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Have you heard of Way of the Samurai 4? #2.1
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Rofl Haven't heard that one. Major Nelson is a clown. #7.3
Ground Zeroes is about 4GB on PS4 and 2 GB on PS3. Don't think it was a space issue. I have this game coming in tomorrow. No regrets since I'm a big fan but wished this was 10$ or free instead. I really hope The Phantom Pain is 200 times bigger in size, length, and content. #17.1
Yay for horror games. #122
Woot woot. Love N4G! #130
Bring the Puma promotions to the West please. #2
I gotta agree. The main character was 2edgy4me. #1.2
Yes. 4 players would be really good. I really miss couch co-op top down shooter games like this. #2.1.1
I played the game and it was fun but the bots ruined it for me really. It was supposed to be modern warfare with parkour and giant robots but it's just modern warfare with easy mode bots especially with the auto aim guns. This game is full on casual. #12
RIP Xbox1 #38
Agreed. Just played the beta on PC and it may be a cool thing to run around the map but it becomes a chore after a while. This game isn't nextgen at all. I really don't understand why it doesn't just have 24 players instead of 12 players and 12 bots. I found myself running around back and forth trying to find actual players. The AI bots are just distraction at best and add nothing to the gameplay. The titan is really cool though. I can't help but imagine this game could of bee... #1.2
It's not ruined if it's the truth. #3
Major Toldson #1.23
If Solid Snake shows up in MGS V with Hayter as the VO then I'm fine with this. #14
Getting this game on PS4 digital version and with my 10$ coupon it's gonna cost me 20$. #5
Shishio and Madara.... wow now I'm interested in this game. Sad it'll most likely never get a English release. #4
Happy Holidays! #314
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lmfao but still, fix Crashfield 4 please. #3.4
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I'm gonna wait for discount this time. #2
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Maybe in 10 years #2.1
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