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So. I mean, like, really, who gives a shit? I mean, seriously now. Really. #4
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I agree. From what I can remember the stealth elements were more prevalent in the first game. And from what I remember the enemies were stronger. It's just a shame the first game didn't do so well. Perhaps Ubisoft thought that the stealth aspects were the problem, and that's why they resolved to change the franchise to lean further towards action and entertainment. #2.1
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I agree whole heartedly with the sentiments expressed within this piece. #1
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Though I agree, the previous Fallout titles have run terribly on PS3, I've actually have very few problems with Skyrim so far. #3.1.1
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I have heard that everybody, without question, loves something for nothing. #2
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I'd eat it with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Fffaffffafffffff. #3
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C'mon aharshberger, whoever the hell you are, don't be a girl. Buy COD. #2
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Rumours are currently circulating that after guiding Tropico to international acclaim, El Presidente eloped with his misstress and they began their collaborative ascent to the presidency of France, where they ate garlic and and rode bikes and lived happily ever after

This stereotype was provided by Tropico 4, and is not the view of the author, or indeed Pixels or Death. #3
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