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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "


I've recently acquired a PC that is "more powerful" than either of the upcoming next-gen consoles and can attest to the fact that the deals on Steam or GOG are far superior to the deals that you can get currently on the current consoles and possibly the next gen.

However, there is one advantage that the consoles has over the PCs is that they aren't latched down by the various processes that a PC has. The OS for a PC would be much more complicated than the OS... #4.1
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That's a shame. #3
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I think that they just cheapen their own IPs by doing this. PSABR was a terrible idea and this is even worse. Selling out like this is really pathetic.

It also doesn't help that mobile is becoming increasingly popular and more powerful.

Time is up. Enjoy obsolescence. #17
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Great way to hurt your IPs.

People keep saying that Nintendo should go IOS. Well, Sony does what Nintendon't clearly.

Selling out is so in these days. How pathetic that Nintendo is the only one out of the three to not go the IOS route which everybody seems to be doing these days.

Now where are my doritos and mountain dew? #13
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I have a specific bone to pick with Kickstarter and similar projects like indiegogo.

I don't believe that it's a good thing to allow for a capitalistic enterprise to be funded by charity. People have also abused the hell out of it. Especially famous people like Zach Braff and Spike Lee, who've already got substantial sources of income compared to the average person.

People are taking it upon themselves to take the risk while people like Smosh (wh... #6
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I have an ASDA in my local area and they never stocked Wii U units at all.

My ASDA has also greatly reduced their software shelves. It's almost as if they are reducing their focus on their entertainment section because of poor sales figures or something.

Maybe they are making space for the new consoles that are going to arrive or they see the writing on the wall in terms of how physical media and consoles aren't selling as strongly as they did years a... #1.1.5
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Never liked Fez since I was more of a fan of Aban Hawkins and the 1000 Spikes, although I think the reaction that people gave over Mark Fish is pretty bizarre to be honest. I have never seen a more entitled, whiny bunch of brats in my life.

The gaming audience is too immature to handle criticism and they lash out like pubescent morons over nothing but stupid events like this. Frankly, I've heard a lot worse than what Fish said to the armchair journalist and if I were in F... #10
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There is a reason why MGS: Twin Snakes is over the top. Does anyone remember this line Solid Snake said about himself "The reality is no match for the legend"? Twin Snakes was about the legend that surrounded the Shadow Moses incident and not the actual reality of what really took place. The over the top nature was supposed to reflect that but it seems that it went over a lot of people's heads when they played it.

"A legend is nothing but fiction. Someone... #9
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You've just invoked Godwin's Law.

You should be ashamed of yourself because you have ruined any chance of intellectual discourse within the first comment.


*slow clap* #1.17
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The audience for gaming is too immature and ignorant to handle complex themes presented in literature. In a way though, technology has superseded literature because nobody reads anymore.

There are 129 million separate published books in the world. There are 1 billion Facebook users.

While technology has allowed for a free flow of information; it has unfortunately dumbed us down to a high degree. Not to mention that there is no university in the world that al... #8
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Answering people with one bubble.
@HammadTheBeast "The article mentions Bayonetta 2. When it releases (and tanks), then we can fully appreciate how it would suck if any of the 3 companies get their hands on Atlus."

Platinum Games's output has always tanked. Even Bayonetta, their best-selling game tanked on both Xbox 360 and PS3 which is why neither Microsoft or Sony had any interest in rescuing Bayonetta 2. You should be grateful that it even got made.

"Here's the thing... #14
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I bought far too many games.

From alphabetical order:

Amnesia, Antichamber, Dark Souls special edition, Don't Starve, Doom 3: BFG edition, Skyrim: Legendary Edition, Fallout 3 GOTY edition, Fallout New Vegas, FF7 (for nostalgia's sake) Gunpoint, the Half-Life collection, the Heretic collection, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, Legend of Grimrock, Mark of the Ninja, Organ Trail: Director's Cut, Proteus, Retrograde, Spirits, Strike Suit Infinity and Zero, The S... #22
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@Abriael "Your entire post is based on a false comparison. Nothing happened to Bayonetta 2 because the Bayonetta IP isn't owned by Nintendo, and Platinum Games isn't owned by Nintendo. There's a large difference between having a title published by a company and being *owned by that company*"

It isn't a false comparison because there were ill-founded whispers of Bayonetta 2 being censored because Nintendo only make babby games. Not to mention that the... #10
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I want a do-over. Games in this generation have became incredibly samey, lazy, boring and publishers had gotten greedy.

Not to say that I haven't had good times but I'm sick of most games that were put in frnot of me.

Also, the amount of controversies that happened in this generation really perturbed me. #6
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"You make out like it's just Sony fanboy's hating on Nintendo, but seem to be ignoring the massive outcry from Nintendo fans too. Looks to me Nintendo buying them out is the most popular choice."

Is it? O_o' I wouldn't be so sure. There is a lot of resentment from what I saw in the comments. I think people are freaking out prematurely because it hasn't even happened yet! That's what really gets me. No wonder no-one takes gaming as a legitimat... #3.1
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@majiebeast I'm not a fan of Nintendo. I admire what they do, as they are the last of the OGs. The only ones who remain obstinate in the face of what everyone is doing, following their own way which I personally find rather admirable. Apologies for not replying directly, but I goofed up and accidentally posted the same comment twice. So I'll just directly tackle your points here.

"Nintendo fanboy calling out everyone else thats what it looks like to me. Third par... #1.5
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I agree that 3rd party would be the most appealing solution for Atlus and for gamers in general but who would buy them?

I can't comfortably say that Square-Enix would buy them because they've posted a $59.8 million loss operating loss and blamed Europe and America for the lackluster sales of Hitman Absolution, Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs.

I also sincerely doubt that Sega/Sammy would be able to afford Atlus since they are constantly restructuring th... #1.4
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While I have the same sort of uncertainty when it comes to how the games may turn out; I respectfully disagree on Nintendo outright censoring Atlus's output due to the fact that it ain't the 90s anymore. Nintendo have allowed developers to develop the games that they want to make. You can see Bayonetta 2 as a recent example of the direction of which Nintendo are trying to go.

Even other titles such as No More Heroes or Madworld have had th... #2.2.2
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It's not exactly vapid or baseless. Either of the big 3 could conceivably get Atlus. The first thought that came to mind would've been Square-Enix or Namco being able to acquire Atlus and their assets but I don't think that may be feasible. Both companies in question are hemorrhaging money and I sincerely doubt that either of them will be able to justify an expenditure when they should be cost-cutting.

It's the same with the big 3 as well. All of the big 3 are... #1.2.1
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I thought the Bayonetta 2 thing was a little overboard. I can't wait to see what will happen if the deal actually happens. #1.1
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