gardevoir is so awesome. I have a lvl 100 in one of my old teams. So now she is fairy and has a mega evolution!

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I would have thought the one on the far right was the strong independent one. . .

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The Iphone 5 is the best selling phone of 2013!

Molynuex - That's not impressive. Tomatoes make so much more money. . . now that's impressive.

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Yes, but you don't get many mobile games that can push numbers like that. Mobile games can be played anywhere at any time and are very addicting. It doesn't help that most of them are "play to win" games. Mobile games target anyone with a Facebook account and a smart phone and take little to no effort to start up and play. Console games are only played on one system . . . a TV and time are required. Why is he even comparing the two when they are a part of two completely...

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No FF:15? Guess we have to wait another 5 years for more info.

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If you get it at midnight it will still be 8 days. 12am is always the first hour of a new day.

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@Abriael: Actually it does, and I remember doing the same thing in Tony Hawk's Underground with the EyeToy on the PS2.

@Colzer01: Good luck.

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Now that's a great idea. This would be awesome for games like Mass Effect and other RPGs.

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You can do this on the 3DS

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Never understood why anyone would like Cloud. He spent the entire game pretending to be a bad ass else, yet at the beginning of the game He dresses in drag.

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@Kingnichendrix: Americans buy more imported goods than anything else. As a whole, we consider Japanese brands like Samsung and Honda to be superior in quality. Even South Korean brands like LG are starting to become popular here. I work in an electronics department and I can tell you that most of my customers would rather go with well established brands like Samsung and Sony than the cheaper American made RCA and ProScan brands.

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I would think they would release it mid to late November. K-mart has the release date at December 30th. I dont know if its a leak or a place holder date. December 30th seems like a odd time to release a console, so I'm just going to guess its a place holder date.

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I'm a console gamer and I know that aiming with a mouse is a lot more accurate and faster than aiming with a game pad. I remember playing Unreal 3 online for the PS3 and you could always tell which players were playing from a PC because they were super fast.

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