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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "


All in all, this situation feels strange. I don't envy Christopher's job in moderating this site because gamers such as myself can be snotty elitist contrarian brats at times but this feels risible to me.

Stuff that happens on social media that features a conflict of interest on the part of game journalist and an employee of the game industry should be talked about but I can understand that it makes N4G a little ridiculous, due to the corruption that this situation ha... #13.1.3
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The highest and primary obligation of ethical journalism is to serve the public.

Journalists should:

– Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived. Disclose unavoidable conflicts.

She's an Ubisoft employee and he has written about Ubisoft games without disclosing information that he is in a relationship with someone within the company. Sorry but it's a bit unethical to do that because it causes a conflict of interest by not relating t... #11.1.2
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Whether we like it or not; Gamergate has become something rather unwieldy in terms of the politics that are at play between the two sides. The entire situation that promulgated Gamergate was created by the video game industry and the journalists involved in the video game industry.

"These obtuse shitslingers, these wailing hyper-consumers, these childish internet-arguers -- they are not my audience. They don’t have to be yours. There is no ‘side’ to be on, there is no ‘... #12
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@GenericNameHere "Thanks for proving my point. Look at the Wii U's best selling games. Mario everywhere! Why? Because the majority of Wii U owners buy Mario, and don't stray anywhere else."

Given the fact that Nintendo haven't had decent 3rd party support since the SNES; it's no wonder why they decide to back the only games that are supporting said console.

"They don't buy games like Viewtiful 101 or Bayonetta or LEGO City... #9.1.5
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@GenericNameHere "And? Miyamoto is making it sound like the only games PS/Xbox players play are FPS and sports games, which is very ignorant of the market. Sure they sell the most, but there are several genres to pick from other than these two."

Why? They are the best-selling games on those consoles. Therefore, they indicate the buying habits of the majority of most of their consumers whom choose to not stray into other genres unless it's surrounded by marketing... #9.1.3
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Nintendon't. #2.1.1
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The thing is that they actually try different things with their IPs rather than continually milk their franchises. Super Mario 64 differs greatly from Sunshine which differs from Galaxy which differs from 3D Land. They do have the same objective in mind when it comes to saving Princess Peach but again it's more to do with giving the player different, unique experiences rather than continually make the same game with a couple of tweaks here or there like Ass Creed seems to have degenerated... #9.1.1
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The usual smattering of hentai VNs and games that fail to tackle sexuality in a mature manner. I wouldn't even count Fahrenheit and GTA:San Andreas because Fahrenheit's sex scenes are laughable at best and GTA's sex scenes were only accessible through a mod.

I also don't think that many people in the West understand why hentai VNs are so prevalent. At least they actually have the gumption to even tackle sex in a game without defecating on the bed.
<... #11
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Video games are only art if doesn't make people uncomfortable because people are cowards who can't handle something that is outside of their comfort zone.

I tell you solemnly that cowards have never made and will never make good art. This game may very well be a mediocre game but it has the right to exist. Just because it makes you or anyone else uncomfortable doesn't mean that it's an issue or an affront to the medium. If we refuse to allow for games to be a... #9
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Get it Batman. It'll really complement your cave, as long as you get it in black. Not to mention there are a myriad of games that are actually pretty solid like the Wonderful 101, ZombieU and loads of good co-op games like DK or the Mario games. It beats having to wait until next year for new games to pop up for PS4.

As long as you have friends; it's a lot of fun to play. Bring a couple of your Justice League guys and it'll be good times all around. #18.1.2
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The Fatal Frame 2 remake was made and released in Europe and Australia. Makes a welcome change to things when America doesn't get a game.

I had to wait until 2009 for Chrono Trigger to get a release on the DS for PAL regions.

I'm sure you can take this bump. FF5 will probably come out in the west. #1.2.2
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Good blog. It's nice to hear a call of sanity sometimes. Just doubt that many people will hear it. My view on Destiny is that it's merely another false dawn for the "next-gen" which makes it about 3 now.

Titanfall, Watch_Dogs and Destiny are all failing to meet the expectations that have been put forth about them and I wonder who's truly to blame for that. Is it the marketing teams hyping them up too much or the gamers who are too ignorant to see past t... #3
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will have to check the veracity of claims later. Too busy right now. If they were truly making Wii numbers; why is Sony's shares labelled as junk status? It seems as if investors aren't convinced by these sales figures. Doubt massive sales will happen in Christmas this year as lbp3 ain't gonna push numbers. Destiny also ain't looking great at the moment and people are feeling a tad short changed. #21.2.3
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Really? I don't see it. The Wii was selling out way harder than PS4 and it was shifting millions in the USA alone.

Sorry but it's not doing Wii numbers. #21.2.1
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It is selling incredibly well considering the lack of software. An incredible triumph in marketing. #21.1.1
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@WackyVee "I agree that Zombi U was never gonna be a hit, but I classified it as a meant to be heavy hitter because the Nintendo N4G people wouldn't stop bragging about this game and how clever it was. DK a placeholder, maybe, but Pikmin is the only game I wish was on the PS4 from the Nintendo bunch, I don't understand why there's no love for it."

Zombi U is a good game but the fact of the matter is that Ubisoft overestimated it's appeal. Where are t... #3.3.5
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See how long that lasts Dunban. Nintendo will at least support the Wii U while Sony has left the Vita to fester and die. #3.2.2
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It's not doing Wii numbers. There's no shortage of PS4s and they are easily available. #21
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@WackyVee Shortly after Mario Kart 8's UK launch, it was announced that Wii U console sales had risen 666% in the country, with Mario Kart 8 bundles accounting for 82% of the units sold.

Wouldn't count Pikmin or DK as heavy hitters but more along the lines of placeholders. Still better than anything that the X1 has come out with but I digress.

New Super Mario Bros U is the best selling game on the Wii U with 4.16 million units worldwide. Mario 3D Worl... #3.3.2
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Not as big of a failure as the Vita. Dangenrompa definitely saved the Vita didn't it?

It must be great to have a product being fully supported by it's company. #3.2
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