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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "



This is a portion of a speech EA CEO John Riccitiello gave at a stockholder's meeting, in which he talks about Microtransactions and how effective they are in getting money from gamers. The fella also added in the Emperor's theme for comic effect.

Here's the link.

Try also searching for ea john riccitiell... #5.5.1
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Are you not a fan of hack and slash games? #6.1
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Can you believe that Raiden is now cooler than Dante?

Who would've seen that coming!? #3.1
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Never ever trust EA.


Check out this video about what they may have planned for BF4 and tell me you're not concerned. #5
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It's not the size of the RAM that counts. It's the games. It's always been the games that count more than anything else.

Ubisoft pulled a really stupid move by pushing back the Rayman Legends release to September to coincide with the PS3/Xbox 360 releases. They had a free window where not many games are out to make an impact on the Wii U and they chose not to do it.

Check out this video of disappointed Wii U gamers; each one a willing customer l... #4.1.3
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This month has been really good for blog posts. Perhaps the PS4 buzz has got people thinking about the future of gaming and what it will entail for the consumer. Putting the console wars aside for a moment; I look back at this entire generation and think of what could've been y'know?

What has really irked me more than anything else has been everything that transpired in this generation. The lazy game design, the lack of ideas, the zombie trend, corridor level design,... #4
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Origin (long dead developer of Ultima and WIng Commander) made a point of including a location in several of the Ultima games where children attack the player, forcing the player to kill these children whether they wanted to or not. And they did this in spite of (perhaps, to cause spite) having received negative criticism for allowing the player to be able to kill children in the first Ultima title where this was included. (Ultima 4, I believe) #7.3
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No. I will not abide by this. #7
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Everyone has their good points. I'm not a very good player either. If someone is shouting me out; I can give out some doozies.

Related video is a close approximation of my reaction to people attempting to trash talk me. #1.1.1
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Steam has a sub-culture of Bronies? I don't really get the appeal of MLP personally. Someone sent me a link to an episode but it's just not my jam. I'm more of a fan of anime more than anything else I guess. It's just rather bizarre to me that males would be interested in such a show.

On offensive types; I have no real issue with them. I'm rather old and crunchy; so I've heard it all before. People like to shock other people with their "edgy"... #1
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Quick! Somebody buy Udraw! #10
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Y'know. If you told me in 2004 that Raiden would be cooler than Dante; I would've said that you were out of your mind.

Just think about that. We live in a world were Raiden is cooler than Dante. It's like a portend to the apocalypse. What a world we live in.

Also, good blog. I'm just glad that Platinum Games were able to salvage the title and make it at least enjoyable. Platinum was never really strong when it comes to the story-telling depar... #1
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Gamecube was a console for the "hardcore" as you can see that the power was comparable to the other systems at the time. It was also the console were they put in the most risks. Super Mario Sunshine was a risk. Metroid Prime was a risk. Windwaker was a risk. I recall back in the good ol' days when people were dead set against a cel-shaded Zelda or a first person Metroid game; only for those games to become classics in their own right. They also didn't follow the online route... #2.2.4
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Ubisoft's actions have been irrational of late. Here's some quotes.

"We want social, we want all the things that exist on PC to be possible on a console. We want the mobile capacities to play short-term and to play from anywhere you want."


"Actually you need both, because, in our world. the fact that you can be immersed in new worlds with NPCs who can be emotional will help you to get into those worlds and be im... #4
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All I want to know was if the sub-woofer boobs were necessary? #2
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Have a bubble. You're totally correct that the news has more influence on glamorizing these type of events than video games do. #2.1
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I think some people/sites are re-evaluating their own internal rules after the Aliensgate scandal. Nobody won out of that mess. #1.1
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There will be a lot of pain. Games are no longer recession-proof. Sales numbers are down and the triple AAA games aren't making bank. Only the established franchises are and the rest of them are bleeding to death.

The signs are everywhere. When you see heads of industry turning tail and running away; you know something is up.

Cliff is gone. The two Bioware doctors Doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk are gone. Miyamoto has stepped down from head of game d... #9.1.3
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Watch Dogs has been in development for a little while now and it looks like gameplay footage. However, I will remain obstinate on the face of it until I see it on shelves or I know someone that has played it.

Can you trust the developers to provide a game that is indicative of the quality that has been presented? Can you trust the media whom the publishers have gagged with NDAs and review embargoes? Can you trust your fellow gamers to give a non-biased view on the game?
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"3. The controller isn’t wildly different

Is it unreasonable to expect a new controller shape, like a ball or a mug? What happened to being inventive? This isn’t the Sony I know."

I'm sure it's a joke article parodying various other articles that make absurd reasons of why they aren't excited about the PS4 or disappointed or whatever. It's not that bad. I just wish that he/she elaborated more on the reasons and make it really absurd. #2
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