HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies.


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Great game. I think I got it on XBLA indie marketplace. It's really good.

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Why the sigh?

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OK. Take for instance in FF7 where Cloud talks about his encounter with Sephiroth where Cloud's hometown Nibelheim was burned to the ground after Sephiroth went insane when he found out about his origins. Now when he learnt of a rumour about someone matching Sephiroth's description; the party set out to find him and after a while; you get into constant random battles with these things called Midgar Zoloms. These snake things were pretty difficult to beat with three people and as you a...

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Yet here you are denigrating her comment without actually tackling any of her core points that she's made. The abuse I've heard some lassies get on online games are far more sinister when some guys take it way too far and start describing in lurid detail what they would do to a girl who is playing online if they ever met in real life. Attempting to intimidate a lassie with threats of sexual violence is far more disgusting than most common online slurs. How horrendous must an online fe...

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So much bitching in the comments section. Grow a pair guys.

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Here we go again. Open hostility against homosexuals through the mere idea of a Gaymer convention yet utterly against lassies taking up gaming as well.

Bravo guys! Gaming is such a welcoming, inclusive community!

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How precious.

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Does anyone know why Sephiroth makes the top ten list of gaming villains? It's not that he's just an evil fellow with a huge ass sword and hair gel. It's his absence in the FF7 early stages which make him iconic; the player/Cloud following the destruction that has been wrought by Sephiroth and building up to the first encounter with him.

That's a great way of making a game villain.

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Oh yeah. Ocelot was the real hero all along who hypnotized himself to save his hero who was a figurehead to a secret organization. If you also wanna talk about forced drama; how about the time Snake was going through a giant microwave in a button mashing scene while the MK III went through it largely unscathed?

Oh right. Nanomachines. How about Naomi killing herself because she was kept alive by nanomachines and decided to become a drama llama? Oh...

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Bioware were at fault for changing their own original "Dark Matter" ending when it got leaked and I believe the fans' (who've supported Bioware by buying the games, merchandise, comic books, novels) were well within their rights to tear apart that replacement ending since it broke it's own internal rules. At least Bioware tried to fix those damned endings.

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Fine then. All the economic turmoil, record unemployment, countries teetering on the edge of bankruptcy are all illusions perpetuated by Rupert Murdoch and his baby-eating cronies. /s

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Interesting way of conducting a test. Perhaps they just wanted to make doubly sure that their servers will be up to par when the rush comes in. Stressing out their beta testers isn't nice but ultimately it should hopefully give them some respite that the final product will be finely polished.

Have to wait and see until it comes out though.

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I hope they don't try to charge it for full-price. That would be really lame.

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The game industry boom has been over for a good while and people still refuse to see that the current business model isn't going to cut it while the economy is currently on life support.

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Let's be real. MGS 4's plot was all over the place and the ending was horrible.

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Christ. How can the mess up porting over a 10 year old game?! Whoever did this HD remix should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this as it's clearly unfinished.

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I'd like to see a lot of PS2 games revamped with added features, but I'll try to cut it down to a list.

1. Blood Will Tell
2. Bujingai: Swordmaster
3. Burnout 3: Takedown
4. Drakengard 1 and 2
5. Headhunter 1 and 2
6. Maximo 1 and 2
7. Obscure 1 and 2
8. Odin Sphere
8. The Omnimusha series
9. Project Eden
10. Psy-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
11. Red Faction 1
12. Syphon Fil...

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I liked Rage. I thought it succeeded in doing what it was supposed to do which was to provide a fun, interesting first person shooter.

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Seriously? This fella sounds like he has some issues that he's not facing and he was using this game to escape from his problems. It seems clear to me that this fella and his parents don't have a good relationship if he could do this to himself for four days.

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OK. There is a reason why I took a little longer to submit my blog for approval. I wanted to gather my thoughts on the subject and began to look over that contentious article which caused such an uproar. Thankfully, I wrote out all the of the comments I found disheartening before they were considered "bad language" or "offensive" and re-read them to try and get my head around that sort of thinking. I wrote out quite a bit and was almost finished with writing it until I fou...

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