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For a second there I thought I read Dragon's Dogma and my heart almost skipped a beat. Still a great line up though. Can't wait for Bloodborne and MGS. #11
2014 the year of delays. #31
Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, The Order 1886, and MGS V. 2015 is set. Next 2 weeks with Destiny. My body is ready. #10
Trying to get 1 bubble.... I don't even. #6.2
Well I'm never ever going to use these codes since I already used 1 and only 1 is all I need.

Voucher Code for PS4: G9L2-MLN7-37FA
Voucher Code for PS3: D2Q8-LENF-744H

More PS4 codes: M4FD-4LN8-KMJ6

Try it. It's really fun. I'm gonna spend a crap ton of time on the full game. #11
Recent Play Arts Kai figures are going for 75-90$ now. I'm sure this one will cost at least 90$. #1.1
Here is the trailer #11
It's not like Destiny is a exclusive PS title. It's just like the xbox getting COD dlc earlier and some minor exclusive dlc. Who gives a crap. #22
I'll wait for the price to lower to get it on the PS4 since I already have it on PS3. Probably get it on this year's black friday for 40-50$. #11
Me too. The alpha test sold me on the game. #1.3
This looks awesome. Can't wait for a new Rainbow Six game. #1
The graphics looks a lot better. But yes they should of shown MP instead. I think I might actually skip COD this year lol. #4
Agreed about both those games. Sun Set drive looks really good, made me really want to get an XB1. AC Unity was interesting with the co-op stuff. Will probably get Witcher and AC for PS4. Can't wait for Sony's conference. #4.4
Uncharted 4
Project Beast
Mortal Kombat X

Mine are probably the most popular ones. #5
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All my hype gone. #27
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Xbox Juan HAHAHAhAHHAAH good one. #1.9
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Gotta agree with both. Shaolin Monks is one of my favorite games of all time. Don't care for Injustice though. #3.1
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Have you heard of Way of the Samurai 4? #2.1
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Rofl Haven't heard that one. Major Nelson is a clown. #7.3
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Ground Zeroes is about 4GB on PS4 and 2 GB on PS3. Don't think it was a space issue. I have this game coming in tomorrow. No regrets since I'm a big fan but wished this was 10$ or free instead. I really hope The Phantom Pain is 200 times bigger in size, length, and content. #17.1
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