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Wow always great to see project cars screen shots they always look so good.

I've managed to get 16 screen shots of the PS3 version and the are every bit as good as the PC version, I kid-you-not. #1
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I play next gen every year with a new graphics card every year, yeah i know it cost a fortune but playing a game @

16x AA
no restrictions on what hardware or peripherals i use including custom made.
next step for PC Oculus Rift #8.5
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I get what you say about deadlines and agree with you to some extent. At the end of the day what about the customers who are [u]clearly getting ripped off[/u], please don't try and say they are not because they are receiving a defective product of which many never get fixed.
My opinion is the entire games industry need a kick in the behind starting with management because they accept the contracts, they make all the decisions on a project. Maybe the developers want to stop thinkin... #8.1
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I agree with what you have said, totally.
Ive been a gamer for over 30 years now and as each year goes by the situation get worse. I can't remember a single game that has been released in the past 10 years that didn't need a day one patch and for the games that did get a day one patch 99 times out of 100 they just got worse. Then there are the games that never get any fixes at all which in my opinion is nothing short of a criminal act(theft, deception, fraud).

... #1.1
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Track now canceled. #1.2
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The good thing about this game is you will be able to make it as hardcore or not as you want.

This track just might be the best looking track in project CARS, it is coming along nicely. #1.1
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There you go the latest build 346 and the new zacspeed Capri #3
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Nowhere near complete yet. #1.3
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This game will come out in about 10 months time for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U but if you have a PC you can play/test it now.
Funding for this game will close after this weekend as they have raised all the money they need to complete the project.
This is your final chance to play until release...YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! #1.1.2
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I believe this is like a typo because Slightly Mad Studio hasn't decided who the publisher is going to be yet.
This is a community trailer and mistakes happen or he may of even put it there just because it fills a gap better than putting just PC.

EDIT: Yep, confirmed it was put there in error. #1.1
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"but this may only be worth using in First person games, that's the problem."

There are plenty of game style that will be better for the use of a Rift.

Horror/survival (Left4dead, Resident Evil)
Simulation/flying (Flight Simulator X)
Simulation/driving (i Racing, Project Cars, forza, G.T.)
Action, fantasy, MMO Role play games (Skyrim)
Beat 'em up (Tekken)
Stealth game (Hitman, Batman, splinter cell) <... #1.1
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