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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "


I wish I could share that optimism with you Great Melon. I just don't see Microsoft and Sony working together to insure that their devices are cross-compatible in terms of game development since they are direct competitors with each other and would perhaps wish for "exclusive" content for their VR peripherals.

If they could somehow allow it to be possible for studios to be able to make games for the VR sets without it potentially compromising the studios who ar... #4.1.1
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VR will flop for gaming for one particular reason and it's that the three different builds that are currently being developed for Microsoft, Sony and the Oculus Rift are going to be three potential money sinks for any prospective developer.

Not only would they have to make a game that would have to be work for both the PS Snore and the Xbone; if they want to add some sort of functionality towards the VR headsets, there will have to be some added time, effort and money to... #4
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Get a PC then. #6.2
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Oh DK...

It's a huge shame to see a franchise like FF go the way it went. I tried to play FF XIII. I really did. I couldn't handle it after an hour because of how mind-numbingly repetitive it got and I still don't understand how it got it's own trilogy.

I was immediately struck by how incredibly linear and how terrible the battle system is. It's not a coincidence that part 3 got the lowest sales in the first week in Japan out of the trilo... #10
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"yeah bitter much?"

Personally I think I'm a delight. I'm just looking forward to the further degradation of our pathetic and silly hobby.

"Whatever" sums what I think of your post. After writing that wall of text you try acting cool on me son with that lame mid 90s "whatever"?

At least I am not prematurely ejaculating over games that have yet to be released. Can't blame you for disregarding my post... #3.1.2
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@Vojkan "Console is an investment. Buying it now or one year from now really makes no difference. Price won't change and if it does it won't be for 100 USD/euro(lol at those who expect this)."

Really? The last time I heard of a console being an investment was at the PS3 2006 E3 conference after which Sony struggled to find their market for 2-3 years afterwards because the cost of the machines were too high for the common consumer and also too high to manufac... #3.1
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They aren't interesting in any way though. Resogun is basically a Defender HD remix and Killzone Shadowfall is nothing more than a tech demo tied to the current gen mentality of previous shooters.

It deserved every above average score that it got. #1.1.2
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Blind faith is such a sad thing. Your use of biblical passages and Sony's apparent persecution makes this whole situation rather hilarious to me.

Not even a cure for cancer is worth getting this worked up over.

It's not Sony's fault that they can't guarantee quality control on their products. It's clearly propaganda by Xbots to make the PS4 look bad. /s

I'm glad that I've already jumped over to PC gaming instead.... #10
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I don't think you should be so cavalier about this. These people who got an early launch PS4 are probably not using this to get attention and are a bit miffed at not being able to play any games on it. I would be annoyed if I couldn't use something; especially if I forked out a substantial amount of money.

If this is a widespread problem, then it'll be interesting to see all of the Sony fanboys defending it.

Failure awaits Sony if this is widespr... #17.2
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I want the truth. There is something very weird going on and game journalism has barely a shred of integrity there but I can no longer trust publishers or developers either. I look at the last-gen and all the things that happened in it and I think game journalists have a measure of responsibility for the way things have become. Publishers and developers also ought to cut the PR responses and actually engage with the unwashed proles. #4
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Hardware faults happen but it's not particularly welcome when it happens to you. You spend a substantial amount of money on a piece of hardware and you should expect it to work out of the box.

Hopefully it won't be the dark days of RROD for people but we'll see when people get it.

Probably a storm in a teacup. #32
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PS4 is a utopian paradise while the Xbox One is a dystopian nightmare.

/s #4
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@Dragonknight "There are only certain types of people who want to buy chemical weapons. Comparing gamers to them in any way, whether it be tolerance or something else, is still comparing gamers to evil and twisted people."

We'll agree to disagree on that but there is one thing that chemical weapons' customers can be happy about and it's that they actually get what they pay for whereas gamers have to pay out more money for add-ons, DLC etc.
<... #14.1.5
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Interesting blog DK but I would like to address a couple of points. Sessler's assertion with comparing chemical weapons' customers being more tolerant to the gamer fanbase is not equivalent to comparing gamers to psychopaths. There seems to be an incredible lack of self-control which is baffling considering that the average age of gamers is 30.

Gamers have gotten increasingly intolerant of any level of criticism that is either aimed at their hobby or at themselves an... #14
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I agree with you on the premise of game journalists being entitled on getting free gear. Robert Florence made an article on that particular subject and got fired for it but it does show that there is a problem in the game journalism industry when it comes to free games and free hardware etc.

One thing that I find really concerning is the rumours and possible hardware faults on both consoles. If it is true that they've only been shown PS4 footage at controlled Sony events;... #16
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It's possible that publishers were told not to follow through with their DRM practices after the Xbox One DRM bombed and Microsoft's share price dropped. It makes a lot of sense that both Sony and Microsoft were exploring this option because it wouldn't make any sense for multi-platform games to have DRM in one console and none on the next.

It's really strange. A couple of game journos are freaking out quite a bit and there may be something going on. Sessler... #26.1
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Oh Kotaku.

Your faux outrage does nothing for me. #7
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Yeah. It could be nice but I'd be happier if they could just nail 60 fps 1080p on my telly first.

One thing is for certain that the headset is not going to be cheap. #3.2
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Would've sold far more if it was released earlier on the Wii U. #16
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Oh dear. A lot of people won't be happy by that prospect. #3
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