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"HAHA, Public enemy of butthurt fannies. "


Fine then. All the economic turmoil, record unemployment, countries teetering on the edge of bankruptcy are all illusions perpetuated by Rupert Murdoch and his baby-eating cronies. /s #6.1.1
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Interesting way of conducting a test. Perhaps they just wanted to make doubly sure that their servers will be up to par when the rush comes in. Stressing out their beta testers isn't nice but ultimately it should hopefully give them some respite that the final product will be finely polished.

Have to wait and see until it comes out though. #8
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I hope they don't try to charge it for full-price. That would be really lame. #7
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The game industry boom has been over for a good while and people still refuse to see that the current business model isn't going to cut it while the economy is currently on life support. #6
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Let's be real. MGS 4's plot was all over the place and the ending was horrible. #2.6
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Christ. How can the mess up porting over a 10 year old game?! Whoever did this HD remix should be ashamed of themselves for releasing this as it's clearly unfinished. #4
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I'd like to see a lot of PS2 games revamped with added features, but I'll try to cut it down to a list.

1. Blood Will Tell
2. Bujingai: Swordmaster
3. Burnout 3: Takedown
4. Drakengard 1 and 2
5. Headhunter 1 and 2
6. Maximo 1 and 2
7. Obscure 1 and 2
8. Odin Sphere
8. The Omnimusha series
9. Project Eden
10. Psy-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
11. Red Faction 1
12. Syphon Fil... #7
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I liked Rage. I thought it succeeded in doing what it was supposed to do which was to provide a fun, interesting first person shooter. #5
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Seriously? This fella sounds like he has some issues that he's not facing and he was using this game to escape from his problems. It seems clear to me that this fella and his parents don't have a good relationship if he could do this to himself for four days. #9
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OK. There is a reason why I took a little longer to submit my blog for approval. I wanted to gather my thoughts on the subject and began to look over that contentious article which caused such an uproar. Thankfully, I wrote out all the of the comments I found disheartening before they were considered "bad language" or "offensive" and re-read them to try and get my head around that sort of thinking. I wrote out quite a bit and was almost finished with writing it until I fou... #2.1.3
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It's a bit of a pity. Do you know what the really ironic thing is about this GaymerCon controversy? The ignorant comments have actually indirectly validated the need for this conference to exist! #75.1
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I wouldn't call these particular people "journalists" in the traditional sense, but they are very passionate when it comes to gaming.

I found this fellow called MrBtongue on youtube who has an interesting analytical style when it comes to things that he feels passionate about. His output is mildly slow, but he does make interesting videos. Not to mention he also has the intellect to back up his points.

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@ThatKanadianKid There are good sites out there, but they are overwhelmed by various start-up sites who fish for hits or utter nonsense articles that rile up fanboys of either side. I read Forbes if I want some game news even though it's primarily a business site. I also keep an eye out for other websites that have interesting content to share, but those are too little compared to the bile that is spat out on a regular basis.

@Hicken YOU HYPOCRITE! Just kidding. You'... #3.3
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Gaming journalism is a utter joke and will only improve if gamers collectively will it. But they won't. #3
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Interesting article. #1
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Wow. Where do I even start with this? I guess I'll take it quote by quote.

"Sorry, but gay people freak me out, the thought of two men kissing sickens me, just like bestiality or pedophilia (both of which are also found in nature)"

Ah yes. Twisting the nature argument to fit your world view is rather unbecoming. Whether something is natural or unnatural has no bearing on the ethics or the rights and wrongs within a modern democratic society wha... #70.2
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"If being gay is so normal u wouldn't need all these special events."

Works both ways. If being a gamer/trekker/brony is so normal, you wouldn't need all these conventions whatsoever.

I find this point of view interesting. You surely must give a bit of a damn if you're commenting on what you believe to be a flagrant display of homosexuality or else you would've never commented in the first place. I am not a fan of conventions in gen... #14.2
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The thing is with this guy is that he speaks his mind and he speaks to the fans, even the incredibly stupid ones. Be grateful that someone that has done some great things in the industry is sharing his opinion.

He is living the dream. Making the games that he wants to make and saying whatever he wants to say, regardless of the butthurt feelings that it might cause. #94
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Put it this way. If male fans of the My Little Pony show can have a conference or a "Bronycon"; what is the problem with gay gamers having a conference? Also, the article is mildly incendiary.

Quote from article: "Batman, Spiderman, Thor and The Hulk making out is not something I want to witness (or anyone should have to witness unless they want their childhood ruined), and I think the majority of gamers think this is too much as well."

S... #8
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Good job guys! All your responses to this "news" is delicious.

Embedded a video for y'all to see. #88
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