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"PrayStation MasterRace ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"


They should have made it single player with join in co-op that replaces one of your pawn. Screw Capcom so much. NOBODY ASKED FOR THIS. #5
*current gen #1.5
I pray for rainbow six siege. #4
Here's the scan. #14
Everyone buy DMC4 Special Edition and don't even touch DMC Resmastered. #66
Yea. Especially when they made every weapon and armor, mostly the armor we worked so hard for all those weeks rendered worthless. I saw an article title here a few days ago and it said the DLC took away more than it gave and I completely agree. #1.2.2
Add split screen to PS4 and I am sold. If not then it's PC for me. Hyped nevertheless. #5
I am thankful for the days off of work. lol #143
They need to make this buy to play and bring it to the west. Screw all that F2P bull crap. If this game becomes pay to win then I'm out. #4
Thanks! #9.1.1
Can someone explain what this means to a clueless person like me? #9
Get Suros since Xur might not sell it again for months. Stealth Drive is there every week. Trust me a new gun to play with is better than a slightly faster bike. #1.2
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I'm only doing this for the shader. #10
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I would love to do a raid in this game but I have a job to do. I hope Bungie has something more to offer to us crowds who play solo often and don't have the time to do a 10+ hour raid. #17
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For a second there I thought I read Dragon's Dogma and my heart almost skipped a beat. Still a great line up though. Can't wait for Bloodborne and MGS. #11
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2014 the year of delays. #31
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Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, The Order 1886, and MGS V. 2015 is set. Next 2 weeks with Destiny. My body is ready. #10
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Trying to get 1 bubble.... I don't even. #6.2
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Well I'm never ever going to use these codes since I already used 1 and only 1 is all I need.

Voucher Code for PS4: G9L2-MLN7-37FA
Voucher Code for PS3: D2Q8-LENF-744H

More PS4 codes: M4FD-4LN8-KMJ6

Try it. It's really fun. I'm gonna spend a crap ton of time on the full game. #11
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Recent Play Arts Kai figures are going for 75-90$ now. I'm sure this one will cost at least 90$. #1.1
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