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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "


"You make out like it's just Sony fanboy's hating on Nintendo, but seem to be ignoring the massive outcry from Nintendo fans too. Looks to me Nintendo buying them out is the most popular choice."

Is it? O_o' I wouldn't be so sure. There is a lot of resentment from what I saw in the comments. I think people are freaking out prematurely because it hasn't even happened yet! That's what really gets me. No wonder no-one takes gaming as a legitimat... #3.1
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@majiebeast I'm not a fan of Nintendo. I admire what they do, as they are the last of the OGs. The only ones who remain obstinate in the face of what everyone is doing, following their own way which I personally find rather admirable. Apologies for not replying directly, but I goofed up and accidentally posted the same comment twice. So I'll just directly tackle your points here.

"Nintendo fanboy calling out everyone else thats what it looks like to me. Third par... #1.5
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I agree that 3rd party would be the most appealing solution for Atlus and for gamers in general but who would buy them?

I can't comfortably say that Square-Enix would buy them because they've posted a $59.8 million loss operating loss and blamed Europe and America for the lackluster sales of Hitman Absolution, Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs.

I also sincerely doubt that Sega/Sammy would be able to afford Atlus since they are constantly restructuring th... #1.4
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While I have the same sort of uncertainty when it comes to how the games may turn out; I respectfully disagree on Nintendo outright censoring Atlus's output due to the fact that it ain't the 90s anymore. Nintendo have allowed developers to develop the games that they want to make. You can see Bayonetta 2 as a recent example of the direction of which Nintendo are trying to go.

Even other titles such as No More Heroes or Madworld have had th... #2.2.2
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It's not exactly vapid or baseless. Either of the big 3 could conceivably get Atlus. The first thought that came to mind would've been Square-Enix or Namco being able to acquire Atlus and their assets but I don't think that may be feasible. Both companies in question are hemorrhaging money and I sincerely doubt that either of them will be able to justify an expenditure when they should be cost-cutting.

It's the same with the big 3 as well. All of the big 3 are... #1.2.1
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I thought the Bayonetta 2 thing was a little overboard. I can't wait to see what will happen if the deal actually happens. #1.1
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@dcj0524 "Nintendo doesn't own bayonetta. They dont have much of a say."

Considering that they SAVED Bayonetta 2 from being scrapped completely; I think they probably have a bigger say than you would like to admit. If they wanted to censor Bayonetta 2; she'd be wearing a nun's habit.

Oh, and don't go with the "CENSORSHIP? WAHHH" approach. I sincerely doubt that Nintendo would censor Atlus. This isn't 1994 anymore. The... #1.3.3
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"-Sega/Sammy still have more then enough money in the warchest to buy up Atlus.
-Namco I put them on the list just to be sure but they also own D3 publishing."

Both Sega and Namco are in financial trouble. Bayonetta 2 would've been cancelled if it wasn't for Nintendo. A lot more people should be thankful for that, but whatever. Namco are also not doing too well these days and it'd be difficult to justify spending money when your company is losin... #3.1
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I look at it this way.

If it becomes exclusive to one console; you could conceivably get all those games on the one console, saving you money in the long run from buying two or three separate consoles for different games from the same publisher.

Of course a lot of people will still buy two or three consoles to play the games they want to play but not everybody is made of money. #2.2
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They are apparently!

"(Note: Fans of Sony's rivals also have derisive nicknames, and yes, Kotaku will be covering those at a later date)."

Game journalism at it's finest! #1.3.1
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Hmph. I'm not surprised in the slightest. While Sony got a lot of praise for not doing what Microsoft was doing and now Microsoft have completely changed their stance on the check-in every 24 hour DRM issue; one cannot help but point out that these companies made the infrastructures possible to allow for publishers to have these types of DRM in their games in the first place.

A lot of people are going to be a bunch of butthurt Barrys when the microtransactions really kic... #6
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Gamers never stay true to their convictions. Xbox One may become a success, regardless of the outrage because the market slice they are going after aren't gamers.

They are going after the "Bro" gamer who only plays COD, Battlefield and EA games.

And still some people will buy it because of that. #1
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*smirk* Big Brother is watching you play; stealing your data etc.

Well, at least you can turn it off or not even buy it. #11
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Did Ubisoft not expect any fallout from delaying their currently finished Rayman Legends game until September?

I mean, it's going to be such an empty month for gaming. /s

*whispers* GTA V will ensure that game will firmly belong in the bargain bin. #15.2.1
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DRM will still be on multi-platform games like Fifa, COD and Battlefield. Doesn't make sense to have one version of the game with DRM and one without. #15.1.1
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Hah. The lack of DRM must've put them off. #15
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PS4 will have DRM. Just not on their own developed games. They have left it up to the publishers' discretion whether or not to include DRM.

Besides, online passes are so last-gen. Now it's all about the "multipass". #2.2
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Good blog. However, I believe they won because they are doing things that the Xbox One won't allow you to do.

However, I believe that multi-platform releases will have some sort of additional DRM attached to them, leaving it up to the publishers to decide whether or not to add that crap.

Don't wish to urinate on the parade, but I don't think we should all hold hands just yet. At least Sony games won't have DRM I guess. #5
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Haha. For Sony games and exclusives; there will be no DRM.

EA didn't get rid of their online passes for nothing. Them and their publishing cohorts will still put DRM on their multi-platform games.

Still though. Xbox One got utterly destroyed. It was a massacre. #1.1.5
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I think it's very smart. They can get to bury the bad guys and come out smelling like roses. I felt a disturbance in the force. It felt like millions of Xbox One pre-orders screaming and being cancelled.

Sony pulled a good conference but there are downsides to everything these days. Making this Gaikai system work will probably not come cheap but at least with PS+; you're getting more than just online play. #2.2
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