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PS4 will have DRM. Just not on their own developed games. They have left it up to the publishers' discretion whether or not to include DRM.

Besides, online passes are so last-gen. Now it's all about the "multipass".

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Good blog. However, I believe they won because they are doing things that the Xbox One won't allow you to do.

However, I believe that multi-platform releases will have some sort of additional DRM attached to them, leaving it up to the publishers to decide whether or not to add that crap.

Don't wish to urinate on the parade, but I don't think we should all hold hands just yet. At least Sony games won't have DRM I guess.

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Haha. For Sony games and exclusives; there will be no DRM.

EA didn't get rid of their online passes for nothing. Them and their publishing cohorts will still put DRM on their multi-platform games.

Still though. Xbox One got utterly destroyed. It was a massacre.

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I think it's very smart. They can get to bury the bad guys and come out smelling like roses. I felt a disturbance in the force. It felt like millions of Xbox One pre-orders screaming and being cancelled.

Sony pulled a good conference but there are downsides to everything these days. Making this Gaikai system work will probably not come cheap but at least with PS+; you're getting more than just online play.

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From the Capsule Computers website: "At a roundtable this morning, Sony's game studios chief, Shuhei Yoshida, told reporters that any requirement for users to register a game online in order to play it would be left to game publishers. Sony won't require that."

I am glad that Sony have decided not to follow suit with their own games and exclusives but I sincerely doubt that any of the multi-platform games will have DRM on one console and none on the next. I...

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While I admire your optimism threefootwang, I don't believe that Sony would've had this system which would allow it without the publishers' knowledge or permission. Let us take an example like Watch Dogs or Destiny for instance. Both are multi-platform releases for the PS4 and the Xbox One. Now suppose that Ubisoft or Bungie have to have DRM in their Xbox One version, would they not have it implemented on the PS4 edition? On a brighter note, it's most likely that Sony exclusiv...

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PS4 will have DRM. They can say that they have left it to the publishers to decide whether or not to implement it but Sony is merely disavowing any responsibility for creating the infrastructure to allow for it to happen.

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They are correct when they say that the PS4 is going to be obsolete in a couple of years. I do not understand why anybody is accusing Nvidia of "sour grapes" when they actually know what they are talking about in terms of how quickly hardware becomes obsolete.

Only deluded fools believe that the "next-gen" incoming consoles are as powerful as high-end PCs. It's frankly pathetic.

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We will see how many comsumers will take to the PS4 if/when they follow Microsoft's lead and implement DRM which is very possible.

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There will be DRM on the PS4.

Have you noticed how game publishers have been largely silent on the issue of DRM? Think about it. Why would developers and publishers support a console without the DRM nonsense? Sony didn't patent their RFID model for nothing and I will be most interested to see if there will be the same amount of outrage over Sony doing such a thing compared to what Microsoft has gotten.

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Christ. I thought I was the only one to remember Milo.

That was a pretty creepy concept though.

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Didn't Nintendo do a similar sort of thing when they weren't performing well?

That said. It's a welcome gesture. If only the bankers would follow suit but alas.

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Yep. Just as Nintendo always do. Doing things their own way. It's clear that they would rather use Nintendo Directs to talk to their fans rather than get continually slated at E3.

I think it's safe to say that they've went into siege mode.

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It's not as if he's ever going to admit that the ending itself was a complete mess.

Nobody ever slates their own work if it sells; even if it only sold because of the two previous games. Also, the DLC looked like they were ripped from the game and packaged for DLC.

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Hold on a second. In the second paragraph of the article; it said it cost 40 million Euros altogether, including marketing and packaging etc. Converted to dollars; that would be $52,202,283.85.

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I would be most interested to see the real numbers more than anything else. A game that may have taken 5-6 years in development with a large team, facial capture, voice acting, scripting, DLC, PS Move support etc; it seems to be far too fantastic to be true.

Taking into account that the game and the marketing only cost 40 million euros, converting that to dollars would be $52,248,202,83 (fluctuating currency rates aside) selling the title at $60 each and dividing the total co...

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People don't care about these type of weighty issues. People would rather buy jingoistic video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield rather than a game like Spec Ops:The Line which forced the player to confront the choices that they had made and the sales numbers indicate that.

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Yeah. The video game industry is pretty damn screwed at this point and I sincerely doubt that any of the consoles will be picked up at an accelerated rate like the good ol' days.

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The good ol' days are gone and they have been for a long time.

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I'm just going to hang around the bar. I don't want to look conspicuous.

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