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It's possible that publishers were told not to follow through with their DRM practices after the Xbox One DRM bombed and Microsoft's share price dropped. It makes a lot of sense that both Sony and Microsoft were exploring this option because it wouldn't make any sense for multi-platform games to have DRM in one console and none on the next.

It's really strange. A couple of game journos are freaking out quite a bit and there may be something going on. Sessler ...

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Oh Kotaku.

Your faux outrage does nothing for me.

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Yeah. It could be nice but I'd be happier if they could just nail 60 fps 1080p on my telly first.

One thing is for certain that the headset is not going to be cheap.

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Would've sold far more if it was released earlier on the Wii U.

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Oh dear. A lot of people won't be happy by that prospect.

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Christ. Y'all a bunch of overreacting children.

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I dunno. I think any of the the big 3 would happily take a sales rate of twenty million over four years right now.

Of course, it'd be nice to surpass that.

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"For starters, in order to make the comparison to the throw away Move game, they would have had to CONTINUE to support the Move."

Which they did until they realised it was silly considering that the Wii had the whole "motion control" thing down.

"Ubisoft gave Wii U a shot and it didn't work out and now they're diminishing support"

Zombie U sold 500K copies for about 3.5 million Wii U owners. It's a pr...

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"Because yeah, all those things you listed make a good game."

What makes a game "good" is merely subjective to the person that is playing it. I was making a point to show how the PC and the PS4/Xbox One aren't comparable in terms of the features that the PC can offer.

"You PC gamers always make me laugh, you seem to have completely forgotten what videogames are about or why you started in the first place,"


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All of your expectations are out of whack.

Adjust accordingly.

The "next-gen" consoles will also probably lack the following features such as vegetation physics, dynamic water caustics, particle/cloud/fog shadows, tessellation, pixel accurate displacement mapping, 2x higher texture resolution,hdao, hbao, parallax oclussion mapping, tessellation, volumetric clouds, volumetric fog, vsync simple ,double or triple buffer which are already available on ...

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Well, what can I say?

Best free advertisement ever.

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I think that publishers in general have double standards when it comes to consoles that don't sell out the gate.
Quote from Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot "We must find a way to ensure the creativity of those games could have a big enough audience," he says. "We hope it will take off. At the moment, we've said 'let's do through Christmas and see where we are from there.' to explain the reasoning behind Rayman Legends becoming multi-platform.

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I wonder if the modding communities for Bethesda games feel like that?

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Because the average gamer/fifa/COD player don't care about price. A lot of FIFA players I met have active clubs that they would like to carry over to the next Xbox iteration which is were all their friends are.

Microsoft know that Fifa draws a lot of people in. EA also know that the microtransactions that take place in their game due to ULtimate Team and buying card packs will easily refund any loss they would take from selling it separately.

It's a...

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People in Europe love Fifa. I really didn't care much for Fifa 13 but I did enjoy playing with my online pro. Would it be enough for me to go out and purchase a Xbox One? I dunno. It's something to chew over I guess.

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@darkride66 "while I agree that Metro is guilty of sensationalism, the fact that she received these threats are not in question."

Of course not. When the DA2 thing happened, even I heard about it and I wasn't even connected to any gaming website until I joined N4G. I didn't even think it was that bad. The story had some interesting ideas and had a little more applicability than the usual Bioware archetypical story. It wasn't perfect by any means but ther...

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@Kryptix "The games that Sony gave after the online blackout were actually yours to keep forever. So why did you even bring up PS Plus? Anyway, you don't own the movies in Netflix but that doesn't stop people from renewing their subscriptions and enjoying those "rented" movies."

Sorry. That was my mistake because a month of PS+ was offered along with the free (old) games as paltry compensation to the customers.

Also on your last p...

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Hmm. The original article that this is based on this speaks a different story.

Read it here.


"When asked if the harassment led to her depature, Hepler told Polygon "No, leaving Bioware was for family reasons. I am going to be working on a text book on narrative design ...

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@silvery "Last time I checked you have to buy the same for PC, peripherals on PC cost money and games on PC cost money just like they do on a console. There are free games on both a PC and consoles as well."

I was measuring how much money that you'd save by not buying a console. You can easily play most games on a PC with the keyboard/mouse that is provided with it. If you wish to upgrade your keyboard/mouse; you can at a cheap, affordable price as there are mic...

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Uh. Was there a problem with the video upload? I saw some screen-tearing with it and I'm wondering if it's the game or the video itself? Not saying that the rating isn't representative of the game's quality. I like games that can express good stories.

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